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Apple Shares Free Activity Sheet With 30 New Things For Kids To Do In 2021

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The annual summer Apple Camp boasts a collection of ideas, workshops, and sessions to encourage kids to explore creativity, especially those aged between eight and 12 years old.

Last year, the Camp was check out Apple’s worksheet from last year.

[via 9to5Mac, image via Apple] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/414550/Apple-Shares-Free-Activity-Sheet-With-30-New-Things-For-Kids-To-Do-In-2021/

Watch How Apple’s iOS Has Dramatically Evolved Since Its Debut 14 Years Ago

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Smartphones have been ingrained so deeply in people’s lives, it’s hard to believe you once had to carry an actual flashlight for illumination or get to a computer to send an IM. And Apple’s iOS has evolved in leaps and bounds to keep up with its users’ daily routines.

A fascinating supercut by CNET walks through every launch of Apple’s mobile operating system since its launch in 2007. It seems like only yesterday when the crowd cheered as Steve Jobs swiped through his contacts on a state-of-the-art touchscreen interface to call Jony Ive, who was using a lesser flip phone.

The App Store was only introduced in the iPhone 3G’s OS 2, giving users a world of (sometimes unnecessary) options beyond the built-in apps. Who could forget the apps that turned your iPhone into a pranking buddy by playing fart noises?

With all the time you’ve been spending on your screen, Apple finally released distraction-limiting features in its more recent updates as aids for mental wellbeing.

Take a trip down memory lane with the neat compilation below.

[via CNET, cover image via DMstudio House / Shutterstock.com] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/414520/Watch-How-Apple-s-iOS-Has-Dramatically-Evolved-Since-Its-Debut-14-Years-Ago/

Apple Debuts International Watch Bands Signifying 22 Countries Ahead Of Olympics

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Apple has launched a new International Collection of Sport Loop bands and matching faces for the Apple Watch, ahead of the upcoming Summer Olympics.

Supporters will be able to snag the limited-edition bands designed to “celebrate the describable drive and competitive spirit of all athletes and fans,” as described by Apple.

The Apple Watch bands are available for 22 countries, namely: Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, and the US.

The Sport Loop bands will be on sale in 40mm and 44mm sizes for US$49 on Apple’s official store. Each band will come with a matching watch face, which can be downloaded easily via the packaging’s App Clip.

Apple’s campaign for the International Collection features Amy Van Dyken, a six-time Olympic swimming gold medalist for Team USA, who is also an avid CrossFitter, and activist for the disabled community.

Take a peek at the 22 nations’ Sport Loop bands and faces below.

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[via 9to5Mac, images via Apple] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/414508/Apple-Debuts-International-Watch-Bands-Signifying-22-Countries-Ahead-Of-Olympics/

Apple Warns To Keep Products Away From Implanted Medical Devices

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This month, a study shared by the American Heart Association incited buzz among Apple customers when it revealed that pacemakers and other similar devices could be affected by electromagnetic interference when in close range of the Apple iPhone 12 series.

The study had tested 14 different devices, of which 11 displayed noticeable effects of interference when placed within 1.5cm (0.59 inches) of the smartphone, which features Apple’s MagSafe wireless charging technology.

While this may be concerning, it’s not entirely unexpected, as MagSafe technology makes use of magnets, which could interfere with other technological devices. According to Input, Apple’s updated list of products that could potentially mess with pacemakers is rather lengthy.

From AirPods to Apple Watches, HomePods, iPads, Macs, and Beats Headphones, along with most of the devices’ accessories and chargers, should be kept at a safe distance from implanted medical devices. It sure seems as though nearly the entire Apple catalog may be unsafe if held too near the chest of someone with such an implant.

“The FDA recommends keeping all electronic devices with magnets at least six inches away from implanted medical devices, such as pacemakers and defibrillators,” said Apple.

Previously, as per Input, few smartphones and electronic devices posed such as risk. However, now with the introduction of a stronger magnetic-based technology such as MagSafe, the FDA had to release an updated warning.

With over 50,000 Americans over the age of 65 with such implants, it seems a large number of people will have to be extra careful using their favorite Apple devices.

[via Input, cover image via Framesira / Shutterstock.com] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/414496/Apple-Warns-To-Keep-Products-Away-From-Implanted-Medical-Devices/

Apple Unveils Tower Theatre Store Preserving Stunning Elements From The 1920s

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This Thursday, June 24, Apple will open the doors to its newest retail location, housed in the historic Tower Theatre in downtown Los Angeles. With the company calling it “one of its most significant restoration projects to date,” you know it will be a sight to behold.

The Tower Theatre was home to the first theater in Los Angeles wired for film with sound, and was designed in 1927 by renowned theater architect S. Charles Lee. Apple hopes to continue that legacy of technological innovation with a full lineup of products currently at the forefront of the industry.

The tech giant teamed up with leading preservationists and restoration artists to re-enhance the theater’s beauty and grandeur, reviving a historic space that was left unused since it shuttered in 1988.

From afar, customers will immediately recognize the theater’s restored clock tower, adorned with a Broadway marquee and historic blade sign.

Image via Apple

Upon walking through the store’s doors, you’ll be blown away by the incredible lobby, inspired by Charles Garnier’s Paris Opera house. It features a grand arched stairway flanked by marble Corinthian columns, making you feel as though you stepped into a European palace.

The store also consists of the Forum, which will be home to the ‘Today at Apple’ program, with free daily sessions led by Apple team members and members of the local creative community.

Customers visiting the store for tech support will be delighted at the waiting space, with the theater’s original seating restored and modernized for Genius Bar appointments.

Alongside the store’s grand opening, Apple will also be launching ‘Today at Apple Creative Studios’, a global initiative to provide mentorship to young creatives, starting with the brand-new store at Tower Theatre.

The Tower Theatre Store joins Apple Via del Corso in Rome, Italy as one of the company’s retail efforts to pay homage to architectural heritage. The Rome store, which opened last month, retains the old Palazzo Marignoli’s grand staircase from 1888 while keeping an interior enveloped in marble.

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[via Cult of Mac and Apple, images via Apple] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/414426/Apple-Unveils-Tower-Theatre-Store-Preserving-Stunning-Elements-From-The-1920s/

Apple Watches Are ‘Disrupting’ The Police’s Emergency Services As Users Sleep

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Police in Overland, Kansas, have been inundated with countless of fake 911 calls, so much so that it’s become a nuisance.

According to a report by Kansas City’s Fox 4 news, the police force has been receiving up to 250 fake emergency calls per hour. Where are all of these calls coming from? The Apple Watch.

As per iDrop News, a spokesperson for the Overland Park police confirmed that a growing number of fake emergency calls the force receives come from Apple Watches. Most aren’t malicious—in fact, watch users have been accidentally activating the emergency mode on their devices, leading them to dial 911 as they sleep.

“What happens is while people are moving around in their sleep or exercising, they’ll get the Apple Watch into emergency mode. Without knowing it, the watch will actually call 911,” said Overland Park Police Captain Jim Sutterby.

Unfortunately, the police aren’t allowed to ignore these fake 911 calls, as they’re required to follow up on every call, even if the caller is silent or hangs up.

With up to 250 calls an hour, the police force in Overland struggles to identify real emergencies from fake Apple Watch calls.

To prevent dialing 911 on accident, you can change the settings on your Apple Watch. First, launch the Watch app on your iPhone. Tap on the ‘My Watch’ tab, followed by ‘Emergency SOS’. Turn off the ‘Hold Side Button to Dial’ option, so your Apple Watch won’t be able to dial 911 automatically.

[via iDrop News, cover image via Shutterstock] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/414381/Apple-Watches-Are-Disrupting-The-Police-s-Emergency-Services-As-Users-Sleep/

Mayo Clinic Patients Can Now Access Their Health Records From Their iPhones

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The Mayo Clinic has launched support for the Apple Health Records function, allowing patients to add their medical records to the app on iPhones.

Health Records is a feature by Apple that allows patients to view and compile all of their health data in one place, with more than 700 institutions and 12,000 care locations supporting the app in the US, Canada, and UK.

Now, Mayo Clinic patients with a Patient Services Account can access their medical data through the Apple Health app.

According to MacRumors http://www.designtaxi.com/news/414374/Mayo-Clinic-Patients-Can-Now-Access-Their-Health-Records-From-Their-iPhones/

Apple’s Rejected First-Gen Watch With ‘Brick Phone’ Design Surfaces In Images

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Image via Andriy Blokhin / Shutterstock.com

High on secrecy, Apple turned to creative means to keep the unreleased Apple Watch from the public’s eye. It apparently gave its prototypes an unusual disguise in the form of brick phones.

YouTube channel Apple Demo, which managed to pick up a 38mm first-gen Apple Watch working design recently, along with a 42mm variant in December 2020, noted that the prototype arrived in a ‘Security Case’ shaped like a brick-style phone as part of Apple’s attempt to shield the design during transportation.

From afar, the prototype would admittedly look the part with the cover’s fake cell phone buttons and the watch’s illuminated screen.

When switched on, the early Apple Watch design was found to run on an internal testing software developed before watchOS. It bore an Apple logo startup screen, a Mickey Mouse watch face, and a menu of phone functions.

The prototype’s box was also labeled as “classified,” and instructed the tester to return the model after working on it.

Fast forward to 2021, and Apple is due to release its seventh-generation smartwatch. Per leaks, the Apple Watch 7 will likely take on some design aspects of the company’s new iPads, like flatter edges.

Prototype Apple Watches (38mm and 42mm) with Security Cases side by side. These cases where made to conceal the design of the Apple Watch 1st Generation during transport out of lockdown. Here is the never before seen 38mm version! Gotta love the brick phone design! #appleinternal pic.twitter.com/eo7IUUNVba

— Apple Demo (@AppleDemoYT) June 12, 2021

[via AppleInsider, cover image via Andriy Blokhin / Shutterstock.com] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/414356/Apple-s-Rejected-First-Gen-Watch-With-Brick-Phone-Design-Surfaces-In-Images/

Apple Brings Summer Fun Without A Sweat With Cheery New MagSafe Cases

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To celebrate the beginning of summer, Apple has launched three new colors of its silicone MagSafe cases for the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

The bright and cheery hues are perfect for the season’s warmth, and will certainly bring some color to this summer’s vaccinated adventures.

The three new colors are: Sunflower – a cheery yellow, Cloud Blue – a minimalistic baby blue, and Electric Orange – a bright fiery orange. Each retails for US$49 each, available both online and in Apple Stores.

The cases are part of Apple’s MagSafe ecosystem, will allows users to attach and replace accessories as and when they like. Plus, it aids in faster wireless charging.

Its silky, soft-touch silicone exterior also helps to prevent your iPhone from slipping out of your palm, even in the summer heat. The interior comes with a microfiber lining, to afford your phone even more protection.

Take a look at the new colors below.

Image via Apple

Image via Apple

Image via Apple

[via iMore, images via Apple] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/414342/Apple-Brings-Summer-Fun-Without-A-Sweat-With-Cheery-New-MagSafe-Cases/

Apple Users Lean Towards Bothered As Some M1 iMacs Arrive With Crooked Mountings

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There was a crooked Mac, and it walked a crooked mile.

Apple might have prided itself on solving some packaging issues by shipping iPhones in flatter boxes, but a new problem might have gone unnoticed by the tech giant. With the much larger, colorful M1 iMacs now added to its delivery process, some customers have noted that their stands are a little crooked, resulting in the displays appearing slanted as well.

As reported by MacRumors, there are a few complaints floating around about the mounting being slightly off-alignment. YouTuber iPhonedo also uploaded a video demonstrating his asymmetrical iMac with a ruler.

MacRumors adds that the mounts don’t seem to be fixable by users.

While some of the disparities are as marginal as 1mm, the difference can be especially jarring after staring at the screen for hours. Given Apple’s stance on aesthetic perfection, this design annoyance is going to ruffle the feathers of longtime users too.

So far, this issue seems to affect a small number of iMacs, but it’s something Apple will have to tackle promptly or it could face a slippery slope in the long term.

Some M1 iMac Models Shipping With Crooked Mountings https://t.co/bD1a6knhhL by @julipuli pic.twitter.com/GFNuJZ33kk

— MacRumors.com (@MacRumors) June 14, 2021

[via MacRumors, cover image via Apple] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/414338/Apple-Users-Lean-Towards-Bothered-As-Some-M1-iMacs-Arrive-With-Crooked-Mountings/

Apple’s Unreleased Ad Imagines iPads As Ariel The Mermaid’s ‘Gadgets & Gizmos’

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Video screenshot via Apple

Apple’s iPad is apparently so mystical, it fits right into the magical world of Disney.

In yet another case for the tablet possibly replacing computers one day, the tech giant depicts the iPad as the object of affection in a surprising rendition of The Little Mermaid’s Part of Your World.

The advertisement pictures people as “the girl who has everything” when it comes to computer setups. Unfortunately, they still feel as if something is missing, and croon in envy as others accomplish all their tasks via a single iPad, now powered by the Apple M1 chip.

Interestingly, Apple hasn’t publicly published this nostalgic video created by advertising agency TBWA. The clip is labeled as “unlisted” on YouTube, but the private link was somehow shared around social media.

Indeed, with detailed retina displays, long-lasting battery, and cellular connectivity, who needs to be saved by a prince?

[via Gizmodo and Ads of the World, video and cover image via Apple] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/414331/Apple-s-Unreleased-Ad-Imagines-iPads-As-Ariel-The-Mermaid-s-Gadgets-Gizmos/

Apple’s Safari Is Getting Mobile Browser Extensions Before Google Chrome Does

Image via Primakov / Shutterstock.com

When Apple launches iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 in the fall, the Safari browser on iPhones and iPads will get a major update: extensions.

This will allow users to download software add-ons to enhance their browsing experience, similar to how it works on the Mac version of Safari. Popular extensions include those that block advertisements, prevent online tracking, allow you to access a VPN, or auto-fill passwords.

According to CNET, Apple has been testing the mobile Safari extensions with three developers: Grammarly, a grammar checker; Honey, a coupon finder; and Momentum, a browser tab manager.

While most extensions currently available on Mac should work on the mobile and tablet browser, developers could still need some time to make adjustments so that everything runs smoothly on smaller screens, explained Safari engineer David Quesada.

Apple isn’t the first tech company to introduce mobile browser extensions, but it’s gotten to the finish line more quickly than Google Chrome, its main competitor. It shouldn’t be long before the latter releases the mobile version of its extension capabilities, too.

[via CNET, cover image via Primakov / Shutterstock.com] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/414327/Apple-s-Safari-Is-Getting-Mobile-Browser-Extensions-Before-Google-Chrome-Does/

Apple Wallet Aims To Fully Replace Your Real One By Holding Your Keys & IDs

Image via Apple

The Apple Wallet has become ubiquitous in iPhone users’ lives, especially with the convenience of Apple Pay.

Now, the tech giant is launching major updates that could further integrate the Apple Wallet into our daily lives.

One new feature is the ability to use your iPhone to unlock smart locks, such as the door to your home.

With the launch of iOS 15 in the fall, the new update will allow iPhone users to use their Apple Wallet to access all the smart locks they have access to, instead of relying on multiple third-party apps for each one.

Another major update is that Apple Wallet is allowing users to upload their driver’s license, along with other government-issued identification cards.

You won’t have to worry about not having the physical ID cards on you, as they will be stored on your iPhone. However, regulations will vary from state to state.

For those concerned about the security of storing identification cards and smart locks on their Apple Wallet, fret not. As per Digital Trends, all information will be encrypted with the Secure Element, which is the technology Apple uses to ensure credit card information saved to Apple Pay remains private.

Soon, you could just be leaving the house with an iPhone, no longer needing to tote around a bulky wallet.

Image via Apple

Image via Apple

[via Digital Trends, cover image via Apple] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/414317/Apple-Wallet-Aims-To-Fully-Replace-Your-Real-One-By-Holding-Your-Keys-IDs/

Apple’s ‘Digital Legacy’ Lets Loved Ones Access Your Digital Life When You Die

Images via Girts Ragelis / Shutterstock.com

Apple is introducing the long-awaited ‘Digital Legacy’ feature, which will allow a family member or friend to access your data upon your demise.

Users will get to pick an administrator who will receive access to data such as pictures, contacts, and other things saved to iCloud.

However, you can breathe a sigh of relief, because your saved credit card and password details won’t be revealed.

According to Cult of Mac, as of now, there is no function for a loved one to access the Apple account of a decedent without their Apple ID and password.

In fact, the tech giant has faced backlash in the past for refusing to unlock devices and accounts of people who’ve passed on or gone missing.

Now, with the release of iOS 15 later this fall, the ‘Digital Legacy’ function will be the answer to these issues.

With the new update, Apple will also be rolling out ‘Account Recovery Contacts’ for users. This feature will allow users to access their own Apple IDs if they forget their passwords, or are unable to log in.

For more information on iOS 15’s upcoming features and updates, read the full scoop here.

[via Cult of Mac, cover image via Girts Ragelis / Shutterstock.com] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/414304/Apple-s-Digital-Legacy-Lets-Loved-Ones-Access-Your-Digital-Life-When-You-Die/

Apple’s Favorite Apps & Games Of 2021 Bring So Much More To Do On Your iPhone

Image via Apple

Following the unveiling of iOS 15 and all its interesting new features, Apple has officially announced the top app developers of this year’s Apple Design Awards in terms of design, innovation, social impact, delight, and inclusivity.

“The work of these developers embodies the essential role apps and games play in our everyday lives,” said Susan Prescott, Apple’s Vice-President of Worldwide Developer Relations.

Take a look at this year’s 12 winners below. Plus, check out Apple’s most innovative apps of 2021.

Voice Dream Reader by Voice Dream LLC (United States)

Image via Apple

This text-to-speech app is able to read text aloud from any digital source, be it a PDF, webpage, or e-book – and in over two dozen languages. Plus, its customizable voice function allows you to choose one with the perfect tone, accent, and speed for the best audio experience.

HoloVista by Aconite (United States)

Image via Apple

HoloVista is a gaming experience that comes packed with tons of accessibility features, including options for motion control, text size, contrast, and visual effect intensity. Its considerations for each individual’s preferences allow it to deliver gameplay that’s unique and customizable to one’s needs.

Pok Pok Playroom by Pok Pok (Belgium)

Image via Apple

This colorful animated app appeals to users with its playful design. Its subtle haptics and sound effects provide fun and interaction for kids of all ages (and even adults!), while remaining a much-needed outlet for creativity and experimentation.

Little Orpheus by The Chinese Room (United Kingdom)

Image via Apple

With surprises at every turn, Little Orpheus offers a delightful, fun gaming experience with comical dialogue and excellent storytelling. Its diverse variety of levels makes it a great gaming app for beginners and advanced players alike.

CARROT Weather by Brian Mueller, Grailr LLC (United States)

Image via Apple

CARROT Weather is a colorful, hilarious forecast app that brings sunshine even to the most downcast of days. It’s recently expanded to be supported across all Apple platforms, making its experience richer and more accessible. Enjoy witty weather projections, and a ton of cool widgets for your homepage.

Bird Alone by George Batchelor (Canada)

Image via Apple

Bird Alone combines gestures, haptics, parallax, and dynamic sound effects to provide a user with the most immersive app experience possible. Taking into consideration real-world weather, season, and time of day, this game brings interaction to a whole new level with its integrated notifications, graphics, and music.

Be My Eyes by S/I Be My Eyes (Denmark)

Image via Apple

Be My Eyes is a breakthrough app that allows blind and low-vision persons to identify objects in their everyday lives. By pairing them with volunteers from around the world, the app allows over 300,000 blind and low-vision users to get support with just their camera, using more than 4.5 million volunteers around the globe.

Alba by S/I ustwo games (United Kingdom)

Image via Apple

Experience positivity of saving our environment with Alba. By working to save the local wildlife, cleaning up trash, and repairing buildings around town in the game, the app tells users a story about community, activism, and kindness. Plus, for every game downloaded, one tree will be planted to aid a reforestation project in Madagascar.

Loóna by Loóna Inc (Belarus)

Image via Apple

Loóna is a captivating app for those struggling with insomnia. With calming animated sleepscape sessions – combining relaxing activities, immersive storytelling, and atmospheric sounds – the app creates an all-around soothing experience to lull its users to sleep.

Genshin Impact by miHoYo Limited (China)

Image via Apple

Genshin Impact is an app that’s no stranger to active smartphone gamers. With its amazing battle scenes to immersive landscapes, users can configure motion blur, shadow quality, and frame rate settings depending on which monsters they’re fighting against.

NaadSadhana by Sandeep Ranade (India)

Image via Apple

NaadSadhana is a studio-quality production app for musicians of all genres and expertise. With artificial intelligence (AI) and Core ML, the app listens to the singer, providing instant feedback on the accuracy of notes, plus generating a backing track to match the vocals.

League of Legends: Wild Rift by Riot Games (United States)

Image via Apple

LoL: Wild Rift succeeds at taking a complex PC game and reimagining it for the smartphone. Players get total immersion into the League of Legends universe through exclusive touchscreen controls, mobile-exclusive camera settings, and an auto-targeting system to aid new players.

[via Apple, cover image via Apple] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/414299/Apple-s-Favorite-Apps-Games-Of-2021-Bring-So-Much-More-To-Do-On-Your-iPhone/

Apple’s ‘Find My’ Feature Can Still Be Used When Your iPhone Is Off With iOS 15

Image via Apple

When iOS 15 launches this fall, Apple is bringing more changes to its expansive ‘Find My’ network.

Even when your iPhone has been powered off, it will still remain traceable via the network. According to 9to5Mac, it seems your iPhone will stay in a low-power state, acting like a tracking sensor similar to an AirTag. This will enable nearby iOS devices to pick up its Bluetooth signal and, hence, location.

For those who lose their iPhones, this could be good news, considering that you’ll still have a chance of locating your device even after its battery is drained. However, it seems the location tracking feature will remain active even if your iPhone is reset to factory settings.

In order to completely shut off ‘Find My’ tracking, you’ll have to manually disable the low-power mode in Settings when iOS 15 launches.

[via 9to5Mac, cover image via Apple] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/414276/Apple-s-Find-My-Feature-Can-Still-Be-Used-When-Your-iPhone-Is-Off-With-iOS-15/

Apple Opens FaceTime For Android Users, Stepping Up To Rival Zoom & Teams

Images via Apple

Apple’s FaceTime could soon rival Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

At the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) this week, the tech giant revealed that it is adding new features to its video-conferencing platform. One of the key announcements is that FaceTime will be coming to Google Android and Microsoft Windows devices, allowing users to access the video calls via a web browser.

Apple will also allow users to schedule calls, similar to how Zoom users can send out links to meetings in advance, as per CNET.

“You can generate a link for a FaceTime call and share it anywhere,” explained Apple’s Head of Software Craig Federighi.

Additional features include updates to improve FaceTime’s audio experience, with the introduction of spatial audio. This will make conversations sound like they’re happening in the same room, and voice isolation will help separate voices from background noises.

Plus, a new SharePlay function will allow you to watch television shows, Twitch streams, or TikTok videos with family and friends together over FaceTime. Initial partners to the function include streaming platforms such as Disney+, ESPN Plus, Hulu, HBO Max, MasterClass, NBA, TikTok, and Twitch.

These new features aim to bring Apple’s FaceTime closer to the likes of Zooms, Teams, and Google Hangouts.

As video conferencing has become a major part of our lives since the start of the pandemic, it’s no surprise Apple is stepping up its FaceTime features to compete with other similar platforms.

[via CNET, cover image via Apple] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/414265/Apple-Opens-FaceTime-For-Android-Users-Stepping-Up-To-Rival-Zoom-Teams/

Apple’s macOS Monterey Transforms Your MacBook, iPad & iMac Into A Mega Computer

Video screenshot via Apple

Chances are you own more than one type of Apple device. And chances are, beyond AirDrop, you’ve been using them independently of each other. Apple is finally changing that by powerfully integrating your iPad and Mac devices and turning them into a giant screen.

At WWDC 2021, Apple’s software engineering Senior VP Craig Federighi showed off ‘Universal Control’, an impressive feature that lets you focus on a project on both iPadOS and the new macOS Monterey. With Universal Control, you can connect your iPad, MacBook, and iMac wirelessly and use the same mouse or keyboard to access go-to apps from each platform.

You can also drag and drop content between your tablet and computer displays. For example, you might be illustrating from your iPad with an Apple Pencil—and instead of sharing the final image via AirDrop or other apps—you could simply drag it into a Keynote presentation on the iMac.

Federighi demonstrated this feature with three displays, using the MacBook’s trackpad to navigate the iMac and then switching to the iMac’s keyboard and mouse to work on the iPad. He then dragged a title text image from the iPad, past the MacBook screen, and dropped it into FinalCut on the iMac.

Apple says no setup is required for Universal Control, and that macOS Monterey should be publicly available this fall.

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[via Mashable, video and cover image via Apple] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/414259/Apple-s-macOS-Monterey-Transforms-Your-MacBook-iPad-iMac-Into-A-Mega-Computer/

How Apple’s iOS 15 Could Speed Up Productivity: Pics To Text, Notes Collabs…

Images via Apple

Apple unveiled major updates coming to its latest operating system for the iPhone at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on Monday.

Although the new iOS won’t be coming to phones until fall, here’s what to get excited about.

Live Text recognizes text in pictures and turns it into notes

Images via Apple

One of the key updates to iOS 15 is Live Text, which uses on-device intelligence to recognize text in photographs. You’ll be able to locate a picture of a family recipe by searching for its ingredients, or place a call directly from a photograph of a storefront’s details.

You will also be able to copy and paste text from pictures via the default camera app, which may come in especially useful when hunting for the Wi-Fi password.

Focus manages screen time so you know when to disconnect and reconnect with yourself

Images via Apple

With the pandemic not quite over just yet, mindfulness is at the top of everyone’s priorities. Apple’s new Focus feature is a nod in that direction, aiming to help users reduce distractions in everyday life. You’ll be able to set a customized or suggested Focus, which will curb unnecessary notifications, hide distractions, and display that you’re unavailable on iMessages.

Plus, it even comes with special Home Screen pages to use in Focus mode, so you only see what might be relevant and useful.

Images via Apple

Collaboration on Notes

Images via Apple

The Notes app will also get a much-needed facelift, with new features. Apple has now added more collaborative features, bringing the app’s capabilities closer to that of a Google Doc.

Members of shared notes will be able to notify one another via mentions, and the new ‘Activity View’ will display all recent changes for easy reference.

Creating montages with music

Images via Apple

Users who have an Apple Music subscription will also get a new feature in the Photos app. With iOS 15, you’ll be able to create videos using your own pictures, and add specific songs from Apple Music in the background to make them extra-special.

FaceTime—improved for virtual hangouts and work meetings

Images via Apple

For those who prefer FaceTime over Zoom, the iOS-only video call platform is about to get much better. Apple is focusing on making conversations with loved ones more natural, with added spatial audio, and a new microphone that separates voices from background noise.

Portrait mode will also be coming to FaceTime, so you can blur your background and put yourself in focus while on a call. Group FaceTime also gets an update, allowing you to see more faces at once within the grid.

Easily search for photos

Images via Apple

Elsewhere, the iPhone’s search function, Spotlight, will also be updated to use on-device intelligence to search pictures by location, people, scenes, or objects.

Users will also be able to use web image search on Spotlight, with all new rich results when you look up an actor, musician, television show, or movie. You’ll even be able to bring up recent conversations and shared pictures when searching up a contact.

With all these major updates, it’s hard to not get excited about iOS 15. However, the launch date is still a couple months away, so hang on tight. For those who’d like to skip the queue and try the developers’ beta, click here.

[via Mashable, images via Apple] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/414252/How-Apple-s-iOS-15-Could-Speed-Up-Productivity-Pics-To-Text-Notes-Collabs/

Apple Enhances AirTags For Security, Will Roll Out Android App This Year

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Just a little more than a month since Apple launched its AirTags, the tech giant is now making tweaks to the sensors in a new update.

Previously, users would only be notified if they were being tracked by an AirTag after three days. Now, the ‘beeping’ window has been shortened to between eight and 24 hours, when the AirTags will emit sounds randomly to alert the person it may be attached to.

Another major update from the firm is that Apple is planning to launch an Android app for AirTags later this year. This will help those with Android devices “detect” an AirTag that could be attached to them unknowingly, as per CNET.

“The recent introduction of the AirTag included industry-first proactive features that discourage unwanted tracking,” Apple said, adding that it was working on improving the AirTags’ privacy and security.

While Apple did insist the AirTags were stalker-proof, privacy advocates had raised concerns over the different ways the device could be used to stalk people, instead of locating lost keys and bags, which was what the sensors were intended for.

With this new security update, it seems Apple has taken the feedback into consideration, and is updating the AirTags to make them less likely to be used to track an unwitting person. Those with an iPhone will also be immediately alerted should a foreign AirTag be traveling with them.

The update will be automatically rolled out to AirTags within range of an iPhone.

Apple has remained tight-lipped about the Android app, saying more details will be shared later in the year.

[via CNET, cover image via Apple] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/414234/Apple-Enhances-AirTags-For-Security-Will-Roll-Out-Android-App-This-Year/

Apple Unveils Most Innovative Apps Of 2021 To Keep Your Day Interesting

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Video screenshot via George Batchelor

Those productivity apps in your iPhone might be helpful for day-to-day life, but they’re not the ones you’ll use to get those wheels in your head spinning.

With all that free time in your hands, you might want to shake things up in your daily mix of apps, and Apple has got some ideas for you. The tech giant has just announced its shortlist for the annual Apple Design Awards, highlighting apps and games that exemplify solid innovation and ingenuity in design.

Scroll down to discover the App Store’s six most innovative apps of 2021, and view all Apple Design Award contenders here.

Universe — Website Builder by Universe Exploration Company

That’s right. You can design a website directly from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. The drag-and-drop builder lets you quickly create a site with the necessary features—like an online store and payment system—without possessing coding or technical skills. Plus, it’s free.

Bird Alone by George Batchelor

An activity book of sorts with wings, Bird Alone is a casual game for iPhone and iPad users that has you befriend “the loneliest bird in the world.” You forge a long-term friendship with the bird by drawing it pictures, creating poetry and music, and engaging in daily discussions about life.

Blind Drive by Lo-Fi People

While visuals typically drive gameplay, Blind Drive forces you to take the wheel through your ears only. The black comedy arcade action game, which requires you to put on headphones, envisions the player going against traffic while blindfolded, late for dinner with their grandma. You’ll have to get to your destination somehow, even when you’re yelled at by angry drivers or chased down by cops.

Museum Alive by Alchemy Immersive Ltd

Bring some of the most fascinating creatures lost to time back to life in your own home! Museum Alive with David Attenborough is available now on the iOS App Store. Download to discover prehistoric life as you’ve never seen it before. pic.twitter.com/Kehm0SWBlq

— Alchemy Immersive (@AlchemyImmerse) February 24, 2021

In this David Attenborough-guided app, users can resuscitate extinct creatures in the real world through augmented reality. Meet unusual creatures—like a flying dinosaur and a sabre-toothed tiger on its hunt—and discover more about their lives by learning about their habitats, food chains, and how they eventually disappeared.

NaadSadhana by Sandeep Ranade

Here’s one for all those who sing in the shower. With the help of artificial intelligence, NaadSadhana automatically gives you a full orchestra as you sing or play music. If you’re confident enough, you can even publish those results.

League of Legends: Wild Rift
by Riot Games

The multiplayer skills and strategy game from the League of Legends franchise was built “from the ground up” for mobile players. iOS players can now team up with their friends and compete for championship with the game’s smooth controls and graphics.

[via Apple, cover image via George Batchelor] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/414233/Apple-Unveils-Most-Innovative-Apps-Of-2021-To-Keep-Your-Day-Interesting/

Apple Leaker Releases iPhone 13 Render Files For You To Download, Zoom Into

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Image via VILTVART / Shutterstock.com

By the time the iPhone 13 arrives, you might already be familiar with its design down to the last millimeter.

While Apple’s smartphones might look similar year after year, it’s always interesting to see what else it could throw into the mix. So if you’re one of those in this camp, here’s some good news. Renowned tech leaker Jon Prosser, who has previously predicted Apple releases to astounding precision, has shared the supposed CAD renders of the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro, so you can examine them yourself and see what’s new.

For context, CAD files are files that contain 2D and 3D information of products. Third-party accessory makers often rely on those to design protective covers and other products before the actual iPhones are unveiled.

Accompanying the renders are a YouTube video, where Prosser describes that the iPhone 13 will likely be a little thicker to house a larger battery. Corroborating past reports, he mentions that the 2021 iPhones will sport a smaller notch, and that the non-Pro iPhones will feature a diagonal rear camera configuration.

You can check out the renders in the description of Prosser’s YouTube video here.

🍎 iPhone 13 & 13 Pro Cad Renders Unveil
Take a Look 👀👀👀

Exclusively Leaked by @jon_prosser
#Apple #iPhone13 #iPhone13Pro #iPhone12s #WWDC21 #AppleEvent pic.twitter.com/X6EMpfINtW

— Sam (@RahulP2021) June 2, 2021

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Apple’s Trademarks Hint At What macOS 12 Might Be Named

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It’s no secret that Apple names its Mac operating system updates after scenic sites of California. Most recently, we had Big Sur, Catalina, and Mojave, and you’d certainly recall earlier versions like Yosemite and Sierra, as well.

While this running theme hints at what future Mac software versions could be called, it’s worth noting that these clues would likely be narrowed down to a batch of names that Apple trademarked back in 2013 and 2014. As 9to5Mac’s Parker Ortolani points out, the trademarks for would-be macOS names have been renewed over the years.

Ortolani notes that recent trademark renewals point at two possible titles for macOS 12: ‘Monterey’ and ‘Mammoth’.

The ‘Monterey’ name, renewed on December 29 last year, is a nod to the city on the rugged central coast of California. It was also referenced through the years by Apple itself; during a demonstration at WWDC 2015, Apple’s software engineering senior VP Craig Federighi described that he was visiting both Monterey and Big Sur. Apple also mentions Monterey from time to time at WWDC presentations, Ortolani adds.

However, the company also freshly renewed the ‘Mammoth’ name, a reference to Mammoth Lakes, on April 29 this year.

As for which of the two would more likely be the name of macOS 12, Ortolani says it could all boil down to how significant the update will be. If it mainly consists of software improvements, macOS 12 might be called Monterey, since the mountainous Big Sur is located within the rugged coastal area of Monterey—so the two are related. Mammoth, as its name already suggests, would be a viable moniker for a massive macOS upgrade.

As we all know, Apple typically hints at future macOS names years ahead at WWDCs in very subtle ways. Well look what I noticed while watching WWDC 2015… just so happens to be Craig planning a trip to Monterey and Big Sur… 👀 pic.twitter.com/9dlo3ML6k2

— Parker Ortolani (@ParkerOrtolani) June 1, 2021

[via 9to5Mac, cover image via Nanain / Shutterstock.com] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/414213/Apple-s-Trademarks-Hint-At-What-macOS-12-Might-Be-Named/

Apple’s Beautiful New Store In Rome Takes On Its Historic Architecture

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In Apple’s latest retail store, past and present collide. The new Apple Via del Corso in Rome, Italy blends the tech giant’s sleek maple wood display tables and floor-to-ceiling windows into the architecture of the old Palazzo Marignoli.

Opening on May 27, the two-story retail outlet preserves a grand staircase from 1888, connecting patrons to the ballroom of the Marquis’s palazzo, where Today at Apple sessions will be held.

Throughout the space, visitors will be surrounded by the palazzo’s original detailing of Carrara marble, with intricate hand-painted ceilings hovering over them—Apple says it took conservators thousands of hours to restore the ceilings. Natural sunlight seeps through the windows, bringing to light every exquisite detail.

The landscaped terrace on the first floor gets pops of green with jasmine vines and olive trees, an ode to Roman roof terraces.

Palazzo Marignoli was constructed in 1873 by architect Salvatore Bianchi to serve as the home of Marquis Filippo Marignoli. It was also the venue of Caffè Aragno, a famous gathering place of artists, writers, and actors during its heyday. The building was later renovated by architect Giulio Podesti, according to Apple’s press release.

Paying homage to the cafè, Apple Via del Corso also revives artwork previously displayed there, along with graffiti panels from 1950 by Italian painter Afro Basaldella.

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Image via Apple

[via MacRumors, images via Apple] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/414158/Apple-s-Beautiful-New-Store-In-Rome-Takes-On-Its-Historic-Architecture/

Apple Releases iOS 14.6 With Joint Apple Cards & More—Here’s What Is New

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Even though Apple just rolled out iOS 14.5 earlier this month, a newer update is here. Today, the tech giant is releasing iOS 14.6 to the public, and here’s what you need to know.

The new update features a few major changes, including the introduction of Apple Card Family, which allows your Apple Card to be shared with five other people in your Family Sharing group.

This change will allow families to track expenses and build credit together, all cumulating in a single bill at the end of each month.

Another big change is to Apple’s Podcasts app. It now hosts the brand-new Apple Podcasts Subscriptions platform, which allows podcasters to offer paid subscriptions to their listeners for bonus content.

Users of AirTags will also see a minor change. For those worried about their privacy, instead of listing a phone number in ‘Lost Mode’, you can now opt to leave your email address instead.

As with any update, Apple is also addressing a few bugs, including the fixing of reduced performance, Bluetooth devices disconnecting, or reminders appearing blank.

To download the new update, go to your Settings App and select ‘General’. Then tap on ‘Software Update’ and start the download.

[via 9to5Mac, cover image via nikkimeel / Shutterstock.com] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/414132/Apple-Releases-iOS-14-6-With-Joint-Apple-Cards-More-Here-s-What-Is-New/