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UK Property News – Property Advice From Kevin Green…

Property Advice from the UK’s Leading Property Entrepreneur, Kevin Green…

Who is Kevin Green?

You may know Welsh Entrepreneur, Kevin Green from the Channel 4 television programme, The Secret Millionaire.

Kevin, from Llanelli in Wales, is the UK’s largest buy to let landlord.

Having been homeless back in 1984 he has been on a professional and personal journey that has seen him rise to the very top of the property & business world.

Kevin’s passion now, is to educate and share his knowledge so that others can achieve success.

His speciality talks include motivation, empowerment and coaching and he enjoys giving businesses and organisations an insight into what it takes to become successful in the business world.

We have compiled the very best of Kevin Green’s tips for you.

Kevin Green Property Advice

Property Investment Tips No 1

Do you have capital adequacy? Why would you need capital adequacy?

Have you got a strategy for your property investment? I know we all want to build a portfolio but is there a certain way to go about it. In this short recording here, Kevin Green talks about a simple strategy he applied when building his portfolio.


Tip No 2 – Kevin Green shares his property investment strategies

Have other businesses alongside your property business. Listen here to how Kevin, a multi multi millionaire sets up his businesses and how he uses them to clear loans on his property business.


Tip No 3 – Download Kevin Green’s FREE APP to help with your figures!

Kevin does not want to hold a property with a buy to let mortgage on it for longer than ten years!? Interesting fact!


Tip No – 4 Kevin Green on Family houses v HMO’s?

What to buy – Family houses or HMO’s? Hear from Kevin the pros and cons of both in this audio tip


Kevin Green Tip No 5 – The Queen Mum & Inheritance Tax

Are you planning ahead for the future, it is important to be aware of IT and how you can mitigate it.


Kevin Green Tip No 6 – What makes a successful entrepreneur?

In Kevin’s opinion entrepreneurs must be extremely grounded. You must be very clear on what you want to achieve, have a listen here


Kevin Green Tip No 7 – Special tips from Robert Kiyosaki & Richard Branson

Listen now to some key tips from Kevin on how he achieves such success, hear quotes from none other than Rich Dad, Robert T. Kiyosaki and Richard Branson that Kevin has learned first hand.


Kevin Green Tip No 8 – Choose your networking wisely

Kevin advises us to choose our networking wisely and gives support to The Manchester Property Meet. 


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Confusing Money Happiness Quote

Confusing Money Happiness Quote

Money won’t make you happy…”

How many times have you heard this?  Has anyone ever said this to you directly?  Have you ever heard anyone tell that to someone else?  Who was that?  More importantly, did the person saying that have any money when they said that?

I mean what information did that person have about money to make that kind of a statement?  What has been their experience with money and HOW did they arrive at that conclusion?  Is the person giving you this sage wisdom in actuality a happy person?  What is their relationship with money?

Now here’s where the whole money thing gets really interesting…

What’s the deal with this money happiness quote thing anyway?  Whoever told you that money won’t make you happy is 1000% correct.  They’re right.  They are, un intended, right on the money!

Look, money won’t make you happy…  but!  There’s always a but!!!

Money does pay for your groceries at Whole Foods.  In fact, money won’t make you happy, but it will buy…

• Birthday presents

• Quick Getaway

• A much needed Vacation

• Kids College

• Nice Watch

• Wedding gown

• Coffee

• Gasoline

• Car payment

• House payment

• Ski trip

• Scuba Diving adventure

• Dog food

• Night at the movies

• Electric bill

• New jacket

• Camp for the Kids

Money won’t make you happy, but…

Have you ever heard where someone’s mom gets sick, it takes 30 grand to get the treatment and that isn’t covered by the insurance?  Would it make you happy to stroke a check for the whole thing like it’s no big deal?  What about your church?  They need a new roof and you got it covered?   Would that make you happy?

See it’s NOT the money that makes you happy, it’s what you can do with it.  And not just for you.  For others.  What could you do with 100 million dollars?  What would you do for 100 million dollars?  And when?  Here’s another money happiness quote for you, “money don’t come easy.”

Here’s two Cardoneisms to take with you into the next seven days:

• “You’re going to have to do the things you don’t want to do in order to have the things you do want to have.”


• “Pay the price, put in the work, stay disciplined, suffer up, never forget where you came from, and be the example.  You can have it all, just not today.”

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Create Your Dream Life: 5 Principles To Get It Done

Create Your Dream Life: 5 Principles To Get It Done

Principles To Create Your Dream Life

FROM THE DESK OF GRANT CARDONE:  You want to create your dream life?  We all want a dream life, right? You know it exists because you can dream about it. You can imagine the life that you know, deep down, you want. I too wanted a dream life, and so 6 years ago I wrote The 10X Rule, and since that time 10X has become a movement. Are you ready to become a part of it? I’m here today to tell you that dreams are made because of understanding and using The 10X Rule.

Let’s face it, no book stays on the best-seller list for six years unless the content is the real deal. The 10X Rule will continue to impact lives for years to come. We started the 10X Growth Conference this year and look forward to making it a yearly tradition—the next event is coming soon in February and it’s going to be the biggest entrepreneurial conference of 2018.

Today I want to reveal the top five principles in The 10X Rule you need to apply to create your dream life and for massive success.


There is so much money on this planet it’s crazy. The stock market could lose a trillion dollars and there would still be an abundance of wealth on this planet. Success is not a lottery, bingo, a horse race, or a card game that allows for only one winner.

There will never be a lack of success because it is created by those who have no limits in terms of ideas, creativity, ingenuity, talent, intelligence, originality, persistence, and determination. Notice that I refer to success as something that’s created—not acquired. Unlike copper, silver, gold, or diamonds—items that already exist and that you must find in order to bring to market—success is something people make.


Taking responsibility for everything in your life is the only way to take control of your life. Crybabies, whiners, and victims just don’t do well at attracting or creating success. It’s not even that they aren’t capable; it’s just that people who typically succeed are required to take big actions– and it is impossible to take big actions if you don’t take responsibility. It is equally impossible to do something positive when you are spending your time making excuses. success is not something that happens to you; it’s something that happens because of you and because of the actions you take.


When you start operating with massive actions, your mindset will shift and so will your results. You will end up instigating opportunities that you will have to address earlier, later and in a different way than you would on a “normal” day, so a routine day will become a thing of the past. Taking massive actions will cause people to ask you:

“Why are you still out this late?”

“What are you doing calling on a Saturday?”

“You never quit, do you?”

“I wish my people worked like this.”

And even “What are you on?”

If you don’t create new problems, then you’re not taking enough action.


Getting a handle on fear is not easy, but it is critical to success. Maybe fear held you back you from calling on a client, investing money in your company, or maybe moving to a new city for a great opportunity or taking a great relationship to a more serious level. Everyone experiences fear, but it is how you respond to it that ultimately makes the difference in your life. Fear is the great indicator that wealthy and successful people see as the signal to push through and get to the other side to expansion.


Although getting criticized is certainly not the best feeling in the world, I have great news: Receiving criticism is a surefire sign that you are well on your way. Criticism is not something that you want to avoid; rather, it’s what you must expect to come your way once you start hitting it big. It’s natural to want to avoid criticism because it’s usually attached to something negative. However, the more criticism you get, the more attention you are receiving, because people can’t criticize something without knowing about it first. Don’t focus on what they’re saying. Focus on the fact that you’ve created such a success that people can’t stop talking about it.

If you haven’t already, pick up yourself a copy of The 10X Rule. If you already have a copy, get one for a friend today for the holidays. 10X is a way of life that will change you forever, and the 10X Growth Conference is the rocket fuel you need to make 2018 and beyond your dream life.

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Lessons from Top Entrepreneurs


So Jarrod Glandt sits down and picks Grant Cardone’s brain for an hour.  What did I get out of it?  And what will you get out of it.  When I first started following Grant and listening to his workshops in the car everywhere I went, I had this feeling so many times that he was basically talking to me or like maybe he’s been secretly following me around or something.  Which obviously is not what was going on so what did that feeling mean?  It meant I wasn’t alone.  It meant that I’m not the only one out here looking for a better way.  So when you listen to this interview, before you go into it, ask yourself, what do you need from this.  Be open to hearing what Grant and Jarrod have to say to you.  Here’s what I got.  It was a whole lot.  Let’s go…

What’s the deal with haters?

People start hating on people when they are doing the things they know they can and should be doing yet for their own reasons won’t allow themselves to operate at that level.  For some I think it hurts them to see other operating at their full potential, especially when they know they’re not.  For others I think they are more threatened by success.  Their belief system is about limits and shortages so the more someone else has the less for them and since they see everything from the perspective of limits and shortages and since there’s only so much to go around they may even feel as if the more successful are stealing from them and they must be fought.  It’s sad.  And glorious.  Because when you start getting these kind of haters, it is definitely a sign you’re moving in the right direction.

What’s with all the work???

I feel best when I’m contributing.

If you have a problem with work, you have a problem with life.  Life is a game.  Work is play.  Your work space is your playground.  Seriously, what needs to shift in your mind to where you can get to a place where you can see work as play?

JARROD to GRANT:  “You have like zero zero scarcity like your mindset.”

What do you wish people knew about you as a business owner?

“The reason I’m having a hard time answering that question is I don’t think anyone’s going to believe it.”

At first it looked like we weren’t going to get the answer to this question and I was getting a bit disappointed, but…  Good news comes

On just being yourself:

“Sometimes you can’t be yourself YET, because you haven’t figured out who you are yet…   So anytime I’ve strayed from me (and that’s a little bit back to your question about what would I want people to know); look I’m just trying to I’m just trying to I’m just trying to be me.”

[EXERCISE #1:  Look back at a time where you’ve tried to be someone you’re not and it did more harm than good.]

I learned a very hard lesson about this during the second half of my first year in the car business.  The lesson was painfully clear:  The fastest way to piss off a customer is to do your best Grant Cardone impression.

How do you find out who you are?

What would your life be like if you were finally super comfortable in that skin jacket you call a body?  How will you feel when you own yourself completely?  What could you do if you became super confident about everything?

You got to find out who you are.  You got to find out who you are and all the stuff that you don’t like doing, it probably is the shovel you need to pick up and start digging.”

So when Grant says, “pay the price today so you can pay any price tomorrow,” he’s not limiting this to just money.  You know what the outcome looks like, you can see what your potential is and what your life will be like, but to get there, you have a price to pay.  And that price is typically doing a bunch of stuff you don’t want to do.

Discomfort is where you will meet the real you and where you will release the real you.

[EXERCISE #2:  What can you do DAILY that will get you uncomfortable and help release the real you.  Here’s three ideas if you’re in business and sales.  Exercise, role-play and cold call.  Can you find a way to incorporate these tree things into your daily routine?]

This is also how you gain immediate competitive advantages in the market by capitalizing on what your competition won’t or refuses to do.


  • When Grant was in his mid to late 20s he trained everyday for 50 minutes on a topic he didn’t even like but KNEW was vital to his success.
  • When Grant was 35, he started reading Barron’s and The Wall Street Journal to learn about finance and it felt like trying to read a foreign language.

The ability to push through when you want to quit is a skill that must be continually developed but it builds tremendous confidence.

Grant gives the secret to success with Cardone University:

  1. Learn the material as it is
  2. Get some wins with it as it is
  3. Start creating your own variations
[EXERCISE #3:  Whether you’re using our products or something else, as an individual, training on your own, this is the order of learning content.  If you’re skipping the middle step, adjust accordingly.  Manager’s this is how you want your people to study content however, keep in mind, this is NOT how you train the team.  There’s a whole different Rx for team training and development.]

The 2 Consequences of Confidence:

  1. Don’t need to copy other people’s stuff
  2. Don’t need to attack others to build your brand

What is money?

Insurance and proof.

Pay attention DAILY to your money.

[Exercise #4:  Let’s add looking at your money every morning to your list of uncomfortable things to do.  Did it increase, decrease or stay the same and if it didn’t increase, why?  What will you do today to add to and then multiply this money?  SIDE NOTE / WARNING:  Why would anyone suggest to you that you put your money somewhere and then forget it or not pay attention to it?]

Grant Cardone Net Worth 2020:  How important is it anyway?

In the interview Grant and Jarrod get into that a little bit and start bouncing around numbers but to Grant’s point, if you’re worried about your net worth and especially about Grant’s net worth, your attention is on the wrong stuff.

Grant has attention on legacy and the long game.  The net worther is stuck on some ego trip.  If you’re Googling “Grant Cardone Net Worth 2020” or “Grant Cardone Net Worth 2019” you have your attention on the wrong thing.

Grant:  I tell people what’s true for me.

This is how we all should operate.  The real questions should be:

  • When did you stop (telling people what’s true for you)?
  • Why did you stop?
  • Who convinced you to stop?

How to pay for sh*t:

  1. Don’t buy it if you can’t buy it twice
  2. Pay for it with passive income, not earned income
  3. Recognize it’s a stupid purchase

How to transition:

“Quit thinking & do it”

This is the muscle nobody talks about.  It’s literally a skill.  Quit thinking and do it.  Creation is a work in progress.  You have to see it.  Thoughts, ideas have no physical reality.  Do it.  Try it.  See what happens.  If it’s not right dump it quick.  You’re not going to make every shot you take.  Period.  300 batting average means you miss 70% of the time.

Life literally depends on you succeeding every day

So how do you create that “my life depends on winning” mindset?

  1. It’s a muscle you develop
  2. It also builds momentum, like a flywheel
  3. And then the threat

There needs to be a threat in the environment in order for somebody to be propelled to go…”

That uneasy feeling is actually healthy (PHEW!)

Jarrod while Grant nods in TOTAL agreement:  “…like somebody that that that slight bit of anxiety or paranoia or feeling, whatever you want to call it [Grant, “walking into a cage with a dog”] that edge that little bit of edge is required to get people to produce.
2 ways to get the uneasy feeling and develop the muscle:
  • Do new stuff you’re not comfortable with
  • Perform stuff that’s “below your pay grade” that’s mundane and tough at the highest level

Frugal will get you to certain place and then it traps you

Production > Saving.  BUT don’t have more going out than what’s coming in.  Handle that then produce.  Require discipline that a lot of people don’t have.  Discipline first, produce like crazy second, third thing is put the production into assets that are going to pay you forever.

^^^Recipe for real freedom?^^^

[Exercise #5:  When you’re 80 and you look back over your life, what will you be most proud of as a business person?]

“I know I’ve underestimated what could happen the whole time”

How you’ll know you’re on purpose:  Look at what you’re doing now.  Is your why/purpose so big that whether or not you win or lose, someone gives your 10 million or takes it all away, you’re still showing up tomorrow.

How to know if you’re a slave:

When you’re doing it just to pay the bills.  Doesn’t matter whether it’s a million dollars a year or 70 thousand bucks a year.  When you’re just paying bills, when that’s your only motivation…  Slave.

Grant Cardone Net Worth 2020:  Don’t Hate Up.  Look Up and Work Up

Let the haters hate:  “It’s good for us – because when they’re doing that they can’t be creating on their own game.  You can’t [reach for your true potential] while talking about me at the same time.”

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