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10 Amazing Blogging Statistics For 2020 with [Infographic]

10 Amazing Blogging Statistics for 2020 with [Infographic]

10 Amazing Blogging Statistics For 2020

  1. There are currently more than 600 million blogs on the internet out of the 1.7 billion websites.
  2. The number of active bloggers in the United States is estimated to hit 31.7 million in 2020.
  3. 86 percent of content marketers use blog posts as part of their marketing strategy.
  4. The average blog post today has 1236 words. That’s 53 percent more than the average blog post six years ago.
  5. It takes bloggers an average of 3 hours and 57 minutes to produce a blog post.
  6. Bloggers say the most important factor for success is the quality of content.
  7. 97 percent of bloggers use social media to promote their blog posts.
  8. Businesses that publish 16 or more posts per month receive 3.5 times more traffic than those who publish fewer than four posts.
  9. 60 percent of consumers say blog posts are valuable in the early stages of the buying process.
  10. More than half of content marketers say blog content is their top inbound marketing priority.

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