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Business LPA’s Cardiff


About business lasting powers of attorney

Why your business needs one…

All business owners, whether sole traders, partners or the directors of private companies should consider the simple option of drawing up a business lasting power of attorney Cardiff (Business LPA’s Cardiff).

The problems…

The problems about business lasting powers of attorney Cardiff (Business LPA’s Cardiff) are not having one in place can be devastating to a business, company or organisations. 

The business lasting powers of attorney Cardiff, are used to empower a trusted relative or other person to step in to the business should the worst happen and one of the business owners, partners or directors cannot make it back to work due to an incapacitating illness or injury.
Planning a succession is a difficult but vital part of any business if it is to outlive the working life of the founder.

Even when a transition is planned such as at the retirement of an owner, partner or managing director the upheaval can bring many problems to the business.

These potential problems are small when compared to the disruption that can be caused by the unexpected loss of a business owner through illness or serious injury, even if the loss is only temporary.

The effects of this problem…

It might mean that no one else in the business is authorised to sign on the business bank account, so that suppliers cannot be paid or cash cannot even be withdrawn.
Businesses could also be prevented from entering contracts, paying invoices, authorising sales or buying stock.

Perhaps worst of all it could mean wages going unpaid with the added knock on effects that not be paid can cause for staff and their families.

The solutions…

Business lasting powers of attorney Cardiff (Business LPA’s Cardiff) are easy and cost effective to put in place and they normally authorise at least one person to sign on the business bank account should the need arise.

A business lasting power of attorney Cardiff (Business LPA Cardiff) only comes into force when it is required;

This could be in the event of a serious accident or something like a stroke causing the loss of mental capacity or even if a lesser injury is incurred, such as a broken leg, that could leave someone in hospital or unable to make the office, which could temporarily prevent someone from taking care of their own affairs.
Many viable businesses have failed to cope with the situations cause on by incapacitated owners, partners or directors and have failed, simply because no-one was authorised to sign on the business bank account and that could have been easily avoided.

Don’t let your business, company or organisation be a business that fails, or fails to protect itself when there is such an easy solutions!

Book a meeting with a specialist consultant today and get yourself set up with business lasting powers of attorney Cardiff ASAP.

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Auto Enrolment Cardiff

About Auto Enrolment Cardiff – for Cardiff Businesses

Auto Enrolment Cardiff is the provision of auto enrolment services to Cardiff Businesses for Work Place Pensions in Cardiff.

Are you looking for Auto Enrolment Cardiff Made Easy?

Our Auto Enrolment Cardiff partners will doing everything that they can for you so that your Auto Enrolment Cardiff for Work Place Pensions in Cardiff is made easy for you.

What is Auto Enrolment Cardiff and how does it affect your business?

All employers are legally required to automatically enrol eligible employees into a qualifying pension scheme and make contributions towards it themselves. 

Communication with your staff about auto enrolment Cardiff is essential during the process.

How much does auto enrolment Cardiff cost?

Alongside the monthly pension contributions, employers are expected to pay other indirect set-up and administrative costs for the auto enrolment Cardiff. 

With over 500 pages of information on auto enrolment Cardiff published by The Pensions Regulator to help employers comply with their responsibilities, additional man hours will also be added to these.

What can we do regarding auto enrolment Cardiff for your company?

Our auto enrolment Cardiff partners will provide a complete service to help your business navigate its way through auto enrolment in Cardiff. 

They will work closely with you to ensure that none of your business’s precious time is wasted.

For a no obligation quote on your auto enrolment Cardiff, please get in contact today:

Or call MA Consultancy on: 07517 024979.

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6 days to go until CCR-i in London – UK Credit Industry Event

CCR-interactive – Legal Issues & Enforcement Stream… Seven Days To Go!

The outstanding one-day event for the consumer and commercial credit industry is just seven days away. The conference look set to sell out, so do not miss out! To book your delegate place, please contact Alison Lucas on 01702 341948 or For sponsorship opportunities and to get involved please contact Gary Lucas on 07785 268404 or

This year’s speakers at CCR-interactive, in association with Hoist Finance, in the Legal Issues & Enforcement Stream include:

► Chair – Martin Leyshon, group director, High Court Enforcement Group
► Mark Watson-Gandy, member of the Bar Council’s panel of Young Spokesmen for the Bar
Putting your case forward in court.
► Katherine Bailey, credit manager, QMH UK
Preparing to go to court – what a creditor needs to know.
► Alessia Frisina, chief legal and compliance counsel, De Lage Landen Leasing
Getting your terms and conditions right at the start to facilitate court action if required.
► Paul Downer, civil family and tribunals service, HM Courts and Tribunals Service
The latest initiatives to improve the enforcement of debt through the courts.
► Sandra Frisby, associate professor, the University of Nottingham
Pre-packs and the insolvency regime – an update.
► Emma Foy, head of financial services, Maldon District Council
► Anne Marie Goddard, team leader, enforcement reform, Ministry of Justice
Emerging reforms in civil enforcement.
► Brian Lewis, credit manager, Hanson UK
Where enforcement sits in your overall collections strategy.

Keynote Speakers

► Susan de Mont, director of credit authorisations, Financial Conduct Authority
Susan is responsible for the delivery of the FCA’s authorisations regime for an estimated 49,000 consumer credit firms transferred from the Office of Fair Trading, in-flight cases, and new applicants.
Delegates can therefore take this opportunity to hear from the key director who is actively doing the job, who has knowledge from the ‘coal face’ of what will be required of the industry.

► Trevor Williams, chief economist, Lloyds Bank
Trevor has both a BA (Hons) and a Masters degree in Economics. He is a Visiting Professor, Banking and Finance, at Derby University.
He heads the research team that supports the bank’s trading and sales activities. He regularly writes articles for publications and appears in the financial press and on television. He is a member of the Institute for Economic Affairs Shadow Monetary Policy Committee.

Download the CCR-interactive Delegate Pack.

This year’s event will allow you to:

► Choose the right enforcement agency for you.
► Understand the recent updates to enforcement regulations.
► Discuss the latest thinking on insolvency reforms.
► Successfully go to court in pursuit of a debt.
► Learn how to take your team’s performance to the next level.

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Financial News from Financial Times via!

Comment & analysis
Welcome to

This email highlights some of our most popular and well-respected columnists and their insights, analysis and opinion on world issues and major events.

We take great pride in our stimulating and thought-provoking comment and analysis, so please take a look around these site sections now available to you.

Robert Shrimsley
Managing Editor of

You can read these articles on

Martin Wolf

Martin Wolf, associate editor and chief economics commentator, provides shrewd commentary and views on the world’s economy.

In 2008 he was placed in the world’s top 100 public policy intellectuals by the British magazine Prospect and the US magazine Foreign Policy.

Martin Wolf’s latest columns

• Why Draghi was right to cut rates
• Breakaway Scots cannot keep the BoE
• Germany is a weight on the world
• Carney places a bet on big finance
• Why the BoE must gamble on growth
• The reality of America’s fiscal future

Management – Lucy Kellaway

Lucy Kellaway has a weekly column that pokes fun at management fads and jargon. She also offers her solution to common workplace problems in her ‘agony aunt’ column, Dear Lucy.

Lucy Kellaway’s latest columns

• Why it is clever to pretend to be stupid
• The bike test shows what I’m like at work
• Who touched base in my thought shower?
• Nine valuable lessons from rubbish jobs
• Distraction beats doctors for back pain
• Competence beats confidence every time

John Kay

John Kay has been writing a column on economics and business since 1995. He is currently a visiting professor at the London School of Economics.

He also had a career in the policy world which established the Institute for Fiscal Studies as one of the most respected think tanks.

John Kay’s latest columns:

• The design flaws that cause explosions
• Being ethical is nothing to boast about
• The reality of UK’s nuclear power failure
• Treat finance and fast food alike
• Nobel economics committee is muddled
• Why I ignore Apple’s silly conditions

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