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Link Building Services Cardiff, South Wales & Wales

Link Building Services Cardiff, South Wales, Wales

Here at MA Consultancy we offer three different types of Link Building Services to help increase the ranking of your website:

These Link Building Services are:

  • Citations
  • Blogger Outreach Programme
  • & Relevant Website Standard Links or Content on relevant sites with a Keyword Link

Costs for the Link Building Services Cardiff, South Wales, Wales:

You can get some of our Link Building Services Cardiff, South Wales, Wales for prices from just £200.

For more about the Link Building Services Cardiff, South Wales, Wales including the various different packages available, please follow the link or contact us on: 07517 024979 or email:

Link Building Cardiff, South Wales, Wales

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Funeral Plans in Cardiff

About our Funeral Plans in Cardiff?


Why do you need a Funeral Plan?


Most people have a funeral plan as they do not wanting to leave a financial burden behind for their relatives.  Having a funeral plan in Cardiff, in place now can protect you against rapidly rising funeral costs.  In addition to protecting you against the rapidly rising funeral costs, having  funeral plan in Cardiff, ensures that all of the funeral arrangements are completely taken care of when the time arises, with just one phone call.

Book your funeral plan in Cardiff, for a Funeral in the future, at today’s prices…

With a Funeral Plan in Cardiff from our preferred funeral plan provider, you can choose the funeral that you want, and then pay for that funeral now, at today’s prices.

When arranging your Funeral Plan in Cardiff, we work with the UK’s largest independent funeral plan provider, to ensure that the process is very simple and also to ensure that we give all of our clients flexible payment options.

Why protect against rising funeral costs – the stats…

Funeral cost inflation has averaged about 7% over the last 10 years. According to the Mintel report of September 2012, the average cost today of a funeral is in excess of £3,284. It is estimated that the average funeral, assuming 7% inflation, will cost over £6,900 by 2023, and £13,600 by 2033.

Paying for your funeral today via a Funeral Plan, is a real alternative to having your money in the bank as it is a cost that your estate or your family will unfortunately have to bear at some time.

No more to pay for your funeral director’s services – guaranteed

No matter how old you are, no matter how much funeral costs might rise, you and your loved ones will never be asked for a penny more for the guaranteed services agreed for in your funeral plan. Our funeral plans start from only £3,285*.

Funeral Plans in Cardiff where your money is protected…

For fully prepaid funeral plans and those paid in full over 12 months, your funeral funds are held in an independent trust.  For funeral plans paid by fixed monthly payments the premiums are invested in an insurance fund guaranteeing the level of payout at the time of death.  These arrangements are totally independent of our company.

Funeral Plans in Cardiff where your money is refundable…

If at any time you have a change of heart about your funeral arrangements and you have paid either in full or with 12 monthly payments, all money is fully refundable. (Less a small administration fee).

Payment options for our funeral plans…

Payment can be made as a lump sum, in 12 interest free installments, or by fixed monthly payments, which can cost as little as 75p a day*.

Don’t put your loved ones in jeopardy any longer. Make the decision today.

We have prepared a simple guide for you. Download it for free here.


With over 2,800 funeral directors, the largest network in the UK, our funeral provider is able to offer funeral plan holders an unrivaled opportunity to choose which funeral director will attend to their wishes.

Our trained Funeral plan consultants can assess your current circumstances and recommend the products that will provide the correct protection for you, your family and your assets.  To book an appointment please get in touch, or complete the online form and we will be in touch:


Other financial & legal products and services available:

WillsFamily Asset Trusts in Wales | Prepaid Probate in Wales | Funeral Plans in Wales | Lasting Powers of Attorney in Wales (Welsh LPA’s) | Business Lasting Powers of Attorney in Wales (Welsh Business LPA’s) | Severance of Tenancy in Wales | Protective Property Trusts in Wales | Inheritance Tax Help in Wales.

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Business Services from trusted & reliable providers offering great value for money…


 As well as providing many business Services Online and Offline themselves, MA Consultancy also works with many trusted & reliable business service providers, who offer a wide range of business to business products or services.

If you would like to have a meeting with a professional to request a quote or for a free consultation, with some advice and knowledge about the business products or services that you require, please complete the contact form on the relevant business services page you are interested in, by clicking the link and seeing what service providers we work with.

Business Services included are:

  • A wide range of Marketing Services
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Business Exhibition Opportunities
  • Business Apps or Web Development
  • Graphic Fesign and/or Printing
  • Car Sales, Fleet provision or Car Leasing
  • Business Financial & Professional Services (Accountancy, Cost Reduction, Auto Enrolment, Legal Services, Debt Collection, Business Lasting Powers of Attorney)
  • Business Training
  • Office Cleaning etc.

Want your Business Service added to our offering?


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Auto Enrolment Cardiff

About Auto Enrolment Cardiff – for Cardiff Businesses

Auto Enrolment Cardiff is the provision of auto enrolment services to Cardiff Businesses for Work Place Pensions in Cardiff.

Are you looking for Auto Enrolment Cardiff Made Easy?

Our Auto Enrolment Cardiff partners will doing everything that they can for you so that your Auto Enrolment Cardiff for Work Place Pensions in Cardiff is made easy for you.

What is Auto Enrolment Cardiff and how does it affect your business?

All employers are legally required to automatically enrol eligible employees into a qualifying pension scheme and make contributions towards it themselves. 

Communication with your staff about auto enrolment Cardiff is essential during the process.

How much does auto enrolment Cardiff cost?

Alongside the monthly pension contributions, employers are expected to pay other indirect set-up and administrative costs for the auto enrolment Cardiff. 

With over 500 pages of information on auto enrolment Cardiff published by The Pensions Regulator to help employers comply with their responsibilities, additional man hours will also be added to these.

What can we do regarding auto enrolment Cardiff for your company?

Our auto enrolment Cardiff partners will provide a complete service to help your business navigate its way through auto enrolment in Cardiff. 

They will work closely with you to ensure that none of your business’s precious time is wasted.

For a no obligation quote on your auto enrolment Cardiff, please get in contact today:

Or call MA Consultancy on: 07517 024979.

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4 Reasons Why You Are Not Developing Strong Sales Leads

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4 Reasons Why You Are Not Developing Strong Sales Leads
by christopherjanb

One of the fastest ways to get bigger sales results is to get better at developing your sales leads. Instead of taking a scattershot approach and pursuing lots of sales leads, even if many of them are not the right fit, it’s more efficient and more profitable for your company if you can learn how to sort, rank, prioritize and focus on the sales leads that are the strongest – most ready to buy, most receptive to speaking with you, most likely to be a good fit for what your company sells.

If your sales development pipeline is lacking strong sales leads or if you feel like you’re spending too much time chasing sales leads that are never going to pay off, then take a look at these four common reasons why your company might be struggling to develop high quality sales leads:

1. Targeting the wrong types of companies
Before you start gathering prospects, do you know if they are the right fit for your target market? Are they the right size of company and in the right industry? Does your solution really add value for them?

It can be enticing to generate a big list of prospects, before you know it your list is overloaded with poor matches for your product/service. Too many weak prospects may slow you down in your effort to find the strongest sales leads.

Instead of taking on all the sales leads that you can find, be more rigorous. Do your research in advance to make sure you really know enough about the companies that you are contacting, and make sure they are really a good fit for what you sell.

2. Mismatch between service and website
Prospects often might not fully understand what you do – customers might not speak the same industry jargon or be aware of the latest features and benefits of your solution. Even if it’s important, exciting, industry-leading technology, you can’t assume that people outside of your company know about it yet, or care about it as much as you would prefer. Sales teams should be prepared to identify the customer’s level of knowledge about the solution that you offer. Better-informed customers often make better sales leads.

3. Not a lot of need
If you’re seeing lackluster demand from customers, it might not be your fault as a sales person; perhaps there just is not a lot of demand in the market right now for what you’re selling. Are you doing the business-to-business sales equivalent of trying to sell snowblowers in July? Is there a seasonal push for your product category, or is your solution best suited to companies that tend to have a different fiscal calendar (and so will not be ready to buy until next year’s budget is set)? Perhaps weak demand is a sign that your product is outdated or that your service offerings are out of step with where the market is heading. Sales slumps are always great opportunities to reflect on the mission and vision of the organization and realign your priorities and how you stand out in the market. Take a hard look at your product development team – are you really delivering a product/solution that is the right fit? Or do you need to go back to the drawing board?

4. Not qualifying leads correctly
Once you have a new sales lead, what are you doing to make sure the prospect is really a valid sales lead, is truly a good fit, and is ready to buy? If you answered “nothing,” unfortunately, you’re in good company. According to statistics cited by Hubspot, only 56% of B2B sales organizations take any action to verify valid sales leads before passing them on to the sales team. There are a few common causes for this lack of sales lead qualification:

Assuming the prospect is immediately ready to buy. This is a mistake because you might be putting pressure on the client without even realizing it.
Not asking enough questions. The first time you talk to a new prospect, you should really drill down and make sure that you are finding out if you are a good fit for what they need.
Not ranking your sales leads. Develop a clear system (the simpler the better) to scale and rank sales leads based on their likelihood of buying – how soon, how high priority, and who are the decision makers.
Keep in mind that strong sales leads are made, not born. The most successful B2B sales organizations create a consistent process for qualifying sales leads – by asking questions and getting to know the prospective customer better, before they ever try to set a sales appointment. Instead of chasing too many bad leads, spend some more time sorting and focusing on the best sales leads – and watch your sales grow.

Author information

Gregg Schwartz
Director of Sales at Strategic Sales & Marketing
Gregg Schwartz is the Director of Sales for Strategic Sales & Marketing (SSM), one of the industry founding lead generation companies established in 1989. Gregg developed and manages the social media lead generation service line offered to SSM clients. He is also a published game designer, patent holder, and novice guitarist.
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Twitter Marketing Services – Cardiff, Wales, UK to Consumer and/or Businesses (B2B)!

Would you like to market your Cardiff or Welsh business products or services, website, blog, Facebook Page, video, marketing literature, company offers or competitions to 200k twitter followers.

Our 200k Twitter followers include 200k Consumers (100k of which are ABC1 Business owners) & 100k Business Owners, Directors or Decision Makers!

Approximately 100k are located in Wales (100k Consumers of which 50k are Businesses Owners / Directors) and the other 100k are through the UK (many across the M4 corridor and In the South East of England including London)!

Many of these followers are in specific niches including Welsh Followers, Business Owner & Decision Makers, Business Networkers, Exhibitors, Wedding Industry, Fashion, Sport, Business News etc.

Our Twitter Marketing Services start from £300 (£50 a month for 6 months or £100 a month for 3 months) and go up to any amount depending on requirements and amount of activity required.

If you want to subscribe to our Twitter Marketing Services or want to discuss them further please email: or call: 07517 024979.

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