Tumblr Bloggers Can Soon Charge For Access To Premium Content

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Tumblr, like many other platforms, is introducing a new way for users to monetize their social media offerings. Bloggers on the site will be soon able to choose when to activate paid subscriptions and paywalls on their content.

As of now, the Post+ feature has only been opened to several invited US-based creators. Once it rolls out to entire site, bloggers will simply have to check a box to limit a post’s visibility. Post+ memberships will cost US$4, US$6, or US$10 per month.

“Post+ is a first step towards building a Tumblr for Gen Z, and what better way to support them than by getting them paid,” a Tumblr spokesperson told Engadget.

This new subscription feature is slated to be released more broadly in the fall. Tumblr has said it will be keeping a 5% cut of the payment, with the rest of the money going directly to the bloggers. However, creators may incur an additional 30% cut should they sign up on iOS or Android, as there is an existing surcharge for in-app payments.

“Not reserved only for professionals, or those with 10K followers or higher, Tumblr’s Post+ will push the boundaries of what’s considered money-making content on the internet,” the platform said.

[via Engadget, cover image via M-SUR / Shutterstock.com] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/414881/Tumblr-Bloggers-Can-Soon-Charge-For-Access-To-Premium-Content/

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