PODCAST: How to Will Your Ideas into Existence with Ultra-Marathoner Charlie Engle

This week’s episode of Social Media Week’s Leads2Scale podcast features author and author and Ultra-marathon runner storyteller, Charlie Engle.

A thrill-seeker, Charlie Engle has run, cycled, and climbed his way across various terrains around the globe. His 5,000-mile journey across the entire Sahara Desert, where he ran two marathons per day for 111 consecutive days, led to the film Running the Sahara and subsequent work with Matt Damon.

During the conversation, Charlie discussed:

  • How he went from the idea of running across the Sahara desert to willing it into existence.
  • The transformative power of storytelling and why telling his story has been so important to his journey
  • What he’s planning for his next big adventure

Listen to the full episode below:

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