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Samsung Designs Stretchable Second ‘Skin’ That Tracks & Displays Your Heartbeat

Image via Samsung

Tech companies have been obsessing over every little possibility with flexible displays—and Samsung, the maker of perhaps the most recognizable flexible device thus far, the Galaxy Fold—is literally bending boundaries by creating a “stretchable electronic skin” for potential wearables of the future.

The technology, which is still in its early days, consists of an OLED skin display, with a heartbeat monitor, that can be stretched by up to 30%. In spite of this, measurements taken by its built-in monitor remain precise and consistent—even more so than those recorded by some existing wearable devices, Samsung says.

In their experiments, researchers from Samsung’s research and development wing, the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT), noted that the electronic “skin” displayed accurate results even after being extended to 1,000 times its length. The study’s findings were peer-reviewed and published in the Science Advances journal.

What’s also impressive is that this wearable is designed to work better with movement, so it’s in its element when attached to the wearer’s skin. The team found that it was able to detect a heartbeat signal 2.4 times stronger than a fixed silicon sensor can.

You’ve seen how susceptible foldable displays, like the Galaxy Fold, are to wear. To fix this shortcoming, the team swapped the plastic typically used in stretchable displays with elastomer, a sophisticated material with high elasticity and resilience, to boost its durability.

What elastomer lacks is a resistance to heat—a necessary feature especially when you’re out for a run and need to glance at your heart stats. To overcome this, the researchers modified the material’s molecular composition. And to prolong the device’s lifespan, cracked metal—a stretchable electrode material—was applied to the elastomer component to prevent the OLED pixels from getting deformed.

The researchers are working on ways to extend the device’s “resolution, stretchability, and measurement accuracy” for mass production. Beyond wearing your heart on your wrist, they also hope to bring flexible displays to readings for blood pressure, peripheral oxygen saturation, and electromyogram tests.

Image via Samsung

[via Engadget, images via Samsung] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/414256/Samsung-Designs-Stretchable-Second-Skin-That-Tracks-Displays-Your-Heartbeat/

Samsung Unveils Fun Cardboard DIY Sets You Can Upcycle From Old Packaging

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Image courtesy of Samsung

In celebration of World Environment Day, Samsung is encouraging consumers to reimagine, recreate, and restore the environment, starting with old packaging.

Many of Samsung’s devices come in cardboard boxes, and instead of chucking them in the attic, why not put them to good, artistic use?

Your cardboard stack could come to life with Samsung’s Small World, an entire ecosystem of buildings, wildlife, forestry, and people that Amsterdam-based paper artist AJ Smith, also known as Papersmith, created out of the brand’s eco-packaging.

The little cardboard world was conceptualized with the packaging of devices such as Samsung’s QLED 4K TV, Galaxy S21, Galaxy Buds Pro, and more. From there, Papersmith created pandas, cherry blossom trees, and even a whale. Communications firm Edelman brought the campaign to life.

This weekend, rest and relax with some eco-conscious crafting. For creative ways to reuse those boxes, head here.

Image courtesy of Samsung

Image courtesy of Samsung

Image courtesy of Samsung

Image courtesy of Samsung

Image courtesy of Samsung

[via Samsung] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/414236/Samsung-Unveils-Fun-Cardboard-DIY-Sets-You-Can-Upcycle-From-Old-Packaging/

Samsung’s Rumored Avatar ‘Sam’ Gets A 3D Face Reveal, And Fans Are Crushing Hard

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Images via Sam Virtual Instructor

Forget fresh human faces; the internet is gushing over a 3D avatar said to be the new virtual assistant of Samsung. Suitably named Sam or Samantha, the selfie-loving character with Pixar-like facial features could give the nondescript Bixby a run for its money.

According to Android Headlines, Sam has existed as an official character in 2D form, but she has recently undergone a makeover to bring more realism and depth to her looks. Closeup visuals picture her with a smooth, straight bob; spirited eyes in the hues of Bixby; and freckles on her cheeks.

Visual arts production house Lightfarm Studios had presented a whole array of imagery depicting the 3D virtual assistant, but the project was taken down shortly after social media users started fawning over Sam. The studio was apparently enlisted by Samsung Group’s marketing agency Cheil to give Sam a glow-up.

Lightfarm detailed that Sam was brought to life with software like Adobe Photoshop and After Effects, SideFX Houdini, Marvelous Designer, and Blender 3D.

A search by DesignTAXI uncovered a Sam Virtual Instructor YouTube channel which claims to be an “official training channel” by Samsung in Portuguese. In its videos, the 2D avatar had been in use up until about a month ago, when the 3D version first made her appearance.

Whether or not the 3D virtual assistant will join the Samsung family remains to be known, but fans are already here for it. Knowing the internet, the visuals have inspired some very lewd fanart.

Will Sam be the hook to change Apple fans’ allegiances?

Samsung just made a hot virtual assistant named "Sam", and in one fell swoop, they captured every weeb and r34 artist pic.twitter.com/67kGXg638m

— Noble (@Lost_Pause_) June 1, 2021

Oh god Sam the virtual assistant from Samsung is hotter than I thought pic.twitter.com/ediaWAhipP

— Pepe (CEO of Retweets) el Pez (@Pepe_elpez) May 30, 2021

Art and model of Sam, the virtual assistant from Samsung.
Album https://t.co/PcoY5m0N7u
Original source https://t.co/ThrmuJx0FH pic.twitter.com/Q3JzM92ASa

— Reference Emporium (@MalteserRefs) May 31, 2021

LOOK OMG pic.twitter.com/HVr2LgYNCm

— Lou (。•̀ᴗ-)✧ (@louxtenyaiida) May 31, 2021

Samsung made a virtual assistant avatar and within 5 picoseconds I've seen porn of her.

Some people are down bad galactically lmao.

— Mutahar (@OrdinaryGamers) June 1, 2021

I am now officially a simp 😳#SamsungSam #Samsung #ibelieveinsamsupremacy #ireallyneedtostop pic.twitter.com/9YkrAmy3b0

— 🌸Noriellee🌸 (@Noriel_lee02) June 1, 2021

opes my hand slipped and drew samsung's new virtual assistant #sam pic.twitter.com/7TO5bOy6uk

— Eclipsing (@eclipsingart) June 1, 2021


WHY SAMSUNG??? pic.twitter.com/POssON7rCE

— KingDDDream (@KingDDDumb) June 1, 2021

[via Android Headlines and Polygon, images via various sources] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/414209/Samsung-s-Rumored-Avatar-Sam-Gets-A-3D-Face-Reveal-And-Fans-Are-Crushing-Hard/

Samsung Ads Mock Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro Max Camera, Claiming It’s A ‘Downgrade’

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Image via Samsung

In Samsung’s new advertising campaign featuring the Galaxy S21 Ultra, it’s directly taking on the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s camera capabilities.

This isn’t the first time the Korean tech firm has taken on Apple, with previous advertisements trolling the iPhone X.

In the first advertisement, Samsung focuses on one of the smartphone’s key features – its 100x Space Zoom. Using a photograph of the moon, it goes head-to-head with the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which comes with only a 12x digital zoom. Of course, the Galaxy S21 Ultra gets a much closer shot.

The second spot illustrates how much more detail Samsung’s 108MP main sensor seemingly captures, compared to its rival’s 12MP lens. Zooming in on a delectable cheese sandwich, the Samsung image shows up much more crisp than Apple’s, allowing the user to zoom in on lots more detail within the image.

Lastly, the third video compares the Galaxy’s ‘Single Take’ feature to the iPhone’s ‘Live Photo’. While ‘Single Take’ can capture 14 different compositions from video clips, ‘Live Photo’ only captures a three-second moving image. Again, Samsung purports that its photo capabilities blow Apple’s out of the water.

Its new campaign slogan packs a punch too, telling customers, “Your phone upgrade shouldn’t be a downgrade.”

While Samsung and Apple fans are pretty loyal to devices from their favorite brand, it’s fun to see rivals use advertising campaigns to poke fun at one another. Catch the new spots below.

[via TechSpot, cover image via Samsung] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/414147/Samsung-Ads-Mock-Apple-s-iPhone-12-Pro-Max-Camera-Claiming-It-s-A-Downgrade/

Samsung Unveils ‘Do-It-All’ Smart Monitors Of Up To A Massive 43 Inches

Image via Samsung

Samsung unveiled its newly expanded Smart Monitor lineup, with more display sizes and design options for all your work-from-home needs.

The lineup now includes “do-it-all” display sizes, including a huge 43-inch M7 (UHD resolution) model. Its borderless design makes for a truly immersive experience, in which you can switch seamlessly from one app to another.

It also comes with built-in features, such as streaming apps, speakers, and HDR10 capabilities to optimize 4K content for extra high definition viewing.

The M5 (FHD resolution) model is now also available in 24-inch, 27-inch, and 32-inch displays.

If you’re not a fan of black monitor displays, the M5 model also comes in a new white shade for the two larger versions. The minimalist design blends into any living space, allowing you to have an aesthetically-pleasing work station, too.

Aside from the displays, the monitors also come with improved voice assistance. Instead of just Bixby, other assistants such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa will be available.

Plus, users can connect their smartphones with their monitors using Tap View, Mirroring, or Apple AirPlay 2. The monitors arrive with a USB Type-C port, standard USB ports, and Bluetooth 4.2 capabilities for all your working needs.

Check out the new displays below.

Image via Samsung

Image via Samsung

Image via Samsung

[via Samsung] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/414137/Samsung-Unveils-Do-It-All-Smart-Monitors-Of-Up-To-A-Massive-43-Inches/

Samsung Files Trademarks For What Could Be The Name Of Its First Rollable Phone

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Image via N.Z.Photography / Shutterstock.com

Rolling off the likes of LG and Oppo, Samsung is believed to be building its own rollable or slidable phone, should new trademark applications carry any weight about its current plans.

LetsGoDigital discovered two trademarks that the South Korean tech giant has just filed with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) for its rumored first-gen rollable devices. There was an application for “Samsung Z Roll,” followed by a document for a “Samsung Z Slide.”

Both documents cite “smartphones,” “mobile telephones” and “tablet computers”—among several other objects—as products that the names could be applied to.

According to Notebookcheck, speculators pretty much called it with their predictions for a “Galaxy Z Slide” name, based on their observations of Samsung’s naming patterns.

The timing of the trademarks corroborates with a presentation that Samsung gave earlier this month that offered sneak peeks at its future flexible devices—including a slidable model that matches the new names.

A few months back, the company also registered a patent for a “dual-slide smartphone” that can be pulled out to form a tablet, thanks to the flexible OLED panels on both its front and back.

Rollable devices might serve as a potential upgrade to the foldable technology used in models like the Galaxy Fold, since they counter issues like creasing.

According to LetsGoDigital, the first of Samsung’s rollable smartphones could be ready by 2022.

[via Notebookcheck, LetsGoDigital and Tom’s Guide, cover image via N.Z.Photography / Shutterstock.com] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/414135/Samsung-Files-Trademarks-For-What-Could-Be-The-Name-Of-Its-First-Rollable-Phone/

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