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Who are the biggest football clubs in the world? The Worlds 15 Biggest Football Clubs…

Who is the Biggest Football Team in the World?

UPDATED – 15/10/2020

This question has been asked many, many times before. It has caused arguments from family dinner tables and pubs to radio shows and fan shows. Yet no one has quite been able to find an acceptable unit of measurement. In this article, we at WFF, who specialise in all this wonderful used a number of factors and sources ranging from social following and shirt sales to revenue numbers and the clubs’ financial value. You may find yourself disagreeing with the findings, but one thing is for sure, football is a world religion and we are going to analyse the clubs popularity, wealth, and power. Who do you think is the worlds biggest football team? Let’s find out below.

Roma biggest club in the world

15. AS Roma

Social Following
Facebook 9 million
Instagram 3.4 million
Twitter 1.8 million
Shirt sales: 150 000 (2016)
Shirt sponsorship deals: £6.95 million a year
Average match attendance: 36529/70634
Worldwide fans: 22 million
Revenue: £230 million
Club value: £481 million

I Giallorossi

AS Roma’s nickname is I Giallorossi (The Yellow and Reds). They were founded in the summer of 1927, after 3 clubs, Roman FC, SS Alba-Audace and Fortitudo-Pro Roma SGS, merged into one.

AS Roma in 15th position. The Italian giants finished 2nd in 2016/17 season and at the time of writing this article, sit in 3rd in the 2017/18 season. They have won 12 domestic honours in modern time helping to cement them as a European giant. Valued at £481 million, Roma is one of 4 Italian clubs that are recognised as truly global clubs. Francesco Totti has been hailed as the clubs most famous player and they are not wrong there. His world famous loyalty to the club has played no small part in Roma achieving a worldwide fan base of 22 million people.

Inter Milan biggest club in the world

14. Inter Milan

Social Following
Facebook 26 million
Instagram 5.9 million
Twitter 2.2 million
Shirt sales: 199 000 (2016)
Shirt sponsorship deals: £7.83 million a year
Average match attendance: 56010/80018
Worldwide fans: 55 million fans
Revenue: £260 million
Club value: £520 million

I Nerazzurri

Inter Milan’s nickname is I Nerazzurri (The Black and Blues). They were founded in 1908 and share their home ground the San Siro with their rivals AC Milan.

Inter Milan find themselves in 14th position, behind their Milan rivals and stadium partners, AC Milan. The Italian giants have suffered a number of poor seasons, which has seen their global reach decline. However, with 55 million fans worldwide and revenue at £260 million last year, things are far from dire. The club has seen a turn in form in recent seasons and with a number of key players performing well, things may soon be turning around for Inter.

Spurs biggest club in london?

13. Tottenham Hotspur

Social Following
Facebook 17 million
Instagram 8.9 million
Twitter 4.9 million
Shirt sales: 610 000 (2016)
Shirt sponsorship deals: £35 million a year
Average match attendance: 68324/90000
Worldwide fans: 35 million
Revenue: £379 million
Club value: £1.3 billion


Nicknamed Spurs, Tottenham Hotspur was founded in 1882 originally under the name of Hotspur football club by a group of schoolboys.

Tottenham find themselves in 13th position. In the modern era of the game they have found themselves falling behind their bitter North London rivals. However in recent times, Spurs commercial team have done a fantastic job in setting a global strategy. With their new stadium at White Hart Lane and a deal with the NFL, Spurs are making all the right moves. Valued at £1.3 billion and revenue hitting new heights with lucrative sponsorship deals, all Spurs now need it to turn the financial success into on field success. If they can do that, Spurs will be well placed for global fan growth.

BVB big club

12. Borussia Dortmund

Social Following
Facebook 15 million
Instagram 11.7 million
Twitter 3.6 million
Shirt sales: 550 000 (2016)
Shirt sponsorship deals: £17.37 million per year
Average match attendance: 79097/ 81359
Worldwide fans: 22 million
Revenue: £293 million
Club value: £693 million


Ballspiel-Verein Borussia or BVB, was founded in 1909 by eighteen football players from Dortmund.

The second biggest team in Germany and arguably the neutrals favourite come in at 12th position. Klopp lead BVB back into glory with league glory in 2010–112011–12, however since then have struggled to keep up with the Munich giants. They have been the victim a serious of shopping runs, as wealthier and bigger clubs have lured their young stars away from the Westfalenstadion. Dortmund is often hailed as having the best youth system in the world, producing players such as Christian Pulisic, Mario Götze and Marco Reus.

Valued at £693 million pounds and with growing worldwide following, Dortmund will be one to watch in coming years, especially should the rumours of big foreign investment come to pass.

Are man city the biggest club in the world

11. Manchester City

Social Following
Facebook 40 million
Instagram 21 million
Twitter 8.5 million
Shirt sales: 595 000 (2016)
Shirt sponsorship deals: £35 million a year
Average match attendance: 54041/55097
Worldwide fans: 110 million
Revenue: £504 million
Club value: £2.1 billion

The Citizens

The nickname of Manchester City is The Citizens. Founded in 1880 as St. Mark’s (West Gorton), they became Ardwick Association Football Club in 1887 and Manchester City in 1894.

A lot of people will be shocked to see Man City sitting so low in 11th position, but what we must remember is that their success and financial power is relatively recent. Spanish newspaper Sport published research into Man City and Man United, in which it was revealed that Man City’s fanbase grew 523% as rivals Man United saw a worrying 19% drop off. With shirt sales and revenue growth year on year and if their current success continues, it is only a matter of time until we see Manchester City challenging for a top 3 spot on the global stage.

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PSG richest club in the world?

10. Paris Saint-Germain

Social Following
Facebook 41 million
Instagram 31.3 million
Twitter 10 million
Shirt Sales: 685 000 (2016)
Shirt sponsorship deals: 20 million a year
Average match attendance: 46856/47929
Worldwide fans: 35 million
Revenue: £499 million
Club value: £990 million

Les Parisiens

Les Parisiens (The Parisians) is the nickname of PSG. The French giants were founded only in 1970 yet is the most popular team in France.

The only French team to make the list, however, it will be no surprise to anyone to see PSG make the list. Although only founded in 1970, the club has a richer history that stretches back to the start of the century. With the arrival of the Qatar sports investment saw a new age with signings such as Zlatan Ibrahimović. PSG attained four league titles, three Coupe de France, four Coupe de la Ligue and five Trophée des Champions titles. Currently, the club has a fierce front three with the Uruguayan striker Edinson Cavani, the Brazilian Neymar and the young Frenchman Kylian Mbappé. Neymar and Kylian Mbappé alone at a cost of £406 million, that being £93 million shy of their total revenue of £499 million.

These staggering deals have drawn lots of questions from the international football community with regards to sustainability, but there is no denying PSG’s goals of becoming a world superpower. At a value of £990 million, which many believe is far undervalued, and 35 million fans worldwide, there are little who aren’t looking at PSG with envy. If PSG continues on this path (that many believe they can’t) we could be seeing a Champions League Title heading towards France in the near future.

Ac Milan, biggest club in italy

9. AC Milan

Social Following
Facebook 25 million
Instagram 8.6 million
Twitter 7.4 million
Shirt sales: 650 000 (2016)
Shirt sponsorship deals: £15 million a year
Average match attendance: 50801/80018
Worldwide fans: 95 million fans
Revenue: £191 million
Club value: £600 million

I Rossoneri

I Rossoneri is the nickname of the Italian giants. They were founded in 1899 some 9 years ahead of their rivals Inter Milan who they share the San Siro with.

The Italian giants who have 7 European Cup/UEFA Champions League titles and who dominated Italy during the 90s have in recent times not enjoyed that success. Finacial issues, match-fixing allegations and poor domestic performances, saw the decline of AC Milan. The 95 million worldwide fans, may seem large, however, the club has seen little growth in their global reach since their golden era.

But with new investment from Chinese investors, has brought new hope to the sleeping giants. With recent spending in the transfer market, AC Milan is now hoping they will be able to rebuild the glory of their past. The news of a potential new stadium will no doubt continue the revival of the club. In 9th position of the Worlds biggest clubs, AC Milan may be soon making some moves, the only question is which direction?

Juve big club

8. Juventus

Social Following
Facebook 41 million
Instagram 43.5 million
Twitter 11 million
Shirt sales: 850 000 (2016)
Shirt sponsorship deals: £14.76 million a year
Average match attendance: 38395/41507
Worldwide fans: 27 million
Revenue: £371 million
Club value: £1.17 billion

la Vecchia Signora

la Vecchia Signora (the Old Lady) is the nickname of Juventus. Founded in 1897 by a group of Torinese students.

The Italian giants have dominated Serie A of late. With a number of smart free transfers, they have been able to pick up quality players that have managed to steer them clear of the financial troubles of their Italian rivals. That, however, doesn’t mean that they have shied away from spending when it makes the difference. Cristiano Ronaldo was signed from Real Madrid for a staggering £105million in 2018 to make him the worlds 3rd most expensive player (at the time, crazy things have happened since then).

In a recent study, it was found that Juventus are currently the most loved club in Italy, but also the most hated.  Juventus since the purchase of Ronaldo has seen their fanbase and fame spread and as a result, have jumped to the top of Italy. With a club value of just over a billion pounds, Juventus land themselves in 8th position and one wonders how long it will be until they climb above their Italian rivals.

Bayern Munich biggest club in the world

7. FC Bayern Munich

Social Following
Facebook 50 million
Instagram 23.7 million
Twitter 7 million
Shirt sales: 1 500 000 (2016)
Shirt sponsorship deal: £30.39 million a year
Average match attendance: 75000/75000
Worldwide fans: 45 million
Revenue: £581 million
Club value: £2.34 billion

Die Bayern

The nickname of the German giants meaning the Bavarians. Club was founded on the 27th February 1900.

Bayern Munich, the biggest and most successful club in Germany and 7th in this list. 7th may seem a little low for this giant that has enjoyed so much success in recent years. However, with the continued global expansion of the Premier League, Bayern has seen its growth slow relative to that of Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea.

With 45 million worldwide fans, a social following of over 62 million and the 4th highest-earning football club in the world with £581 million in revenue, Bayern are on any standards a global giant. On top of this, all the Bavarian giants boast no fewer than 290,000 official club members, which is the largest in the world.

So back to the question of why 7th? Well to be honest. Positions 7-4 are so very tight, in the coming seasons we should be seeing those 4 teams rotating positions regularly.

Liverpool biggest club in the world

6. Liverpool

Social Following
Facebook 36.7 million
Instagram 28.2 million
Twitter 15.5 million
Shirt sales: 805 000 (2016)
Shirt sponsorship deals: £30 million a year
Average match attendance: 53185/54074
Worldwide fans: 100 million
Revenue: £455 million
Club value: £1.7 billion

The Reds

The nickname of the English giants. Founded in 1892, the club joined the Football League in 1893 and has played at Anfield since its formation.

Liverpool, the Reds of Merseyside come in at 6th in the list. With a global following of over a 100 million fans worldwide and a club value of £1.7 billion, Liverpool is the most successful club in English football, which can account for a lot of their global reach. Club icons like Steven Gerrard, have helped with the clubs global expansion of the club, particularly in Asia and Africa.

Liverpool is England’s most successful club in Europe with 6 European Cup victories. The current manager Jurgen Klopp is highly admired by fans all over the world and is renowned for building exciting attacking, but most importantly successful teams. Fans will be hoping that this will continue soon with Liverpool as they continue to make their way up the list.

Arsenal, biggest club in the world

5. Arsenal

Social Following
Facebook 37.9 million
Instagram 18.4 million
Twitter 16.4 million
Shirt sales: 1 125 000 (2016)
Shirt sponsorship deals: £30 million a year
Average match attendance: 59295/60432
Worldwide fans: 125 million
Revenue: £386 million
Club value: £1.81 billion

The Gunners

The nickname of the English giants. The fans however will often call themselves Gooners, which is derived from the nickname ‘Gunners’.

Arsenal, one of the biggest clubs in English football and the most successful club in London, Arsenal has over 62 million social followers and 125 million fans worldwide. The club is valued at over £1.8 billion with revenues of £386 million. The club’s majority shareholder American Stan Kroenke has received a lot of criticism, with Arsenal being the 6th richest club in the world, yet have lacked the financial backing to match the ambition of recent history.

Long-serving manager Arsene Wenger left after 22 years at the club and in his wake the club has had a tough time. But with Mikel Arteta at the helm, fans and pundits alike are looking at Arsenal in a new light, with a FA cup win already under his belt could this be the dawn of something new. No one can deny the calibre of players he has attracted to the club, such as all-time great Thierry Henry and German World Cup winner, Mesut Ozil. Wenger in his time also brought together the invincibles that went a season and a total of 49 games unbeaten. He helped bring Arsenal to their new stadium the Emirates and truly propel Arsenal onto the global stage that sees them land themselves in 5th place on the list.

Chelsea biggest club in the world

4. Chelsea FC

Social Following
Facebook 48 million
Instagram 23.8 million
Twitter 15.2 million
Shirt sales: 1 650 000 (2016)
Shirt sponsorship deals: £40 million a year
Average match attendance: 41429/41631
Worldwide fans: 145 million
Revenue: £443 million
Club value: £2 billion

The Blues

The nickname of the English giants is the Blues. The club was founded in 1905 and is owned by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich.

Chelsea FC, make it into the top 4 of the list, with a value slightly less than their London rivals Arsenal, but since Roman Abramovich arrived at the club in 2003 and with him his oil billions that helped Chelsea build a Premier League winning and global football side, with 145 million fans worldwide. They have also secured the 2nd most lucrative shirt sponsorship deal in Premier League history from Yokohama for £40 million a year.

With players such as Didier Drogba, Frank Lampard and Eden Hazard in recent years, Chelsea has built of a formidable machine. With a new stadium on the horizon and Roman showing no signs of slowing down his love and spending for Chelsea, they will be sure to continue their global expansion.

Barcelona the biggest club in the world

3. FC Barcelona

Social Following
Facebook 103 million
Instagram 90.4 million
Twitter 61 million
Shirt Sales: 1 980 000 (2016)
Shirt sponsorship deals: £48 million a year
Average match attendance: 62657/99354
Worldwide fans: 450 million estimate
Revenue: £637 million
Club value: £3.11 billion


The nickname of the Spanish giants. Founded in 1899 by a group of Swiss, English and Catalan footballers.

As we now enter the top 3, we are sure that most will be able to guess who they are. It is just a question of who finishes where. Barcelona the first Spanish team we have seen on the list and find themselves in 3rd. No one in their right mind would argue that Barcelona are not a global club. At a value of nearly a staggering £3 billion pounds and a yearly revenue of £566 million, the club dwarfs most even on this list.

With 450 million fans worldwide and over 200 million fans on social media, Barcelona’s global reach is impressive.

With players such as Messi, Suarez and Iniesta who are global brands in their own right, Barcelona and the other top 3 command something that will be very hard to overcome.

Real Madrid, biggest club in the world

2. Real Madrid

Social Following
Facebook 110 million
Instagram 92.1 million
Twitter 57 million
Shirt Sales: 2 290 000 (2016)
Shirt sponsorship deals: £61.5 million a year
Average Match attendance: 66204/81044
Worldwide fans: 350 million estimate
Revenue: £693million
Club value: £3.28 billion

Los Blancos

The nickname of the Spanish giants. Founded on 6 March 1902 as Madrid Football Club.

The second Spanish team on the list and coming in ahead of their rivals Barcelona, it’s Real Madrid in 2nd position. With a social following of over 250 million and worldwide fanbase of an estimated 350 million, Los Blancos are a dominate world footballing power. At a value of nearly £3.3 billion pounds and revenue of a staggering £693 million a year, Real Madrid continue to expand their reach around the globe

Cristiano Ronaldo (now at Juve) and his rivalry with Lionel Messi is the perfect metaphor for the struggle that rages on every year between Real and Barca. Barcelona has dominated the domestic league in recent years, but Real fought back with a La Liga title last year (2016/17). Players and fans alike are drawn to them and the glow that is Madrid.

Man united biggest club in the world

1. Manchester United

Social Following
Facebook 73.7 million
Instagram 37.3 million
Twitter 25 million
Shirt sales: 2 850 000 (average last 5 years)
Shirt sponsorship deals: £47 million a year
Average match attendance: 74994/75305
Worldwide fans: 650 million estimated
Revenue: £590 million
Club value: £3.1 billion

The Red Devils

Nicknamed “the Red Devils”, the club was founded as Newton Heath LYR Football Club in 1878, changed its name to Manchester United in 1902 and moved to its current stadium, Old Trafford, in 1910.

Manchester United the biggest and most successful club in England, comes in at number one, as the biggest and most supported team in the world. A survey carried out by the club a number of years ago reported that Manchester United had over 650 million fans worldwide with recent reports estimating as many as 750 million.

Alex Ferguson was instrumental in building the success and global mass expansion of the club. With the class of 92, they enjoyed unprecedented success, with Ferguson winning a total of 38 trophies as manager. At a value of £3.1 billion, no one would argue the global reach of Manchester United, from Manchester to Seoul, to Cape Town and Alaska you can find United fans, it truly is staggering the reach that the club does have and certainly in the near future, we can only see two clubs that have the ability to knock United off the top spot.



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GABRIEL AGBONLAHOR has urged “world class” Jack Grealish to snub Manchester United – and aim his sights even higher.

The £70million-rated Aston Villa star is top of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s summer transfer wish list as he looks to build a squad that can challenge for the Premier League title.

Jack Grealish has been urged to snub Manchester United by Gabriel Agbonlahor

But Villa legend Agbonlahor, 33, said: “I am not just saying this as I have played with him, but I honestly think he is the best attacking midfield option that England have got at this current time.

“That is why, when people say Grealish to Manchester United, he could do so much better than that.

“He could walk into any team in the world, even Barcelona or Juventus.

“For where Manchester United are now, he could go to better teams around the world, so he doesn’t need to limit himself to just United and focus on teams who are playing in the Champions League.

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“The good thing about Jack is that he can run with and without the ball, play in different positions and score goals. He is the type of player that fans of football will go to a game to specifically watch him, even if they aren’t fans of Villa.”

Grealish, 24, is looking to fire under-dogs Villa to glory in the Carabao Cup final against Manchester City on Sunday.

And keeping his beloved Villa in the Premier League is equally as important to the Birmingham-born England ace.

Dean Smith’s men are one point above West Ham in 17th and face a battle to stay in the top-flight.

Grealish is key in that fight having scored seven Prem goals and set up six more this season.

In fact, no other England midfielder has been involved in as many goals.

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Woodward has been backing United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to forge a team that mixes top talent from around the world with young players from its academy.

“We are pushing for a strong finish in the Premier League, the Europa League and the FA Cup as we enter the final third of the season,” Woodward said in a statement.

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Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville rank the greatest English club sides

Monday Night Football rank the greatest English club sides using their own points system. Do you agree with the results?


The Invincibles, Bill Shankley’s Liverpool, 1999 treble winners? The MNF panel take in-depth look at some of the best ever club sides in English football and work out just who the greatest really is

It is one of the oldest debates in football but Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher have tried to settle it with the help of their own points system.

The Monday Night Football duo used a three-season period for each team and awarded points for the trophies won during that time frame.

Here are the results and, in the words of Neville and Carragher, what made each of these teams great…

1 – Liverpool (1975/76 to 1977/78)

Manager: Bob Paisley

MNF points: 23

Jamie Carragher: “I have always felt that this era was a little bit underappreciated by Liverpool because a lot of them go back to the early ’80s. Maybe that team would have beaten this team but to win a European Cup back-to-back elevates you massively. This team won a UEFA Cup too – three European trophies in three seasons. That is unbelievably special.”

2 – Manchester United – (2006/07 to 2008/09)

Manager: Sir Alex Ferguson

MNF points: 21

Gary Neville: “I don’t think Manchester United have ever had a team that had so many world-class players. They had eight or nine who were almost the best in their position. It was an unbelievable team. I think it was the greatest Manchester United team of all time.”

3= – Liverpool (1981/82 to 1983/84)

Managers: Bob Paisley/Joe Fagan

MNF points: 20

Carragher: “If you ask Liverpool fans for their greatest team, I think a lot of them would go for this one because of the names. Kenny Dalglish was certainly the best striker, Graeme Souness was one of the best central midfielders and Alan Hansen would go straight into the team as one of the best centre-backs. So, there were those huge figures.

“This team had some of the greatest players in Liverpool’s history and some of the biggest characters also. This team was almost like a machine and to do what they did with three leagues in a row, it’s not easy. In most Liverpool circles they’d say this team was the greatest, but they haven’t come out on top.”

3= – Manchester United (1998/99 to 2000/01)

Manager: Sir Alex Ferguson

MNF points: 20


Neville: “In a single season, to win the treble, it’s the greatest achievement of Manchester United’s history. However, that team then disappointed for two years after that in Europe. We won three leagues on the bounce but then we didn’t go back-to-back in Europe, and that is the disappointment of that team. We didn’t go on and do it again and again. The greatest teams, you go and win it again and again.”

5 – Nottingham Forest (1977/78 to 1979/80)

Manager: Brian Clough

MNF points: 18


Neville: “We did say that would have to be some context applied to these points and this is the team that makes me feel most uncomfortable seeing them in fifth place because of the scale of the achievement.

“But would they be better than the greatest Liverpool sides of that era? Probably not but the scale of the achievement just needs some special mention.

“To do what Clough did there at Nottingham Forest, his managerial achievements are right up there with anything you could ever wish for.”

6= – Arsenal (2001/02 to 2003/04)

Manager: Arsene Wenger

MNF points: 13

Jamie Carragher: “When I came up against that Arsenal team, sometimes I would be going into the game and my confidence wouldn’t be there because you didn’t feel like you could compete with them physically either.

“You knew they were better players than you but they were quicker and more powerful too. For a two or three year period, that was the best team I played against in the Premier League.”

6= – Chelsea (2004/05 to 2006/07)

Manager: Jose Mourinho

MNF points: 13

Gary Neville: “Sir Alex Ferguson knew that he was up against a special manager who was on a roll with a fantastic team. We just couldn’t compete with them at that time. Jose’s one regret of that period is that he didn’t win the Champions League with that team.”

8= – Everton (1984-85 to 1986/87)

Manager: Howard Kendall

MNF points: 12


Carragher: “The first game I can ever remember watching was that 2-0 win against Watford in the FA Cup final. The best way to describe how good it was is it was my first ever season watching football, so I think that’s the norm. That Everton team got to three cup finals on the bounce. I used to think going to Wembley was like going to Alton Towers. It was a day out you did at the end of every season. They were so close to winning the double in ’86 and that would’ve shot them right up this list. The biggest compliment I can pay that team is that if I see some of those players at functions, they are still your heroes. You still look up to them now, no matter how old you are and it will always be the same.”

8= – Tottenham (1960/61 to 1962/63)

Manager: Bill Nicholson

MNF points: 12

Spurs MNF

Carragher: “It wasn’t just the achievement of trophies with this team, it was the actual way they played football. And probably, that legacy went on for years where you sometimes looked at a player and said: ‘He’s a Tottenham player.’

“Maybe that comes from the way this team played and they had some greats.”

10= – Aston Villa (1980-81 to 1982/83)

Managers: Ron Saunders/Tony Barton

MNF points: 10

Carragher: “Ron Saunders, who passed away just a few months ago, was a bit of a legend in the Midlands. He managed lots of different clubs there, but it was actually his role at Aston Villa that he’s remembered for. The strange thing was he actually moved on before they got their hands on the famous trophy. It was Tony Barton who came in, but he produced that team. It was Dennis Mortimer that lifted the trophy and Peter Withe getting the famous goal.”

10= – Manchester United (1965/66 to 1967/68)

Manager: Sir Matt Busby

MNF points: 10

Neville: “The legacy is huge in terms of the impact, not just of that team of Best, Law and Charlton, that defined an era in Manchester, but also the recovery from the tragedy of the Munich air crash.

“There were a lot of what would be the values of Manchester United today that are attributed to that 10-year period from 1958 to 1968. In fact, when I say a lot of the attributes, I mean all of the attributes of the club today. Playing with academy players, playing with excitement and flair and ultimately playing to win all the time.

“All you attribute with Manchester United today come from that period and it’s a special period. It was an era for United where Sir Matt Busby was at the heart of it. It was pioneering and it started what the journey of the modern Manchester United is.

“When Sir Alex Ferguson took over at United he wanted to repeat a lot of the values and principles that had been achieved by the club. He respected the history of the club.”

12 – Leeds (1968/69 to 1970/71)

Manager: Don Revie

MNF points: 9

Carragher: “That was a great era for Leeds, and they were runners-up in so much. I never saw them play but they were a brilliant team that you heard so much, that Revie team. In some ways, that Leeds team, even though they won league titles, they are probably remembered a lot for losing big games, but they were there or thereabouts throughout the 70s. They were a brilliant team and hopefully we see the club back in the Premier League next season.”

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