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Blogging Stats and Advice…

Blogging Stats and Advice…

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Business Blogging Services Wales

About Our Business Blogging Services Wales, UK

We have been providing business blogging services for over 12 years now and have experience of providing business blogging services on Blogger, Tumblr and WordPress but we find Blogging on WordPress the best; which is why we now general only use WordPress for our Business Blogging Services.

We offer many Business Marketing Services to Welsh Businesses in Wales including all of the following Business Blogging Services Wales:

  • Blog Creation – Setting up a blog
  • Blog Content – Writing a blog
  • Blog Marketing – Marketing your blog
  • Blog Writing – SEO writing for your blog
  • Blog Advertising – Advertising your blog
  • Content Provision / Supply of Blog content – Content Writing, Video Production, Infographics etc.
  • Keyword Analysis – Research for your best performing Keywords
  • Blogging Services – All of the above
  • Guest Blog Posting Services – The publishing of your articles on my blogs or my articles on your blogs.
  • Guest Blog Posting Opportunities on our blogs – As above
  • Advertorials – Marketing your business on my business blogs
  • Banner Advertising on our blogs – Us advertising your banners, with links on our blogs
  • Blog Advertising – Us advertising your blogs on our blogs.
  • Blog Consultancy – Advice and strategy about blog marketing
  • Content Marketing Strategy – Content Marketing Strategy for your website or blog
  • Video Production – Video production for your website or blog
  • Infographics – Infographics for your website, blog or Social Media.

Business Blogging Services Pricing:

We usually charge £10 per post and recommend that your blog should have at least 20 posts per month on it, which we would charge £200 per month for, however we are happy to provide 10 posts a month for £100 and share the task with yourself, who can also write 10 posts per month, should you have the time for this.

For Blogging training we provide a 3 hour course for £200 or a full days training for £500.

How to get in touch if you require business blogging services in Cardiff, South Wales, Wales or the UK?

If you are looking for any of the above business blogging services in Cardiff, Wales or UK, please buy some business blogging services online, complete the form, email: maconsultancy1@gmail.com / or call: 07960 872549 or 07517 024979 .

The Business Blogging Services Wales, UK post was written “By Mike Armstrong”

Marketing Efficiency – Why you should take time to blog…

In this ever increasing world of innovation, technology and social media there are many options for business owners and marketers to use for promoting their business, products and services.

Social Media Marketing 

Social media is a very popular medium for doing this but there are so many social media channels that it can be difficult to choose which ones to use and how much time to spend on each one.

Social Media Marketing issues

There are also issues with login in and out of all of the social media channels and accounts that you have which can also be time consuming and problematic.

And worse still, all of this is set against a back drop of hyper competitiveness for most businesses, especially those in saturated markets where the need for optimal operational efficiency grows greater and greater each day.

Social Media Automation

Many people turn to social media automation tools such as Buffer and Hootsuite to help them improve their marketing efficiency and I myself have done this in the past and still use them from time to time, but I have found blogging to be a much better way.

Social media automation tools cost, and usually have some sort of limiting factors to your posting and scheduling.  There are also large steps ups from a small business user to a large agency users with very little in between for the business that is rapidly expanding and diversifying and expanding their social media portfolio but certainly not of Agency size and budget (just yet).

Also social media automations tools are just that, social media tools and marketing is a lot more than just Social Media Marketing.

So the reason why I blog, and why I teach blogging and recommend blogging to the world with lots of blogging articles including this, “why you should take time to blog” article is because I find it to be the best Social Media automation tool around but it comes with so many more marketing benefits and additional marketing efficiency benefits.

Blogging Platforms

Before I cover the so much more, I need to explain something in a little more detail.  Not all blogging platforms are the same and provide the same marketing and marketing efficiency benefits. I have tried tumblr, blogger and WordPress as well as other web design and build platforms that have built in blogging platforms and as yet, I have only found WordPress to have a built in social media automation feature – social sharer.

Therefore the reason I use WordPress and recommend WordPress and in fact only build websites using WordPress is for the social media automation feature and built in marketing efficiencies.

The social media sharer or automatic post and share feature saves time.  With other blogging platforms you have to post your content,  grab the link and share it around your social media universe whilst creating posts and titles etc. which can be quite time consuming, maybe even taking up half an hour or so per post.

Posting the same content via WordPress which is already linked and set up to all of your social media universe (or a large portion of it) and automatically creates the posts and titles can in comparison take just a few minutes.

People say to me “that they can’t find the time to post” but I say; “I can’t find the time not to post”.

Some marketing efficiency and social media automation has been covered but what are the other marketing benefits I hear you cry?

Free Social Media Automation!

Well we already covered the fact that Social Media Automation tools cost and one of the great things about blogs, especially WordPress blogs, is that they don’t. They all have free versions although do have paid for options as well.

Extra Google Traffic Benefits

The other great things about blogs is that you post the content on to the internet and get SEO and Keyword benefits that you just wouldn’t get with social media automation.

Website Benefits – SEO

If posting on a website you improve your own ranking in the search engines and spread of keywords and content that you can get found for and if posting on a deprecate blog site you get to build up the value and domain authority of a completely separate domain.

Join the Largest Blogging Community in the World and be inspired and build contacts…

Also if blogging on WordPress you are also part of their global blogging network, the largest in the world and can follow and take inspiration from this blogger network or blogger community as well as network with these other bloggers and build your own following!


So there we have it, to improve on Social Media Automation, to gain many additional marketing benefits and to improve on the marketing efficiency of your business are the reasons why I blog and the reasons why I recommend that all business owners or marketers should take the time to blog.

Written By Mike Armstrong founder & owner of MA Consultancy and the online WelshBiz brand!

If you need help with blogging including a content marketing strategy, setup or tech issues, training or blogging services gel free to contact me at MA Consultancy.


12 months Business Advertising to tens of thousands of people for 12 months for just £1 per day…

Things To Do In Directories has over 2,000 page one rankings for their current advertisers and this is due to climb rapidly.

They have recently launched a Things To Do In Cardiff Business Advertising Directory and a Things To Do In Penarth Business Advertising Directory and will be getting many businesses to the page 1 of Google very soon with their high domain authority and their special search engine optimisation formula.

The first on in each category remains at the top of their page and we are currently offering a two for one deal to get put on both directories for the price of one.

All of this is for a set up fee of £50 (for a micro site within the website) and then just £30 per month (£1 a day) ongoing, with no fixed term.

Sign up today by calling your local Directory on: 07517 024979 or by visiting: www.thingstodoincardiff.co.uk/advertise

More About Things To Do In Cardiff

Things To Do In Cardiff is a new Tourist Attraction, Event and Business Advertising Directory and Platform that really delivers advertising results for Local Attractions, Local Events and Local Businesses. The Things To Do In Cardiff website and business directory is part of the UK wide “Things To Do In” franchise and offers businesses in Cardiff, South Wales and The South West, various Business Directory Advertising Opportunities.

For more about “Things To Do In” please see the about us section of the Things To Do In Cardiff website and directory and see below for more about the Things To Do In Cardiff Business Directory Advertising Opportunities.

Things To Do In Cardiff Business Directory Front Page:

Local Business Advertising Opportunities for Cardiff Attractions and Businesses as well as those around South Wales and the South West:

You can advertise on the Things To Do In Cardiff, Local Attraction & Business Directory from just £35 (For a Banner Ad) although there are larger banner advertising opportunities also available through out the website.

The main way to advertise you business on the Things To Do In Cardiff Business Directory and Website is to have a microsite on the Website and a listing in the Cardiff Business Directory.

You can have a Microsite (Similar to these 6 examples) built and promoted on a regular basis for just £299:

Things To Do In Cardiff Business Directory Microsite Example 1:

Introbiz Business Network in Cardiff, South Wales…

To see the Introbiz microsite on the Things To Do In Cardiff Business Directory or the Introbiz website, please follow the link.

For more Things To Do In Cardiff & Things To Do In Wales please see our Welsh Events Blog which also includes opportunities for Marketing your Attraction or Event

Welsh Business News

Welsh Business News via: welshbizuk.wordpress.com/welshbiz-welsh-business-news-blog/

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Unbelievable Blog Marketing Offer For September…

Get 1 Blog Advertorial written and created for your business, then shared 120 times in a month, 60 times over the month across two high DA blogs (DA 31 & 51) and shared to over 150,000 followers for just £99.

(Only available to the first 10 subscribers).

To book your advertorial please call: 07517 024979 today.


Business Blogging Services offer for Introbiz members in Wales…

Cardiff Web Marketing Specialists and long time Introbiz members, MA Consultancy are currently looking for a few more blog management and blog marketing customers. They usually charge £200 a month to manage a companies blog, often one linked to their company website and to write 20 articles a month on the blog to help improve […]