Easy Fundraising Comes to Instagram Stories with New “Donate” Sticker

Since 2015, Facebook has raised over $1 billion in charitable donations from 200 million users—and now the company is spreading that capability to popular photo app Instagram. The “Donate” sticker, first deployed for testing in February, is now live for all US users and will allow Storymakers to align themselves with nonprofits like Boys and Girls Club of America, Black Girls Code, No Kid Hungry, and other charitable causes.

Announced just ahead of Facebook’s F8 conference last week, Instagram head of product Adam Mosseri demonstrated the tool during the event, using Black Girls Code for the public demonstration. BGC founder Kimberly Bryant hailed the ease of the tool, calling it “a great addition to the platform and allows us the ability to move our supporters to action in a seamless and dynamic manner, as they are inspired by the stories of our tech divas.” To use the sticker, posters need only select their sticker from the menu, identify their cause of choice, and upload the story to post the campaign. The status of your fundraiser can be checked by swiping up; stats will appear alongside viewer stats.

Facebook appears to have learned from its prior challenges in the arena of fundraising, and deployed Donate with a key advantage over other competitors: a 100% donation rate. Unlike other platforms that have come under fire for the percentage of money they take from these funds (including Facebook, which has historically taken up to 5% of donated funds), Instagram will forgo all processing, transaction, and other associated fees to ensure that the nonprofits get the full amount of donated funds.

It’s worth noting that the Donate function is, at present, restricted to charitable causes and nonprofits that are registered as such. As you may recall, Facebook’s fundraising capabilities, as well as those of other fundraising sites like GoFundMe and Crowdrise, started with a similar restricting, before venturing into the world of personal fundraisers. So it’s possible that in time, the options for fund recipients will grow in size and scope. But for the time being, take advantage of this opportunity to pair a plea for your favorite charitable cause, with a compelling image, story, or music clip.

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