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Business Blogging Services Wales

About Our Business Blogging Services Wales, UK

We have been providing business blogging services for over 12 years now and have experience of providing business blogging services on Blogger, Tumblr and WordPress but we find Blogging on WordPress the best; which is why we now general only use WordPress for our Business Blogging Services.

We offer many Business Marketing Services to Welsh Businesses in Wales including all of the following Business Blogging Services Wales:

  • Blog Creation – Setting up a blog
  • Blog Content – Writing a blog
  • Blog Marketing – Marketing your blog
  • Blog Writing – SEO writing for your blog
  • Blog Advertising – Advertising your blog
  • Content Provision / Supply of Blog content – Content Writing, Video Production, Infographics etc.
  • Keyword Analysis – Research for your best performing Keywords
  • Blogging Services – All of the above
  • Guest Blog Posting Services – The publishing of your articles on my blogs or my articles on your blogs.
  • Guest Blog Posting Opportunities on our blogs – As above
  • Advertorials – Marketing your business on my business blogs
  • Banner Advertising on our blogs – Us advertising your banners, with links on our blogs
  • Blog Advertising – Us advertising your blogs on our blogs.
  • Blog Consultancy – Advice and strategy about blog marketing
  • Content Marketing Strategy – Content Marketing Strategy for your website or blog
  • Video Production – Video production for your website or blog
  • Infographics – Infographics for your website, blog or Social Media.

Business Blogging Services Pricing:

We usually charge £10 per post and recommend that your blog should have at least 20 posts per month on it, which we would charge £200 per month for, however we are happy to provide 10 posts a month for £100 and share the task with yourself, who can also write 10 posts per month, should you have the time for this.

For Blogging training we provide a 3 hour course for £200 or a full days training for £500.

How to get in touch if you require business blogging services in Cardiff, South Wales, Wales or the UK?

If you are looking for any of the above business blogging services in Cardiff, Wales or UK, please buy some business blogging services online, complete the form, email: maconsultancy1@gmail.com / or call: 07960 872549 or 07517 024979 .

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