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Top 10 Clubhouse Tips



If you are new to the Clubhouse social media phenomenon and you need some help and advice on how to get around, then please find some Clubhouse tips from Social Media Specialist Mike Armstrong, the Welsh Dragon of Clubhouse – #MikeArmstrong #Clubhouse #WelshDragon !

Top Ten Clubhouse Tips & Advice for Clubhousers!

1. Make sure you link your social media accounts, Twitter and Instagram, but especially Instagram, to your Clubhouse Profile!

2. Make sure you you fully complete your Clubhouse Profile and put your best three lines about how and why you are on clubhouse and what value you are offering to others in your top three lines!

3. When entering a stage put you mic on mute and wait until it’s your turn.

4. Listen to the culture of the room and adapt to the room expectations!

5. Put your keywords in to your profile and follow people who talk on subjects that you like, to shape your hallway, and events that you get informed about to your own specifications!

6. Remove events that you don’t like from your hallway (event list) to give more room for events that you do like.

7. Learn how to set up your own rooms, what to call them and how to moderate a room effectively.

8. Learn how to set up your own rooms, what to call them and how to moderate a room effectively.

9. The green ‘bean’ – green badge with snowflake on is a sign for moderators who can invite people to the stage and move people back to the audience etc.

10. The celebration emoji means that people are new on the platform, at t least les than 7 days old, on the platform.

Good luck on Clubhouse

Cheers, Mike

Mike Armstrong the Welsh Dragon from Screw the Big Rooms on Clubhouse

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Clubhouseapp - #Screwthebigrooms

Clubhouseapp - #Screwthebigrooms

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