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Marketing News – Social Media / Hootsuite & Twitter


Marketing News | Social Media News – taken from the Monthly Customer Newsletter from Hootsuite

Emoji Support

Time to celebrate! You can now see emojis in the Hootsuite dashboard. 

Pro tip: if you use a Mac computer, just press Control + Command + Spacebar to add emojis to your messages.

Publish your next message with Emojis…


Longer Twitter Direct Messages

Twitter has introduced Longer Direct Messages.

Sometimes 140 characters just doesn’t cut it, especially for businesses communicating with customers privately. 

Twitter has therefore increased the Direct Message character limit from 140 to a whopping 10,000! 

Problem solved.
Direct message your customers now!

Quote tweets

Twitter has updated its Quote Tweets function..

Twitter’s recent update to its “Quote Tweet” feature lets you embed Tweets, so you have more room to add your own commentary while keeping the content of the original message.

Quote a tweet and add your two cents!

All of these new Hootsuite and/or Twitter features are available today in the Hootsuite dashboard. 

To l​earn more about ​Hootsuite’s ​​social media ​​tips & tricks, visit their Blog.
Visit them at Hootsuite Website & Blog

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 As well as providing many business Services Online and Offline themselves, MA Consultancy also works with many trusted & reliable business service providers, who offer a wide range of business to business products or services.

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Business Services page posted “By Mike Armstrong”

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Our Christmas / Winter Special offer is to double up on all of our Marketing Services (SEO Services, Social Media Marketing Services and Marketing Training Services), for No Extra Cost. As you can see from visiting our online shop we offer a number of Marketing Services & Marketing Training Services for prices from jut £100. With all our Marketing Services you can buy either time or actions and the double up offer gives you twice as much service as usual for no extra cost.

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The Double up for Free on Bargain Marketing Services this Christmas page is written “By Mike Armstrong”