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How to Humanize Your Brand by Personalizing Your LinkedIn Page

Today more than 50 million businesses utilize LinkedIn pages as a means of connecting with potential employees, customers, and prospects.

In support of this trend, the platform is building on prior features — including Employee Notification, Kudos and Team Moments, and Community Hashtags — to help businesses forge a deeper sense of community and shared experiences.

Here’s a breakdown of the updates to note and how to use them:

Invite to follow: incorporating first-degree connections

“You’ve shared that one of the biggest pain points of building a brand is increasing your number of engaged and relevant followers,” said Rishi Jobanputra, Senior Director for Product Management.

To address this, first-degree connection can be seamlessly invited to your follow your company’s Page with a few simple steps. Simply go to your admin tools, and select ’Invite connections’ form the dropdown list. Once you’ve identified the people you wish to send invites to, tap on the checkbox next to their name and photo and hit submit. They’ll instantly receive an invitation notification.

This may seem like a subtle update, but one that makes the process of bridging offline and online connections much more seamless. For instance, if you’re at a conference or other networking event you can easily keep the conversations going with this tool.

Bear in mind there are a few qualifiers such as page admins with fewer than 500 connections will be provided with a ‘Select all’ option while those with less than 100,000 can use the ‘Grow your page’ audience module to invite members. Members can opt-out of receiving invites, and admins are limited to sending 50 invites per day.

LinkedIn Live: stream in real-time

LinkedIn Live originally underwent beta testing last February, and now is officially rolled out on all Pages. The feature gives the option for companies to carry out two-way conversations on-screen meanwhile fueling real-time participation through a dedicated comments section. Those with enabled push notifications and who already engage with video on the platform will also get alerted when a Page goes live.

Over the coming weeks, LinkedIn says it will work towards releasing a ‘stream targeting’ feature that brings in third-party tools like Restream, Wirecast, and Socialive to connect with those in different regions across the globe.

LinkedIn is also introducing private testing capabilities for Live Stream giving brands admins the chance to test and rehearse prior to going live.

According to LinkedIn, brands using Live Stream have seen 7X more reactions and 24X more comments compared to standard video posts.

LinkedIn’s dedicated Live Stream website shares a few actionable ideas for how to build your content including using it to help launch new products, showcase the people behind your brand, or demonstrate your thought leadership. “Whatever you choose, the magic is in making it interactive.”

Share updates directly: post via the homepage

In order to simplify the process for sharing content with your audience, LinkedIn has unveiled a new feature that “allows you to post from the same place you already post on LinkedIn so that you can promote your organization’s brand in the way that works for you.” You can also opt to share as an individual depending on the nature of the content. With this simple update, conversations can be sustained void of friction and hassle-free.

As we looked ahead and encountered new technology and platform updates, an important question that should drive decision-making is “how can these be leveraged creatively and as an innovation to deliver impactful experiences and expand our communities in positive and profound ways?”

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Best Practices to Drive Growth Using LinkedIn Pages

When it comes to engaging communities, LinkedIn has made some latest efforts to make sure that brands do succeed. Recently, this professional networking platform introduced LinkedIn Pages, which was previously known as LinkedIn Company Pages, adding more features and tools for brands and agencies to better engage with their followers.

For marketers, this is a brand new opportunity to drive audience engagement. Below, we’ve summed up some best practices you can use to take full advantage of LinkedIn Pages.

Time to think more seriously about LinkedIn Videos

LinkedIn Videos hasn’t been a mainstream concept — until now. According to the platform, LinkedIn Video is 5x more likely than any other content to start a conversation. Brands are encouraged to always include some sort of rich media in posts, as well as posting as frequently as possible. Companies that post weekly see a 2x lift in engagement with their content.

Image via LinkedIn

These videos don’t even have to all be beautifully shot and nicely edited. We are living in a digital age where viewers value authenticity and relatability, so aim for videos that are honest, fun and straightforward. It will be a perfect chance to connect with your community using a unique but easy-to-approach tone.

However, note that there are some basic principles to follow when it comes to social video production. For example, social videos are better when short. One to two minutes should be enough, but remember to grasp viewers’ attention in the first few seconds; evident from Instagram Stories, many viewers watch videos with sound off, so proper subtitles and graphics will always help deliver important messages.

Complete your pages — it’s as simple as that

This might sound like an obvious mistake, but many brands do still fall for it — not completing their pages.

Companies with complete information get 30% more weekly views, so do take some time to fill out all the blanks.

An important note on the description section: do you know that LinkedIn members can filter their search by keywords? Including well thought-through and relevant keywords in your company’s description can help members get to you more easily, so think about what are the mission, purpose, and focus of your brand, and write all that down carefully.

Make smart use of your Call-to-Action

Brands for sure would want as many visits to their LinkedIn Pages as possible, but do also think beyond that. Your page is also a platform to redirect audience, and lead them toward ideal actions.

Image via LinkedIn

Whether it’s adding an action button to your homepage, or adding links to every blog post, customized Call-to-Action is a chance to optimize your campaigns. These actions can be as simple as a link to your company’s website, or asking followers to repost with their thoughts and comments. This creates a simple but effective connection with customers, for them to have meaningful engagement with brands.

Use social analytics and data to make better decisions

Among the many newly added features for LinkedIn Pages, analytics tools and data-powered suggestions are what brands should truly look into and educate page admins with.

One of the most interesting features, Content Suggestions, allows brands to discover trending topics among their audience, filter through options, and share recommended content with target audience.

Image via linkedIn

Pages admins can also access a metrics platform, where they can look up page views over a custom period of time, to analyze a specific campaign. These pieces of data can show admins what types of content their followers are engaged with. Admins can thus use this information to make more informed decisions on their content and campaigns.

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LinkedIn Introduces LinkedIn Pages to Generate Engagement

In mid November, LinkedIn announced its latest effort in fostering communities. What was once called LinkedIn Company Pages is now rebuilt into LinkedIn Pages.

“Pages have been rebuilt from the ground up to make it easier for brands, institutions and organizations, from small businesses to large enterprises, to foster constructive conversations with LinkedIn’s community of more than 590 million members and 30 million Pages,” according to LinkedIn’s announcement blog post.

Image via LinkedIn

LinkedIn thinks that communities are core to the success of every business. Through meaningful conversations with employees, partners, customers and job candidates, LinkedIn Pages hopes to help drive a company’s growth.

Here are the core features of the new LinkedIn Pages:

Giving Pages admins efficient management tools

Pages admins can now post updates and respond to comments on the go via LinkedIn’s mobile app for both iOS and Android. This has made keeping on top of a brand’s LinkedIn performance and engagement much easier, because up till now, page management via mobile has been problematic, with limitations in functionality.

Image via LinkedIn

In additional, admins are now able to associate Pages with hashtags, enabling them to listen in and respond to social conversations relevant to the brands. They can also now share documents like PowerPoint presentations, Word Documents and PDFs to tell richer brand stories, whereas only images, text and videos were post-able before.

Know and engage with your audience better

Another important feature is Content Suggestions, which surfaces topics and content that are trending within a brand’s target audience on LinkedIn. With this information, admins can now curate and share content that they know their audience will fall for.

LinkedIn is also announcing a suite of tools that help brands discover and re-share their employees’ public LinkedIn posts. “A company’s employees are their greatest asset and can be their biggest advocates. Amplifying their voices can help organizations build stronger connections with their audience,” according to LinkedIn.

Image via LinkedIn

Adding third party tools

LinkedIn Pages has also announced its cooperation with Hootsuite and Crunchbase to help admins manage their presence across a range of social platforms.

“With Hootsuite, admins can now receive notifications within Hootsuite when there is activity on their LinkedIn Page; We have also partnered with Crunchbase to feature funding insights and key investors on LinkedIn Pages, giving LinkedIn members a more comprehensive understanding of a company’s business profile,” according to LinkedIn.

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