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The Louvre Agrees To Bring ‘Mona Lisa’ & Other Famous Artworks To Samsung TVs

Image via Wikimedia Commons (public domain)

If you own a television from Samsung’s ‘The Frame’ series, you could soon skip the crowds and admire the most famous painting in the world whenever you wish.

Bonus: it’s authenticated by the Musée du Louvre in Paris, which has signed on a partnership with Samsung to bring 42 of its most beloved artworks to The Frame televisions.

In the first place, Samsung’s The Frame is intended to appear as a slim picture frame, as its name suggests. Buyers are given two frame types in a variety of colors: there’s modern in white, teak, and brown; and beveled in white and brick red.

Masterpieces like Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa and Paolo Veronese’s The Wedding at Cana, along with photos of the Louvre grounds, will join the Samsung Art Store’s 1,500 artworks, enhanced at 4K picture quality, from museums and galleries in 43 countries. Establishments involved in the program include London’s Tate Modern, Madrid’s Prado Museum, Vienna’s Albertina Museum, Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum, Saint Petersburg’s Hermitage State Museum, and the LUMAS online gallery.

The 42 Louvre artworks will be added exclusively for The Frame users later this year. When not in use, the televisions can be switched to Ambient Mode, which tells the devices to showcase art.

“The Louvre is a venue of discovery, imbued with emotion, a spectacular setting for artistic masterpieces. Admiring works from its collection every day, at home, as well as views of the building, galleries and gardens, is a wonderful way to see and understand the extraordinary beauty of this museum,” says Yann Le Touher, Head of Development, Brand Licensing and Commercial Partnerships of the Louvre.

Image via Samsung

Image via Samsung

[via TechRadar, images via various sources] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/415793/The-Louvre-Agrees-To-Bring-Mona-Lisa-Other-Famous-Artworks-To-Samsung-TVs/

Samsung Can Now Remotely Block Stolen TVs, So No One Can Ever Use Them

Image via Samsung

A report from Samsung in South Africa earlier this month details that the company is able to control its devices even after sale, overriding their new owners.

And it seems that it will not hesitate to do so in the case of “unlawful means.”

Particularly highlighting the case of the looted Samsung TV sets from the Cato Ridge distribution center in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa, Samsung has declared that the Television Block Function (TV Block) will prevent televisions from functioning until it can be ascertained that the devices are being used by their rightful purchasers or owners.

“We will continuously develop and expand strategic products in our consumer electronics division with defense-grade security, purpose-built, with innovative and intuitive business tools designed for a new world,” says Mike Van Lier, Director of Consumer Electronics at Samsung South Africa.

Explaining the new TV Block feature, Samsung South Africa shared in a news release that the bricking would take effect when the stolen television attempts to connect to the internet in order to function. Once it’s online, the Samsung server will identify and match the serial number of the unit if it was stolen.

When this happens, the block is instated, and all the television’s functions are rendered null. If a television set is wrongfully blocked, customers can contact the company with proof of purchase and a valid television license to reverse this.

The report states that TV Block has been pre-loaded onto all Samsung TV products, and its introduction would hopefully reduce the likelihood of “secondary markets linked to the sale of illegal goods” developing, “both in South Africa and beyond its borders.”

However, it has been pointed out that this could do more harm than good, especially on the assumption that there are more legitimate customers than thieves who have their hands on a Samsung TV.

There is always the possibility of a hacker figuring it out, then bricking all the devices in the network.

While helpful in detecting things like stolen products’ serial numbers, technology is far from perfect, and it may cause inconvenience in error—say, if an entire batch of units were wrongly reported as stolen and caused an entire network of televisions in real homes to suddenly cease to function.

Of course, with that being said, there is the option to never connect the screen to the internet. But that’s hardly the point of investing in a smart TV, is it?

[via Android Police, image via Samsung] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/415475/Samsung-Can-Now-Remotely-Block-Stolen-TVs-So-No-One-Can-Ever-Use-Them/

Samsung Phone Bursts Into Flames On Plane, Resulting In Emergency Evacuation

Image via ID 125364448 © Kawee Wateesatogkij | Dreamstime.com

An Alaska Airlines flight that landed at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport had caught on fire, and created so much smoke that passengers had to be emergency-evacuated via inflatable slides.

Turns out, the source of the fire was a Samsung smartphone, the Galaxy A21, as reported by The Seattle Times. The owner of the device had confirmed this to authorities, though no visual identification could be made due to how badly damaged the device was.

According to the Associated Press, the passenger’s phone had “overheated and [begun] sparking,” before spontaneously bursting into flames.

The crew tried to use a battery containment bag—an emergency device aboard flights—to put out the fire, but it had produced so much smoke that the plane had to be evacuated, as per Android Authority.

Samsung has yet to comment on the incident, though this will no doubt bring up memories of the brand’s Galaxy Note 7 recall. According to CNET, dozens of the smartphones had exploded or burst into flames, leading to the brand announcing a global recall and replacement for every phone.

Although this seems to be an isolated incident regarding the Galaxy A21, there are still minimal risks of fires and explosions with the lithium-ion batteries used in smartphones and other devices. Fortunately, no one was hurt this time.

[via Android Authority and CNET, cover image via ID 125364448 © Kawee Wateesatogkij | Dreamstime.com] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/415425/Samsung-Phone-Bursts-Into-Flames-On-Plane-Resulting-In-Emergency-Evacuation/

Samsung Reveals Stunning New Upgrades To Foldable Phones At Unpacked Event

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Image via Samsung

At the hotly-anticipated Unpacked 2021 event that took place earlier this week, Samsung unveiled a bevy of new goodies that solidifies the Korean brand’s stance at the forefront of innovative tech. Amongst the new offerings are 5G foldable phones and upgrades of the wearables: Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Watch.

“Change is the only constant in the world of innovation,” the company declares. It shows in the way it has pioneered the foldable phone and continues to pursue newer heights with them.

Image via Samsung

The Galaxy Z Fold3 5G and Galaxy Z Flip3 5G are the newest in foldable phone tech, each serving a different purpose. The Z Fold3 aims to deliver a “multitasking powerhouse” experience for both productivity and entertainment, while the Z Flip3 offers a sleeker silhouette for “style that comes with function.”

Both are built with IPX84 water resistance and Armor Aluminum to ensure that the phone lasts the longest it possibly can despite accidental drops and unfavorable conditions.

Hideaway Hinge, the key to the foldable tech which was first introduced on Galaxy Z Flip, allows the devices to stay in place at any angle in Flex mode. According to the company, the devices can withstand folding 200,000 times.

Doing away with the need for a Note series, Samsung has also integrated S Pen functionality to the Z Fold3. For even more productivity, a Taskbar has been introduced to quickly switch between apps, and the Multi-Active Window receives an upgrade for more efficient multitasking.

Image via Samsung

In the Z Flip3, a Cover Screen four times larger than its predecessor allows for even easier access to the widgets most frequently used. When folded shut, users can also still take a photo without needing to even open the phone. An introduction of the Flex Mode Panel makes watching content on the folded phone an even better experience by positioning the video at the top and leaving brightness and volume controls at the bottom.

Image via Samsung

Following on from previous successful launches, Samsung and Thom Browne have partnered again to create exclusive colorways for the new products. The sleek white is highlighted by the designer’s trademark colors for a collaboration that “represents creativity and innovation in equal measure.”

Image via Samsung

Alongside these gadgets, the company also revealed its vision for environmental sustainability with the ‘Galaxy for the Planet’ scheme. It sets itself an initial goal of creating a more sustainable ecosystem for its Galaxy products by 2025.

All are available for pre-order now, prior to their official release on August 27.

Image via Samsung

Introducing Galaxy Z Fold3 | Z Flip3 5G.

Once you experience something better, you can never go back.
Unfold your world. #GalaxyZFold3 #GalaxyZFlip3 #SamsungUnpacked
Pre-order now: https://t.co/e4WiMA93So | https://t.co/yMHrVILbbD pic.twitter.com/nS6kY9yyIW

— Samsung Mobile (@SamsungMobile) August 11, 2021

[via NBC, image via Samsung] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/415220/Samsung-Reveals-Stunning-New-Upgrades-To-Foldable-Phones-At-Unpacked-Event/

Samsung Intends To Build All Its Phones Out Of Reclaimed Plastic By 2025

Image via Samsung

At the latest Galaxy Unpacked launch event, the tech giant announced plans to eliminate all single-use plastic from its smartphone packaging by 2025.

It launched a new sustainability platform, named Galaxy for the Planet, which will work on cutting down on waste from the production stage to the disposal of its Galaxy line smartphones, tablets, watches, and earbuds.

Aside from dropping plastic packaging, the company has plans to use recycled material in all its new mobile products by 2025, including smartphones and audio gadgets. Samsung is currently experimenting with ocean plastic, which is potentially one recycled material the brand can use.

“These are tangible and ethical action items for us. We can help our Galaxy user use more eco-friendly options and choices in their daily life,” Samsung’s Vice-President of Public Relations of the Mobile Communications Business, Sophia Kim, told CNET.

Additionally, by 2025, the tech company hopes to divert all its waste from landfills, and to reach zero standby power consumption on all smartphone chargers. Currently, the average standby power consumption across its chargers is 20 milliwatts, with the company planning to reduce it to 5 milliwatts, enabling the chargers to consume less power when it’s plugged in but not in use.

Samsung’s competitors, Apple and Microsoft, have also set respective goals of becoming carbon neutral and carbon negative by 2030. With Samsung approximately five years ahead of its rivals in the eco-space, it could definitely set the trend of more eco-conscious smartphones and gadgets.

“Protecting the planet is our business, but it’s not a solo job, nor is it a competition. Hopefully some of the initiatives we are now embarking on will have more of our industry leader, societies, and even individuals engage and participate,” said Stephanie Choi, Samsung’s Vice-President and Head of Marketing of the Mobile Communications Business.

[via CNET, cover image via Samsung] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/415209/Samsung-Intends-To-Build-All-Its-Phones-Out-Of-Reclaimed-Plastic-By-2025/

Samsung To Open Virtual Movie Studio With 1,000-Inch ‘The Wall’ TV As Backdrop

Image via Samsung

A secret technique that photographers and non-photographers use involves a flat-screen television as a backdrop for shoots, offering myriad options that don’t require waiting for the perfect weather or hour. Samsung is amplifying this trick multifold by building a virtual studio that uses its ‘The Wall’ television tech, which it has recently announced now stretches up to 1,000 inches per screen.

Samsung is partnering with Parasite producer CJ ENM to create this virtual television and film studio in hopes to “spearhead the production of future video content.” The 2021 edition of The Wall is a seamless, end-to-end modular display that’s made up of MicroLED panels, sports a 15,360 x 2,160-pixel 8K resolution, and relies on AI processing that “[enhances] contrast and [removes] noise” in real-time and “instantly analyzes and optimizes every frame.”

This means no green screen or tedious post-production techniques are needed—producers can simply beam high-res images during filming.

“This solution will save time and reduce image compositing and on-location production costs while helping filmmakers to see the camera on the live-action set in any direction,” Samsung explains in a press release.

The Wall’s greatest strengths, however, lie in its flexibility. It can be laid out horizontally like most televisions, but it’s also able to accommodate concave, convex, ceiling, hanging, inclined, and L-type setups, giving the studio a seamless, “seemingly endless backdrop” where virtual scenery can be showcased at any time.

When the new CJ ENM virtual studio opens later this year in Paju, South Korea, it will boast an oval screen with a height of 23 feet and taller, as well as a diameter of over 65 feet. That’s a huge curveball from the airport billboards that Samsung initially teased the displays to serve as, and the plot twist is very much welcome.

Image via Samsung

Image via Samsung

[via SlashGear, images via Samsung] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/414918/Samsung-To-Open-Virtual-Movie-Studio-With-1-000-Inch-The-Wall-TV-As-Backdrop/

Samsung Releases Colossal, 1,000-Inch ‘The Wall’ TV Display Worldwide

Image via Samsung

Samsung’s end-to-end television display, The Wall, is available for homes in a 146-inch size, but it’s now coming for airports, museums, and malls in a dramatic fashion.

The South Korean tech giant touted the screen’s colossal 1,000-inch size in a news release announcing that the 2021 version of The Wall is ready to be used worldwide. The modular device also boasts a 15,360 x 2,160-pixel 8K display, 1,600 nits peak brightness, 40% smaller LEDs for contrast, color optimization, and “purer black levels,” as well as easier installation plus depth thanks to a bezel-free design and wireless docking connections.

Aside from being able to capture attention in a horizontal display, the expansive screen can be adjusted for “concave, convex, ceiling, hanging, inclined, and L-type” setups, allowing businesses to create flexible artworks or advertisements across walls, ceilings, and even pillars.

The Wall’s visuals are enhanced with AI processing involving 16 neural network models to “instantly [analyze] and [optimize] every frame” up to 8K while “enhancing contrast and removing noise.”

Samsung Electronics’ Senior VP of Visual Display Business, Hyesung Ha, describes, “The 2021 The Wall is our most immersive and versatile display yet, giving businesses complete control to create their dream environments.”

Image via Samsung

Image via Samsung

Image via Samsung

Image via Samsung

Image via Samsung

Image via Samsung

[via Input, images via Samsung] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/414810/Samsung-Releases-Colossal-1-000-Inch-The-Wall-TV-Display-Worldwide/

Samsung & Tesla Reportedly Sign $400M Deal To Build Cybertruck Cameras

Image via Mike Mareen / Shutterstock.com

With just months before the long-anticipated Tesla Cybertruck supposedly goes into production, the final design for the futuristic pickup is beginning to take shape in fans’ minds. Apart from the automaker confirming that the Cybertruck would be able to walk like a crab, it is now reported that Tesla has inked a massive deal—worth about US$435.7 million—for the truck’s camera modules to be supplied by Samsung Electro-Mechanics.

Per South Korean news outlets such as The Korea Economic Daily, Samsung will supply the cameras that make up the rearview and side “mirrors” of Cybertrucks. Earlier presentations have previewed the prototype model without the usual mirrors; in place of them are cameras connected to the dashboard’s interface.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has reaffirmed that the finalized Cybertruck won’t deviate too far from the original design, so the vehicle should retain its “mirrorless” design.

SamMobile notes that this isn’t the first collaborative effort between Samsung and Tesla. Previously, the South Korean tech behemoth also supplied batteries for Teslas, and there are also speculations that Samsung’s PixCell LED headlamps will be adopted by the EV company in the future.

[via SamMobile and Teslarati, cover image via Mike Mareen / Shutterstock.com] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/414688/Samsung-Tesla-Reportedly-Sign-400M-Deal-To-Build-Cybertruck-Cameras/

Samsung Quietly Debuted Free Web TV Streaming Service With Hundreds Of Channels

Image via Samsung

South Korean electronics giant Samsung expanded into streaming services in 2015 by integrating Samsung TV Plus into its Smart TVs, recently launching on some Galaxy devices in the US.

Given that access is granted to hundreds of networks and platforms while being free for users, without needing any subscriptions or credit cards, it’s easy to see why it has risen the ranks to its popularity now: it’s one of the most-used apps on Samsung’s smart televisions. At the end of 2020, Samsung announced its further expansion to cover 12 countries and work with over 740 channels in this service.

Some 170 channels can now be streamed in the US, spanning news, lifestyle, gaming, sports, and a selection of kids’ networks, among others. These include Tiny House Nation on 1211 under the Food, home & Travel section, as well as USA Today, Cheddar News, The Walking Dead Universe, VICE, and TV Land Sitcoms. There is even a channel dedicated to Bob Ross, accessible on 1069.

However, as of earlier this year, another upgrade that Samsung did not announce is that the streaming service now also taking on a web version, which seems to have been soft-launched in May. 

The company also updated its mobile app, now allowing users to project their chosen media to Chromecast devices, just recently this month. A Samsung spokesperson confirmed to Protocol that the web version of TV Plus was launched in Q2, 2021.

TV Plus is also scheduled to become available in Mexico, India, Sweden and more European countries this year, as mentioned in a statement by Samsung at the end of last year.

[via Protocol, image via Samsung] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/414667/Samsung-Quietly-Debuted-Free-Web-TV-Streaming-Service-With-Hundreds-Of-Channels/

Samsung Designs Stretchable Second ‘Skin’ That Tracks & Displays Your Heartbeat

Image via Samsung

Tech companies have been obsessing over every little possibility with flexible displays—and Samsung, the maker of perhaps the most recognizable flexible device thus far, the Galaxy Fold—is literally bending boundaries by creating a “stretchable electronic skin” for potential wearables of the future.

The technology, which is still in its early days, consists of an OLED skin display, with a heartbeat monitor, that can be stretched by up to 30%. In spite of this, measurements taken by its built-in monitor remain precise and consistent—even more so than those recorded by some existing wearable devices, Samsung says.

In their experiments, researchers from Samsung’s research and development wing, the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT), noted that the electronic “skin” displayed accurate results even after being extended to 1,000 times its length. The study’s findings were peer-reviewed and published in the Science Advances journal.

What’s also impressive is that this wearable is designed to work better with movement, so it’s in its element when attached to the wearer’s skin. The team found that it was able to detect a heartbeat signal 2.4 times stronger than a fixed silicon sensor can.

You’ve seen how susceptible foldable displays, like the Galaxy Fold, are to wear. To fix this shortcoming, the team swapped the plastic typically used in stretchable displays with elastomer, a sophisticated material with high elasticity and resilience, to boost its durability.

What elastomer lacks is a resistance to heat—a necessary feature especially when you’re out for a run and need to glance at your heart stats. To overcome this, the researchers modified the material’s molecular composition. And to prolong the device’s lifespan, cracked metal—a stretchable electrode material—was applied to the elastomer component to prevent the OLED pixels from getting deformed.

The researchers are working on ways to extend the device’s “resolution, stretchability, and measurement accuracy” for mass production. Beyond wearing your heart on your wrist, they also hope to bring flexible displays to readings for blood pressure, peripheral oxygen saturation, and electromyogram tests.

Image via Samsung

[via Engadget, images via Samsung] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/414256/Samsung-Designs-Stretchable-Second-Skin-That-Tracks-Displays-Your-Heartbeat/

Samsung Unveils Fun Cardboard DIY Sets You Can Upcycle From Old Packaging

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Image courtesy of Samsung

In celebration of World Environment Day, Samsung is encouraging consumers to reimagine, recreate, and restore the environment, starting with old packaging.

Many of Samsung’s devices come in cardboard boxes, and instead of chucking them in the attic, why not put them to good, artistic use?

Your cardboard stack could come to life with Samsung’s Small World, an entire ecosystem of buildings, wildlife, forestry, and people that Amsterdam-based paper artist AJ Smith, also known as Papersmith, created out of the brand’s eco-packaging.

The little cardboard world was conceptualized with the packaging of devices such as Samsung’s QLED 4K TV, Galaxy S21, Galaxy Buds Pro, and more. From there, Papersmith created pandas, cherry blossom trees, and even a whale. Communications firm Edelman brought the campaign to life.

This weekend, rest and relax with some eco-conscious crafting. For creative ways to reuse those boxes, head here.

Image courtesy of Samsung

Image courtesy of Samsung

Image courtesy of Samsung

Image courtesy of Samsung

Image courtesy of Samsung

[via Samsung] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/414236/Samsung-Unveils-Fun-Cardboard-DIY-Sets-You-Can-Upcycle-From-Old-Packaging/

Samsung’s Rumored Avatar ‘Sam’ Gets A 3D Face Reveal, And Fans Are Crushing Hard

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Images via Sam Virtual Instructor

Forget fresh human faces; the internet is gushing over a 3D avatar said to be the new virtual assistant of Samsung. Suitably named Sam or Samantha, the selfie-loving character with Pixar-like facial features could give the nondescript Bixby a run for its money.

According to Android Headlines, Sam has existed as an official character in 2D form, but she has recently undergone a makeover to bring more realism and depth to her looks. Closeup visuals picture her with a smooth, straight bob; spirited eyes in the hues of Bixby; and freckles on her cheeks.

Visual arts production house Lightfarm Studios had presented a whole array of imagery depicting the 3D virtual assistant, but the project was taken down shortly after social media users started fawning over Sam. The studio was apparently enlisted by Samsung Group’s marketing agency Cheil to give Sam a glow-up.

Lightfarm detailed that Sam was brought to life with software like Adobe Photoshop and After Effects, SideFX Houdini, Marvelous Designer, and Blender 3D.

A search by DesignTAXI uncovered a Sam Virtual Instructor YouTube channel which claims to be an “official training channel” by Samsung in Portuguese. In its videos, the 2D avatar had been in use up until about a month ago, when the 3D version first made her appearance.

Whether or not the 3D virtual assistant will join the Samsung family remains to be known, but fans are already here for it. Knowing the internet, the visuals have inspired some very lewd fanart.

Will Sam be the hook to change Apple fans’ allegiances?

Samsung just made a hot virtual assistant named "Sam", and in one fell swoop, they captured every weeb and r34 artist pic.twitter.com/67kGXg638m

— Noble (@Lost_Pause_) June 1, 2021

Oh god Sam the virtual assistant from Samsung is hotter than I thought pic.twitter.com/ediaWAhipP

— Pepe (CEO of Retweets) el Pez (@Pepe_elpez) May 30, 2021

Art and model of Sam, the virtual assistant from Samsung.
Album https://t.co/PcoY5m0N7u
Original source https://t.co/ThrmuJx0FH pic.twitter.com/Q3JzM92ASa

— Reference Emporium (@MalteserRefs) May 31, 2021

LOOK OMG pic.twitter.com/HVr2LgYNCm

— Lou (。•̀ᴗ-)✧ (@louxtenyaiida) May 31, 2021

Samsung made a virtual assistant avatar and within 5 picoseconds I've seen porn of her.

Some people are down bad galactically lmao.

— Mutahar (@OrdinaryGamers) June 1, 2021

I am now officially a simp 😳#SamsungSam #Samsung #ibelieveinsamsupremacy #ireallyneedtostop pic.twitter.com/9YkrAmy3b0

— 🌸Noriellee🌸 (@Noriel_lee02) June 1, 2021

opes my hand slipped and drew samsung's new virtual assistant #sam pic.twitter.com/7TO5bOy6uk

— Eclipsing (@eclipsingart) June 1, 2021


WHY SAMSUNG??? pic.twitter.com/POssON7rCE

— KingDDDream (@KingDDDumb) June 1, 2021

[via Android Headlines and Polygon, images via various sources] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/414209/Samsung-s-Rumored-Avatar-Sam-Gets-A-3D-Face-Reveal-And-Fans-Are-Crushing-Hard/

Samsung Ads Mock Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro Max Camera, Claiming It’s A ‘Downgrade’

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Image via Samsung

In Samsung’s new advertising campaign featuring the Galaxy S21 Ultra, it’s directly taking on the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s camera capabilities.

This isn’t the first time the Korean tech firm has taken on Apple, with previous advertisements trolling the iPhone X.

In the first advertisement, Samsung focuses on one of the smartphone’s key features – its 100x Space Zoom. Using a photograph of the moon, it goes head-to-head with the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which comes with only a 12x digital zoom. Of course, the Galaxy S21 Ultra gets a much closer shot.

The second spot illustrates how much more detail Samsung’s 108MP main sensor seemingly captures, compared to its rival’s 12MP lens. Zooming in on a delectable cheese sandwich, the Samsung image shows up much more crisp than Apple’s, allowing the user to zoom in on lots more detail within the image.

Lastly, the third video compares the Galaxy’s ‘Single Take’ feature to the iPhone’s ‘Live Photo’. While ‘Single Take’ can capture 14 different compositions from video clips, ‘Live Photo’ only captures a three-second moving image. Again, Samsung purports that its photo capabilities blow Apple’s out of the water.

Its new campaign slogan packs a punch too, telling customers, “Your phone upgrade shouldn’t be a downgrade.”

While Samsung and Apple fans are pretty loyal to devices from their favorite brand, it’s fun to see rivals use advertising campaigns to poke fun at one another. Catch the new spots below.

[via TechSpot, cover image via Samsung] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/414147/Samsung-Ads-Mock-Apple-s-iPhone-12-Pro-Max-Camera-Claiming-It-s-A-Downgrade/

Samsung Unveils ‘Do-It-All’ Smart Monitors Of Up To A Massive 43 Inches

Image via Samsung

Samsung unveiled its newly expanded Smart Monitor lineup, with more display sizes and design options for all your work-from-home needs.

The lineup now includes “do-it-all” display sizes, including a huge 43-inch M7 (UHD resolution) model. Its borderless design makes for a truly immersive experience, in which you can switch seamlessly from one app to another.

It also comes with built-in features, such as streaming apps, speakers, and HDR10 capabilities to optimize 4K content for extra high definition viewing.

The M5 (FHD resolution) model is now also available in 24-inch, 27-inch, and 32-inch displays.

If you’re not a fan of black monitor displays, the M5 model also comes in a new white shade for the two larger versions. The minimalist design blends into any living space, allowing you to have an aesthetically-pleasing work station, too.

Aside from the displays, the monitors also come with improved voice assistance. Instead of just Bixby, other assistants such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa will be available.

Plus, users can connect their smartphones with their monitors using Tap View, Mirroring, or Apple AirPlay 2. The monitors arrive with a USB Type-C port, standard USB ports, and Bluetooth 4.2 capabilities for all your working needs.

Check out the new displays below.

Image via Samsung

Image via Samsung

Image via Samsung

[via Samsung] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/414137/Samsung-Unveils-Do-It-All-Smart-Monitors-Of-Up-To-A-Massive-43-Inches/

Samsung Files Trademarks For What Could Be The Name Of Its First Rollable Phone

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Image via N.Z.Photography / Shutterstock.com

Rolling off the likes of LG and Oppo, Samsung is believed to be building its own rollable or slidable phone, should new trademark applications carry any weight about its current plans.

LetsGoDigital discovered two trademarks that the South Korean tech giant has just filed with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) for its rumored first-gen rollable devices. There was an application for “Samsung Z Roll,” followed by a document for a “Samsung Z Slide.”

Both documents cite “smartphones,” “mobile telephones” and “tablet computers”—among several other objects—as products that the names could be applied to.

According to Notebookcheck, speculators pretty much called it with their predictions for a “Galaxy Z Slide” name, based on their observations of Samsung’s naming patterns.

The timing of the trademarks corroborates with a presentation that Samsung gave earlier this month that offered sneak peeks at its future flexible devices—including a slidable model that matches the new names.

A few months back, the company also registered a patent for a “dual-slide smartphone” that can be pulled out to form a tablet, thanks to the flexible OLED panels on both its front and back.

Rollable devices might serve as a potential upgrade to the foldable technology used in models like the Galaxy Fold, since they counter issues like creasing.

According to LetsGoDigital, the first of Samsung’s rollable smartphones could be ready by 2022.

[via Notebookcheck, LetsGoDigital and Tom’s Guide, cover image via N.Z.Photography / Shutterstock.com] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/414135/Samsung-Files-Trademarks-For-What-Could-Be-The-Name-Of-Its-First-Rollable-Phone/

The Galaxy S11 release date has been confirmed and here are all the best new features we expect

The Galaxy S11 release date has been confirmed and here are all the best new features we expect

The Galaxy S11 release date has been confirmed and here are all the best new features we expect

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Galaxy Bloom is the name of Samsung’s new foldable phone, report claims

Galaxy Bloom is the name of Samsung’s new foldable phone, report claims

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