Category: Social Media News

Facebook Launches Redesigned Settings Layout to Make it Easier to Find Each Element

The new layout is designed to better align with how users look to update their in-app preferences.

Twitter Shares New Insights into the Rising Gaming Discussion on the Platform [Infographic]

The data underlines the growing influence of gaming culture, and engagement around such via tweets.

YouTube Tests New Insights Around ‘Evergreen’ Videos in Studio Analytics

The new insights aim to provide more insight into traffic drivers on your YouTube channel.

Facebook Hosts First-Ever Paid Film Premiere, Which Could Point to New Distribution Opportunities

The move could see Facebook become a new distribution channel for filmmakers to consider.

Instagram Provides New Overview of How its Reels Algorithm Works

The overview highlights to top factors at play in Instagram's Reels ranking process.

TikTok is Testing ‘TikTok Stories’ as it Looks to Expand Creative Options in the App

TikTok is testing out its own variation of the social Stories format.

YouTube Updates Creators Website to Provide More Guidance on How to Build Your Channel

The new site aims to showcase YouTube's evolving monetization tools, and provide more in-depth explainers to facilitate channel growth.

7 Social Media Design Mistakes That All Marketers Need to Avoid [Infographic]

Some key tips to help improve the performance of your social posts and web content.

WhatsApp Adds Disappearing Images and Videos in Chats

The option will see all videos and images disappear from message threads after being opened.

Twitter Tests New Sensitive Content Appeals Process as it Continues to Refine its Detection Efforts

The option will ideally enable Twitter to continue refining its detection algorithms, while also catering for false positives.

TikTok Announces New Partnership with Publicis Groupe to Facilitate Expanded Access to its Commerce Tools

The partnership will see TikTok provide Publicis clients with first-up access to its evolving commerce tools.

YouTube Launches Payments of Up to $10k Per Month for Top Performing Shorts Video Clips

Shorts creators will be able to claim up to $10k per month, based on Shorts performance.

TikTok Provides Guidance for SMBs Looking to Tap into TikTok Marketing

The tips and notes may help provide guidance for your TikTok approach.

Instagram Adds New Examples of Top Brand Creative to its Professional Dashboard Element

The examples will help inspire your own creative thinking around Instagram content.

LinkedIn Acquires Tutorial Video App Jumprope as it Looks to Expand its Creator Tools

The acquisition will help LinkedIn expand its video posting options, with a view to providing new creator monetization options.

Twitter Announces New Partnerships with Reuters and AP to Improve Information Accuracy in Trend Listings

The new partnerships will see more information sources made available to Twitter's curation team.

Clubhouse Sees Significant Increase in Usage, Announces Changes to Notifications and Club Admin Roles

The app is seeing big growth in India, which has become a big focus for the app.

LinkedIn Shares New Insights into Key Tech Buying Trends, and the Impacts of the Pandemic

The report looks at key tech buying trends, and the rising importance of brand and community building in the process.

Twitter Adds New Sign-In Options via Apple and Google ID

The option will make it easier to sign in, without having to continually re-enter passwords.

TikTok Looks to Build Ties with Cybersecurity Officials by Sponsoring The US Cyber Games

TikTok will provide support and promotion for the event, which aims to help in the recruitment of cybersecurity talent.

6 Tips for Writing SEO Blog Posts [Infographic]

Some key tips to help improve your SEO performance through your content efforts.

SMT Expert Series: Matt Navarra Discusses the Latest Trends, and Where Things are Headed

In an exclusive interview, social media expert Matt Navarra provides his insights on some of the latest trends.

Pro Tips: Instagram Shares Insights into How to Maximize Your On-Platform Promotion Efforts

What's working on Instagram now? We spoke to the platform's Product Marketing Lead for Small Businesses to find out.

9 Essential Marketing Channels Small Businesses Should Invest In [Infographic]

A quick overview of some essential marketing channels to consider in your strategy.

Key Tips for Maximizing Your Instagram Presence [Infographic]

If you want to build your Instagram audiences, you need to start with the basics.