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Twitter Marketing Tip 3

With 42% of Twitter’s users following brands, it’s a fertile ground of marketing opportunities.

Twitter can spread awareness of your brand, generate leads, drive traffic to your site, build a loyal customer base and much more. 

You may have mastered the basics by now and know your hashtags from your trends, but there are some next-level tricks and ideas that often get missed out. 

Here’s one of our favorite top-of-the-class Twitter marketing secrets that will separate the top tier of pros from the rest. 

Step up your social media game with this Twitter marketing tip to get you standing out from the competition: 

Use IFTTT To Post Your Instagram Pictures to Twitter.

Unfortunately, Instagram pictures will only appear as links on Twitter. 

This can lower your engagement rates as your finely crafted Instagram images won’t appear in peoples’ timelines. 

Ideally, you want to avoid this as Tweets with images receive 18% more clicks, 89% more favourites, and 150% retweets. 

Luckily, if your Instagram content also suits Twitter and you want people to see them in their timeline with minimum fuss, you can use IFTTT (If This, Then That) to automatically upload your Instagram images to Twitter. They will then show up in people’s timelines like regular images.

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Twitter Marketing Tip 3 page written “By Mike Armstrong”

Search Engine Optimisation Tip / SEO

If you want your Website to improve its ranking in the Internet search engines, and have it associated with more keywords in order to get more traffic integrate a blog to your website and start a content marketing strategy!

Write about your products, services, staff, events, case studies and offers and share you marketing material.

If you need help use the advice of a content marketing specialist or outsource some of the content marketing services to an outsourced service provider like MA Consultancy:

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The Search Engine Optimisation Tip / SEO page was written “By Mike Armstrong”


Facebook Business Page Marketing Tip – especially for Corporate Companies!

Give access to your Facebook Business Page to many users, get those users to build their personal friend databases up to the 5k maximum level, ensuring each user targets a different group of “friends” than the other users and then get each user to invite their friends to like the Business Facebook Page.

This Facebook Business Page Marketing Tip was created & posted “By Mike Armstrong”


Website Marketing Tips

If you want to increase the marketing of your website including raising the ranking of your site and increasing your page rankings, add a blog to your website and implement a content marketing strategy.

Additional Tip: If you are unsure of what to blog, how often to blog, what blogging platform to use and what type of content you should be blogging, engage with an SEO Consultant, Web Marketing Consultant, Marketing Consultant or Content Marketing Consultant similar to MA Consultancy for some help.

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This Website Marketing Tip was created & posted “By Mike Armstrong”


Twitter Marketing Tip

Follow and engage with real world Friends, Business Partners, Associations, Suppliers, Customers and Partners and use some of their @names in your tweets to help the tweets go further (as your real world contacts will usually retweet your tweets for you).

Additional Tip: This works even better if you use @names of real world contacts who already have lots of followers.

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This Twitter Marketing Tip was created & posted “By Mike Armstrong”