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Here’s How to Make Your 2018 Instagram Top Nine Collage

We are officially less than three weeks away from the new year, and to honor 2018, what better than reflecting on some of your most memorable moments on Instagram?

Now, here’s an app that makes everything easy like a breeze. Top Nine, a free-for-download collage app that helps users collect their most liked photos throughout the past year, and put them all into one nine-photo collage square-image ready-made for sharing on Instagram.

You can either use the app or go to their website, and all you need to do is type in your Instagram handle and email address. You will then see the collage both on the app and via email, which is ready to be downloaded and shared to Instagram.

The finish page not only shows you the photo itself but how many likes you’ve gotten collectively. You will also know other information like how many photos you’ve posted, and how many likes you have for each post on average.

Top Nine also offers the option to make your chosen Instagram posts into merchandise like phone cases, tote bags, pillows, etc.

Give it a shot before the year ends!

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Influencers Are Using Unfold To Take Their Instagram Stories To The Next Level

You might not have heard of the app Unfold, but you almost for sure know some of the influencers using it — Selena Gomez, Camila Cabello, Olivia Culpo, just to name a few.

This app has one single function — providing free, easy to use templates designed for Instagram Stories.

As easy as it might seem, since its launch in March 2017, the app has made a great profit in a short span of time. According to co-founder Andy McCune, Unfold has made more than $1 million in revenue, and gets 100,000 downloads a day.

Image via Unfold

Since Instagram released its Story feature in 2016, it has become a battlefield for influencers and brands to communicate to their subscribers. Now, how to make the most out of a series of vertical videos with each lasting a few seconds has become increasingly important for content marketing.

This is where Unfold comes in. This app is free for download and comes with it free templates that are easy to use and elegant in design. All users need to do is choose a template, drag in photos or videos from their albums, and add text if they want. Finished designs can be exported and uploaded to Instagram. Apart from a few templates that are free, others cost about $1 to $2 each.

Unfold started out as a consumer only app but is now including brands and agencies as its clients, among them are Topshop, Four Seasons, and Equinox. For Equinox, for example, Unfold has customized 13 templates that the team can access and use, and so far their user experience is satisfying. Equinox’s Chief Marketing Officer Vimla Black Gupta told Fast Company that since using Unfold’s templates, the company has seen exponential growth when it comes to Instagram Stories engagement.

The app’s success has been recognized by Instagram itself. Just in August this year, Instagram reached out to Unfold hoping to collaborate and is also now featuring the company as a recommended app, according to McCune.

However, will Unfold be able to sustain its rapid growth? With many other popular design apps like Canva and Adobe Spark Post, Unfold has been able to stand out for providing a limited amount of template selection that is all well-designed. But, with the rise of many more template apps to come, how loyal will users be if this is the only reason they started using it? Also, it’s another app whose value replies totally on a single platform — Instagram. If Instagram one day decided to launch designed templates for users that are readily available on its own platform, Unfold will likely become much less competitive in the field.

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Apple News Prioritizes Human Over Machine, and That’s What Makes the App Unique

When it comes to deciding on what content users see on a daily basis, Apple News is one of a kind — as Facebook, Twitter and Google are increasingly under fire for using non-transparent algorithms to select content, Apple News comes to the limelight with a fully human-powered team.

In a rare insider look into Apple News’ headquarters by The New York Times, the three-year-old news app’s approach was revealed to the public, as the team shows details on how it picks the top five stories that users see when they open the app, and who are the minds behind these decisions.

The team lead, Lauren Kern, former executive editor of New York Magazine, heads a group of about 30 former journalists from Sydney, London, New York, and Silicon Valley. They read through hundreds of pitches daily and decide on which stories to be featured on the top spots of the app. Kern told the Times that, what sets them different is that they strive to bring in content from both sides of the political debate, and prioritize accuracy over speed.

It’s reported that the app is now used by 90 million people.

Since people started to favor getting news of the day through social media like Facebook, these tech giants are increasingly under scrutiny for their position as middlemen between publishers and news consumers.

As a social media platform that aims to profit, Facebook’s and Google’s algorithms were designed to gain as many clicks as possible, which means that the quality and accuracy of the content is normally not the priority — this throughout the years has led to the spread of fake information and divisive content, which can easily go viral.

In response, Facebook, for example, has taken some steps in attempting to comfort the worried public — also with human help. In September this year, Facebook announced that it has built a “war room” — a team hired specifically to prepare for the U.S. midterm election. Facebook’s head of civic engagement Samidh Chakrabarti told NBC News that its staff focuses on combating foreign interference, blocking and removing fake accounts, slowing the spread of misinformation and bring transparency to political ads on the platform.

In a disturbed world where there’s either technology or human approach, Apple News decides that they can co-exist. Kern told the Times that this is her way of saving journalism. “There is this deep understanding that a thriving free press is critical for an informed public, and an informed public is critical for a functioning democracy, and that Apple News can play a part in that,” Kern said.

However, would publishers be keen on the idea of partnering with Apple News for its civic approach? Hard to say. According to the Times, some are concerned that because Apple News takes 30 percent of subscription revenues, much higher than Facebook and Google, and also because Apple News users typically read within its own app, Apple will take away more revenues and data from customers. In response, Apple says that what it’s most interested in helping publishers sell more subscriptions.

So now it’s up to publishers and customers to decide on whether Apple News’ effort is appreciated. For publishers, will this more authentic, less machine disturbed, human-led new content app help them generate more revenues? And for customers, will content hand-picked by 30 seasoned journalists be less biased than the algorithms they’ve long felt disappointed at? We will see.

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The post Apple News Prioritizes Human Over Machine, and That’s What Makes the App Unique appeared first on Social Media Week.


Top Mobile App Development Trends That Will Rule in 2018

Smartphones have turned into an inseparable part of our life. Getting up with a morning alarm, using Whatsapp, reading news, listening to music, viewing YouTube videos, replying emails, updating project status and so on, everything is flawlessly executed from our smartphones. 2017 was a remarkable year for application development. And now when a new year […]


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