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#SMARTHappinessFormula by #WelshDragon #MikeArmstrong

😎Happiness, Productivity and Success…

As winter sets upon us (well in the UK anyway) it can be a period of SADness (Seasonal Affective Dissorder).

If you suffer with this then it’s time to get #SMART with your Lifestyle in order to beat S.A.D become a happier version of you, and increase your productivity!

It’s time to follow the #SMARTHappinessFormula from #WelshDragon #MikeArmstrong

Ability to Perform
Random Kindness

Sleep – get 7-8 hours a night
Meditation / Mindfulness- do 30 mins a day
Ability To Perform – Exercise Daily for at least 30 mins, eat a health well balanced nutritional diet and keep well hydrated (drink lots of water)
Do lots of Random and non random kindness each day to others
Set lots of small, medium and long term goals and achieve some of these daily!

Then you’ll be the happiest you that you can be!


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Why the Main Stream Media is Dangerous…

As a positive person, I choose to avoid the main stream negative media because basically it’s a joke at best, or at worst it’s extremely dangerous. With just one negative story after another the main stream media is extremely dangerous and extremely damaging to our psychology.

The problems with the main stream media is that it doesn’t report the news, it delves into the news and explores every negative story (there is no positive news, as nothing positive ever happens in the world), from every possible angle, filling the airwaves with constant repetitive exploration of the negative news or incident that happened.

As a global citizen, every now and then I choose to quickly dip in to the news to get the facts, not the exploration of those facts, and then I quickly dip out of it, in order to protect my sanity and when I dip in I often see the media exploring why things have gone wrong with one thing or another, not realising that they have often caused the negativity that they are reporting on themselves, or at least added to it or made it worse.

For example at the moment their is a fuel shortage in some petrol stations because of panic buying.

If the one or two stations that run out of petrol, we’re not reports on so vigorously at the beginning of the crisis, then the problem would not have exacerbated and there wouldn’t have been a fuel shortage crisis, but oblivious to the psychological effect that they have on the mass population, they continue to report on the problem, helping to continue its growth.

The media caused the panic buying of petrol just like it did with the panic buying of toilet rolls at the start of the pandemic.

It also stops many people from leaving the house because death is just around every corner.

If the media was controlled, in order to be balanced, was made to report on all news, not just negative news, and was limited in the time it could share its “news”, then this would massively impact and limit the amount of psychological damage it’s allowed to make on the nation.

What are your thoughts? Please comment below!

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How the MAPS Global Events business got started – YouTube Video


Business and Sports News from Mike Armstrong – See http://mikearmstrong.me

Mental Wellness Events Coordinator in Philadelphia, PA

Promoting Mental Wellness
and Positivity
2021 global mental wellness and positivity experience Sept. 12th -18th
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Welcome to our
Mental Wellness and Positivity Experience.
Come explore a week filled with multiple ways to de-stress, relax, and maintain a positive mindset. Come looking for solutions, be open to trying new methods of finding peace within. Get exposure to how things are done in different parts of the world. Have an uplifting and enlightening time. This is not an ordinary event. It’s an opportunity for a mental experience journey.

September 12th – 18th

Our Mission
We provide resources, create tools, and host events to create a global life-long support system for children and adults to maintain mental wellness and positive mindsets, while simultaneously highlighting small businesses and entrepreneurs doing wonderful work in this space.
Our Vision
A world, where every child & adult has the resources and support needed to maintain mental wellness and a positive mindset that can be sustained throughout their lives, and the people providing the guidance and support, are valued and always in a good position to do so.
Our Values
We appreciate everyone’s best version of themselves.
We are being helped when we help others.
We value mental wellness professionals.
We accept feedback as a gift.
We listen, learn, and evolve.
We believe in open and honest dialogue.

Mental Wellness & Positivity Experience Welcome

What We Do
M.A.P.S® Global Events is dedicated to helping children and adults worldwide maintain mental wellness and a positive mindset. As part of our commitment to this, we host events and provide the tools necessary in promoting and achieving this state of mental well-being. Additionally, we offer exposure and presentation opportunities to businesses that support these goals.
— Read on mapsglobalevents.com/

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