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How YouTube Is Helping Marketers Capitalize on Online Video

COVID-19 has fast-forwarded several prominent consumer behavior trends in the marketing space — a major one centering around online shopping where tech giants are shifting their investment dollars in the hopes of propelling their growth on the other side.

Earlier this spring Pinterest introduced new ways to shop from pins, from pin boards, and directly from search results. More recently, Facebook and Instagram rolled out “Shops,” essentially converting business profiles into online storefronts and tested shopping tags in captions. Separately, Snapchat unveiled an expansion of dynamic ads for e-commerce retailers in June.

Building a stronger e-commerce presence through video ads

Looking ahead, YouTube unveiled several updates to its platform in a push to help marketers capitalize on the growing trends of e-commerce and online video. Primarily, a new ad format called “Direct Response” will enable brands to add browsable product imagery to their videos to make them more actionable and shoppable.

“As businesses begin to reopen, they have an opportunity to use video to drive both online and offline actions on YouTube, where 70 percent of people say they bought a brand as a result of seeing it on our platform,” YouTube’s parent company Google explained in the official announcement.

As a result of using the new format in a test phase ahead of its spring 2020 campaign, Aerie, the underwear company owned by American Eagle, reported sales conversions 9x higher than that garnered by its traditional media stack. The company also reported a 25 percent higher return on ad spend compared to 2019.

To use the ad format, retailers will need to synchronize their Google Merchant Center feed to their video ads, per the announcement. Ultimately, they will also be able to place greater emphasis on certain products through an expanded call-to-action button.

A more cost-effective way to boost conversion rates

Limited marketing budgets and other key resources have put significant strains on marketers these past few months but this hasn’t kept them from seeking more simple, cost-effective ways to drive reach and convert demand. As part of the update, YouTube announced Video Action Campaigns that will automatically distribute video ads “that drive action” to the YouTube home feed, watch pages, and Google video partners, all within a single campaign.

“In the last few months, Mos saw 30 percent more purchases for their service at a third of the cost compared to their previous YouTube benchmarks,” Google stated of the startup that seeks to help students find funds for college to avoid large debts. As a newer company, it was eager to test the campaigns to gauge how quickly it could scale.

Adding transparency around a consumer’s path to purchase

Beyond building an e-commerce presence, YouTube is cognizant of the fact that in the digital age the process for tracing the exact origins of a conversion and keeping tabs on a consumer’s full path to purchase isn’t always clear. To address this, brands will be able to evaluate their efforts on YouTube directly from their Google Ads attribution reports. There are two major benefits of this including having a better understanding of how to allocate ad budgets and what new tools to consider in addition to enhanced transparency around your Google ads campaigns.

Overall, the effort is not only one to create an even playing field around emerging formats like video, but more importantly, to help marketers save valuable time to put against broader strategic initiatives such as aligning creative with the right message for a particular audience.

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How Snapchat Can Elevate Your Gen Z Holiday Marketing Strategy

Snapchat is looking to give brands more room to share their stories ahead of the holiday season with a new advertising option for extended play commercials featuring video ads that last up to three minutes.

Establishing a deeper respect for consumer’s time and attention is a win-win strategy

Per AdWeek, this idea strives for a win-win scenario where users have the choice of opting out and skipping the mid-roll video ads after six seconds and brands the potential for longer video messaging to keep those genuinely interested engaged.

In a statement from the company’s Vice President of Global Agency partnerships, David Roter, he alluded to the benefits the flexibility of extended play commercials as the platforms looks to earn more of the video advertising market. Primarily, the offering opens the window for advertisers to tap into their existing video assets as opposed to manually cutting their length down to six seconds allowing for more seamless cross-promotion and engagement.

“We’re committed to building high-impact, long-form video ad formats, and extended play commercials are a great option for online video and TV buyers. Heading into the holidays, this format is a powerful new way to reach our Generation Z and millennial audience in Snapchat’s premium, brand-safe Discover content,” Roter said.

This notion was reinforced in a recent Snap Inc. report that explored buyer behavior trends amongst these exact demographics – namely, how they research and purchase, and how brands can connect with them via the app.

Connecting with Millenials and Gen Z Through Authentic Omnichannel Experiences

Together, Millennials and Gen Z have over $1 trillion in direct spending power and mobile commerce is projected to drive nearly half of all U.S. e-commerce sales during the 2019 season.

Sixty-four percent of Snapchat users are likely to start their shopping on Black Friday and 20 percent are choosing to make these purchases with their mobile devices. Looking at Gen Z specifically, over half plan to spend at least $250 during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

With these figures aside, what’s critical to note as marketers is that this shift in shopping behavior is paramount and will continue to define buying behavior. These younger audiences are unarguably valuable, but earning their attention and maintaining it is a separate story.

Here are a few highlights from the findings and research conducted last year to help you shape your strategy:

  • Snapchat users crave omnichannel experiences that they can navigate seamlessly. Compared to those who don’t use Snapchat, 1.5x research online before committing to an in-store person, 2.5x will research in-store and buy online, and 1.5x shop online and prefer to pick-up in the store
  • Snapchatters use the platform to consult friends and family throughout the buying journey. Thirty-nine percent send Snaps to their friends to gauge their opinions, and 35% Snap while they browse. A separate 35% send Snaps about the products they’re considering purchasing.
  • Snapchat is the leading platform for conversations during and after the shopping experience. While they shop, Snapchat users engage in the app 35% more compared to Twitter, 46% more than Instagram, 58% more than Facebook and 137% more than YouTube. After making their purchase, 65% of users share a post, 46% send a Snap to the brands they’ve purchased from, and 45% tag or mention a brand post-purchase.

Smartphones continue to be an integral source for gathering and sharing information as consumers shop. This isn’t to negate however the opportunity we have to impact the role these technologies ultimately play. Attention is every individual’s most valuable resource and our obligation as an industry is to respect this scarce investment by sharing the stories that meet people where they are and that deliver incredible experiences they willingly want to engage with.

Check out the full infographic below via Snapchat


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Seasons Greetings Videos for your Business for the bargain price of £99+ vat


Seasons Greetings Videos from Mynt Media

For a limited time only, Mynt Media are giving all businesses an opportunity to create a professionally filmed Christmas and New Year message for them to spread the Christmas cheer and thank their customers for all of their support during 2014.

These Seasons Greetings Videos will look like the following video (link below image):

Seasons Greeting Video

These Seasons Greetings videos are fantastic for social media and website updates and will save you precious time when sending out Christmas cards!

The normal price of these Christmas message videos is £299 + VAT however they will film, edit and produce your very own Seasons Greetings video including music and animation for just £99 + VAT. It will only take 15-20 minutes of your time and Mynt Media will take care of the rest.

If you are interested in a seasonal greetings video contact Mynt Media using code MAC1:

Bob Kennedy
Mynt Media

07918 080749
19 Cathedral Rd | Cardiff | CF11 9HA | United Kingdom

In addition to Video Production Mynt Media also provide the following Marketing Services:

Promotional corporate videos to increase brand awareness and google rankings
Affordable professional websites to suit all budgets
Your content in a native mobile app.
Company animations to inform your customers
Professional images of your business

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Twitter Marketing Services – Cardiff, Wales, UK to Consumer and/or Businesses (B2B)!

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