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Adidas x Gucci Umbrella Priced At $1.3K Can’t Withstand Rain

Images via Gucci


Two unexpected fashion powerhouses have taken to the playing field for a showy, co-branded collection that verges on sardonic. The Adidas x Gucci tie-up has been keeping fashionistas on the edges of their seats, but now that the range is out, it seems fans aren’t a sport for some of the items.

The Adidas x Gucci umbrella (US$1,290) may be pleasing on the eyes—with its interlocking ‘GG’ monogram and trefoil art, green and red triple stripes, and birchwood handle carved into a letter G—but it does little to protect its owner from the rain.


Image via Gucci

Image via Gucci


Please don’t hold it under the rain because, as Gucci reveals in its description, the accessory “is not waterproof and is meant for sun protection or decorative use.”


Image via Gucci


Jing Daily reports that internet users in China have been throwing, erm, shade at this design shortcoming, with the hashtag for “not waterproof collab umbrella sold at 11000 yuan” amassing hundreds of millions of views on social network Weibo.

In response, Gucci renamed the product by removing a character in the Chinese word for umbrella to mean parasol.

In other parts of the world, the product is titled as a “sun umbrella.” With that being said, this is no substitute for SPF sunscreen so you’ll still need to have sunscreen on while carrying  your US$1,290 sun umbrella. 


If you’re into things that are more practical, you might be relieved to know that there’s another umbrella in the collection that’s a tad more useful. Yet, this one also doesn’t serve as a traditional umbrella, either—it’s an ‘umbrella seat’ with a handle that doubles as a resting spot for your tushy.


Image via Gucci

And not to rain on your parade again, but this version’s a touch pricier at US$1,650.




[via Jing Daily and Mothership.SG, images via Gucci]

LEGO Brings Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’ To 3D With Mesmerizing, 2,316-Piece Set

Image courtesy of LEGO


Vincent van Gogh never knew the true value of his work. Now, on days when you doubt your abilities, you too can create a masterpiece—then take it apart and try again.

LEGO is now presenting new perspectives on the famous Starry Night painting in collaboration with the Museum of Modern Art in New York, where the van Gogh art has lived since 1935. An immersive 2,316-piece set “paints” the Post-Impressionist work’s depth and swirling brush strokes using stackable bricks.


Image courtesy of LEGO


The set was designed by Hong Kong-based LEGO enthusiast Truman Cheng, whose proposed design left fans in awe and ultimately prompted the toymaker to make the arty build a reality.


Image courtesy of LEGO


The multi-dimensional plastic masterpiece places a cypress tree and houses in the foreground, while stars, clouds, and the moon stud the background. You can stand it on your desk or hang it on the wall.


Image courtesy of LEGO


For a more meta spin, you could superimpose the painting with the accompanying van Gogh Minifig, easel, palette, paintbrush, and even his own mini painting.


Image courtesy of LEGO


Image courtesy of LEGO


“It was a good brain tease to come up with tricks and techniques to capture the look of the original painting,” shares Cheng in a press release. “The brushwork goes into many directions in the moon and the swirling cloud, so there was some creative use of bracket and clip elements involved.”

The designer, a 25-year-old PhD student, described last year that his proudest effort in the project was the multi-layered stack of plates on the top-right mirroring van Gogh’s “angled brushstrokes within the moon-lit cloud.” At the time, the set was envisioned with just 1,552 pieces, so he might have a new favorite section now.

In keeping with the artistic theme, LEGO is running a contest encouraging builders in the UK, Canada, France, Germany, Mexico, Poland, and Spain to interpret the night sky in LEGO pieces. Selected works will be displayed in MoMA’s lobby this summer.

The Starry Night set will first launch on May 25 exclusively for LEGO VIP and MoMA members, before rolling out globally from June 1. The kit will retail for US$169.99 in LEGO locations, as well as MoMA’s Design Store in New York City and online store.


Image courtesy of LEGO


Image courtesy of LEGO


Image courtesy of LEGO


Image courtesy of LEGO




[via LEGO]

Scientists Have Brought Dead Human Eyes ‘Back To Life’ In Breakthrough Move

Photo 55008501 © Nandha Kumar |


It was an eye-opener, to say the least. A team of researchers at the John A. Moran Eye Center at the University of Utah and other international colleagues successfully restarted the eyes of people who had passed recently, pointing at possibilities in brain-death reversals.


The eyes, which came from organ donors, responded to bright light, colored lights, and even dim flickers up to five hours after death. This indicated activity in the neuron cells—which was startling, since death comes with the loss of neuron activity.

The scientists also showed that the eyes could interact with one another after death, transmitting signals similar to those of living eyes.

In particular, the team managed to revive dead b-waves for the first time, BGR reports. These are rhythmic oscillations that exist in living brains—although, most recently, they were observed in the last moments of a person’s brain, too.

With this revelation, scientists are hoping to accelerate breakthroughs in eye treatments and eye-related neurodegenerative diseases.




[via BGR and Indy100, cover photo 55008501 © Nandha Kumar |]

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max Replica Brings First Hands-On Look At The High-End Model

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Photo 189530079 © Delstudio |


Are you saving up to get this year’s flagship iPhone? Feast your eyes on what looks to be the first high-quality glimpse at the iPhone 14 Pro Max is here, complete with the iconic Apple logo at the back.

YouTuber Unbox Therapy has obtained a supposed one-to-one dummy of this year’s largest iPhone from Japan. This replica is based on computer-aided design (CAD) models for accessory makers, which allow them to manufacture phone cases in time for product launches.

As demonstrated in a new video, the iPhone 14 Pro Max—or the mockup, at least—is slightly thicker and heavier than the iPhone 13 Pro Max, although the bezels have been downsized by a touch. It’s believed that the premium handset will feature slightly larger power and volume buttons, too.

These suggest that differences in appearance between the iPhone 14 Pro Max and its predecessor will be marginal, at best. That doesn’t mean users should forgo the 2022 lineup—the iPhone 14 Pro Max will potentially stand out with its lack of the notch. Unbox Therapy’s video corroborates reports about the dreaded notch being replaced with a ‘pill and hole punch’ design, and that appears to be happening with the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.


But if you’re hoping to switch to the universal USB-C for good, this might not be the year to upgrade your iPhone. It’s said that the Lightning port will only disappear when the iPhone 15 lineup comes around, and the new video backs this up.





[via 9to5Mac, KnowTechie, Unbox Therapy, cover photo 189530079 © Delstudio |]

Marvel Introduces Trans Superhero Mutants Into Its Comic Universe

Image via Marvel


Considering how deep Marvel’s lore goes, it’d be naive to assume every character is straight or cis-gendered. The most prominent queer character happens to be Loki, who is bisexual and gender-shifting, just as Norse mythology would have it.


Now, more characters are coming out. Marvel’s Voices: Pride (2022) #1, scheduled for release on June 22 amid Pride Month, will introduce Shela Sexton, or Escapade, a transgender mutant with the ability to switch locations with another person or “any specific physical or abstract attributes such as possessions, organizational status, skills, superhuman powers, and even situations!” describes Marvel.


Image via Marvel


Shela is joined by her turtle sidekick and Morgan Red, a fellow trans mutant—and together, they steal from wealthy crooks just like in Robin Hood.

Interestingly, Shela has a “chosen family,” reflective of the close-knit circles that some LGBTQ+ individuals keep.

“I wish I could hang out with Shela in real life,” shares co-creator Charlie Jane Anders. “She is a total goofball, a cool weirdo who has a super-strong sense of justice and a profound loyalty to her friends. Until recently, she believed that everything would always be okay as long as she and Morgan were there for each other, but lately, she’s been realizing life is more complicated than that.”


Anders stresses that it was crucial that Shela and Morgan being mutants “is not a metaphor for being trans, and vice versa.” As such, the comic will center around “a whole community of trans mutants,” rather than making Shela stand out.

“I think that Shela has experienced some rejection because of her trans-ness, but she’s also found an amazing community that supports her and lifts her up, and this has changed how she thinks about being a hero for sure,” Anders elaborates. “She wants to be there for everybody who’s been left behind, and she wants to help people feel like they can belong and be seen and loved. That was something I really hope everyone reading this comic, especially young trans people, take away from it.”


Image via Marvel




[via Paper Magazine and Comic Years, images via Marvel]

This Computer Has Been Running For A Year On Nothing But Algae

Image via Paolo Bombelli / University of Cambridge


Straight out of a cyberpunk film, this microcomputer can function without being plugged into a power outlet or being fueled with batteries. Instead, it is driven by self-sustaining algae.

Engineers at the University of Cambridge were looking for a way to keep Internet-of-Things electronics like smart washing machines, vehicles, coffee machines, home security systems, and the ilk running independently. A lot of machines in this category—such as autonomous farming equipment and environmental sensors—are far away from a power grid, so they knew they had to adopt a source that generates its own energy.

Solar cells have been a thing of fascination lately, but those require sunlight to keep computers going. Then, there are the more enigmatic “living” power sources, such as bioluminescent bacteria, but like all living beings, they’ll need to be sustained with food.

The researchers’ solution? A common blue-green algae species, called Synechocystis, that naturally creates its own food and energy through photosynthesis, enabling it to function in a remote area without being fed. And although photosynthesis happens in the presence of sunlight, this species seems to be able to generate electricity even in the dark because it continues to process its food at night.


Image via Paolo Bombelli / University of Cambridge

The team packed the near-neon algae into a structure the size of a AA battery, and then used it to power an ARM Cortex-M0+ chip in a microprocessor.


They then left the microcomputer on a windowsill, where it powered through a six-month test and continued running for six months after.


“Our photosynthetic device doesn’t run down the way a battery does because it’s continually using light as the energy source,” explains Christopher Howe, one of the study’s co-authors. The team published its findings in the Energy & Environmental Science journal.


Co-author Paolo Bombelli concludes: “We were impressed by how consistently the system worked over a long period of time—we thought it might stop after a few weeks, but it just kept going.”

Don’t expect tech giants to release algae-powered computers in the near future, though. As shared by IGN, the microprocessor only consumes a teeny fraction of the amount a desktop computer typically uses (0.3 micro-watts per hour, in contrast with the usual range of 60 to 250 watts). It remains a proof of concept for now, but it does offer a glimmer of hope for the invention of devices made for far-flung areas.




[via ScienceAlert and IGN, images via Paolo Bombelli / University of Cambridge]

Edible Tape Invented By Engineering Students Neatly Wraps Burritos & Seals Food

Image via Johns Hopkins University


Decades of experience won’t fully train you to keep your taco and burrito fillings within their casings. Those beans and rice grains have a mind of their own, and when they decide to free-fall, not even your evolved opposable thumbs can stop them.

With that being said, humans are still the more evolved race, and thanks to a team of engineering seniors at Johns Hopkins University, there’s finally a solution to have your wrap and eat it mess-free too. They’ve invented ‘Tastee Tape’, an edible adhesive tape that tightly secures foodstuffs through cooking and consumption.

The tape is peeled and applied similar to regular tape, in that you remove the strip from a waxed sheet and paste it on a surface.


The adhesive part is activated with water, and you’ll be able to bundle or seal your meals after wetting the tape.


On the left: ‘Tastee Tape’ in its original, clear form. Right: The edible tape after being dyed. Image via Johns Hopkins University

The edible adhesive, which took months to perfect, gets its structural integrity from a food-grade fibrous scaffolding of organic, safe, and edible ingredients and “common food and dietary additives.” That’s all the students—comprising Tyler Guarino, Marie Eric, Rachel Nie, and Erin Walsh—are willing to share, as they plan to patent the delicious design.

The invention was created as part of the Whiting School of Engineering’s Design Day, where students showed off innovations inspired by things they learned in school.

“Tastee Tape allows you to put full faith in your tortilla, and enjoy your meal, mess-free,” shares Guarino.

Tortilla: taped
Burrito fillings: secured

Let’s taco’bout Tastee Tape, an edible adhesive created by biomolecular and chemical engineering students which allows for a mess-free meal for wraps, gyros, and more. (2/6)

— Johns Hopkins University (@JohnsHopkins) May 10, 2022




[via Boing Boing and WKRC, images via Johns Hopkins University]

Domino’s & Netflix Launch ‘Mind-Ordering’ App To Summon Pizza With Your Powers

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Image via Domino’s Pizza / PR Newswire


Constantly dreaming of that pizza pie in the sky? Your thoughts might actually be so powerful, they could manifest a real Domino’s pizza and transport it to your doorstep via telekinesis.

As futuristic or dystopian as it seems, a “mind-ordering” pizza delivery app exists, thanks to a collaboration between the pizza chain and Netflix as Stranger Things 4 is set to float into the public’s consciousness. Separate from the regular Domino’s app, the new Domino’s Mind Ordering service (available on the Google Play Store) is driven by your pizza-summoning abilities.


In the app, you’re transported to the year 1986 and assume the role of a test subject at the Hawkins National Laboratory. Orders are placed with the help of facial recognition and eye-tracking features, replacing buttons with facial expressions and head gestures.

Ordering is optional; customers can still explore a virtual replica of the cold, secret laboratory on their own and discover intriguing Stranger Things-themed Easter eggs. Elevating the retro-futuristic experience are limited-edition 80s-inspired pizza boxes for medium and large pies.

The campaign will lead up to the arrival of Volume One of Stranger Things 4 on May 27, 2022. Volume Two, on the other hand, will debut on July 1, 2022.




[via Marketing Dive and Bloody Disgusting, cover image via Domino’s Pizza / PR Newswire]

Google Makes G Suite Free Again For Legacy Users, But You’ll Have To Opt-In

Photo 149569678 © Rimidolove |


G Suite is among Google’s most popular services, so when the tech giant announced an updated Workspace version that essentially forced everyone to pay up or risk losing over a decade of content, users were understandably livid.


If you’ve been on this platform for personal use, good news: the free G Suite is back for legacy accounts.

A new no-cost option allows existing accounts to retain their custom domain email addresses, alongside access to Google’s productivity apps and existing data.

Google previously attempted to pacify users with a free Google Workspace feature, but that excluded email support for domain names that didn’t end with With the revival of G Suite for longtime users, they will still be able to access Gmail using their own domain names.

One catch: You’ll have to select the setting by June 27, or your account will automatically transition into the paid version.


“If you don’t take any action, your account will be suspended starting on August 1, 2022,” Google cautions. “To reactivate your account, you will either need to upgrade to Google Workspace or opt-out of the transition for non-commercial use.”

To do this, head to your account’s Admin Console and choose “Personal use: stay on no-cost Legacy G Suite.”

With this option, though, you’ll have to agree that the account will not be used for business purposes.

Users with legacy personal accounts who have already upgraded to the paid Google Workspace should contact its support team.


For users of the free legacy GSuite, @Google has added an option in the admin console to opt out of the @GoogleWorkspace transition for personal accounts. The personaly use option is rolling out slowly, so if you don’t see it now, check back later.

— Steve Whitcher (@NeighborGeek) May 16, 2022




[via Android Police and 9to5Google, cover photo 149569678 © Rimidolove |]

Selena Gomez Debuts Colorful Cookware To Brighten Up Your Kitchen

Image via Our Place x Selena Gomez


Following her culinary series Selena + Chef, Selena Gomez is now bringing her own line of cookware to homes across the nation with a new collaboration with Our Place.

Tapping on the brand’s best-selling Everyday Essentials line, the pop star is introducing two new shades: bright berry Rosa and vibrant royal blue Azul to spruce up your kitchen just in time for the summer. 


Image via Our Place x Selena Gomez


In fact, according to The Hollywood Reporter, the Rosa shade was inspired by the lipstick options created by Gomez’s Rare Beauty cosmetics brand, so you can even match your lip color to your new pots and pans. 

The collection starts from US$40 for a side plate to US$165 for a Perfect Pot, with the Dinner at Selena’s bundle—comprising an Always Pan, four hand-painted porcelain main plates, and a set of four handmade tumblers—going for US$215.

In addition, the brand will donate 10% of its profits from the collection to the Rare Impact Fund, focusing on expanding mental health services to aid young people in need.


Image via Our Place x Selena Gomez


“My main goal when I’m cooking is to have fun,” revealed Gomez.

“This collection is designed for home cooks like me who just need easy-to-use, multifunctional products,” she added. 

Check out the full collection here.


Image via Our Place x Selena Gomez




[via The Hollywood Reporter and Our Place x Selena Gomez, images via Our Place x Selena Gomez]

Spotify Tests NFT Galleries On Profiles So You Can Collect Artists’ Work Too

Image ID 111390145 © via David Molina |


While artists’ pages on Spotify typically list their discography, playlists, and collaborations, here’s a new feature that could soon be coming: non-fungible token (NFT) galleries.

According to a report by Music Ally, the streaming service has begun testing a feature that would allow musicians to promote their NFTs, starting with big names Steve Aoki and The Wombats, both of whom have been early adopters of the virtual assets.

At the moment, only those using Spotify’s Android app in the US will be able to view the NFTs on the artists’ profiles, on which they can then select their favorite to be purchased from a linked external marketplace. 

As always, the company reminds that it “routinely” conducts tests, and while some features may be rolled out in the future, others will only serve as “important learning.” 

For now, it’s been noted that Spotify will not be taking a cut of the sales, but rather, will be a platform on which artists can gain more awareness about digital assets for sale.

With how popular NFTs have become in recent years, it’s unsurprising major streaming platforms are moving in the same direction, though it remains to be seen if data from fans show that they actually want such a feature.




[via Engadget and Music Ally, cover image via David Molina |]

Nike x Jacquemus Announce Size-Inclusive Line That Fuses Sports Into Daily Life

Image via Nike


This summer, cult-favorite brand Jacquemus is collaborating with sportswear giant Nike on a female-focused summer collection that “invites sport style into everyday life.” 

The collection, which is part of Nike’s 50 for her anniversary celebrations, aims to highlight a belief that sport isn’t just about performance, but can be an outlet for the “expansion of style and self.” 

While not much is known about the upcoming launch, Simon Porte Jacquemus, creator of the eponymous label, hinted that he wanted to create a capsule that “reinterprets athletic women’s sportswear in a minimal way.” 

“I have always been inspired by vintage ACG pieces and Nike campaigns from the ‘90s. Having this imagery in mind, we designed women’s athletic wear with sensuous details and neutral colors, along with my own interpretation of the Humara, my favorite Nike shoe,” Jacquemus continued.

“It was important for the collection to be accessible for all bodies, and to be a natural blend of Jacquemus style and Nike performance,” he added. 

According to Nike, the forthcoming apparel and footwear collection will launch later this summer, and will showcase a “50-50 union where each partner comes together to advance the other forward in ways that couldn’t have been done alone.” 

As Jarret Reynolds, Nike’s Vice President of Catalyst Apparel Design, puts it: “Collaboration at Nike, and with partners like Jacquemus, allows us to expand the culture of sport and redefine it for the next generation.” 




[via WWD and Nike, cover image via Nike]

United Airlines Debuts First Major Campaign In Years, Celebrating Employees

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Image via United Airlines / PR Newswire


In its first major campaign since 2013, United Airlines is focusing how its employees do “the right thing” for customers and communities, with over 60 staff members featured throughout the advertisements.

The Good Leads The Way campaign, produced by creative agency 72andSunny, highlights the airliner’s contributions in areas of customer service, diversity, and sustainability, and how it’s emerged as “a force for good” along the way.

“We’re taking actions that inspire pride among our employees and customers—everything from historic investments to fight climate change and training more women and people of color to become pilots to getting rid of change fees and upgrading our fleet with 500 new planes,” said United CEO Scott Kirby.

“This campaign serves not only as an exclamation point on our recent actions, but also as a commitment to how United Airlines intends to show up in the future,” he added. 

Interestingly, no two pieces in the creative campaign are the same, with each telling its own inspiring story about how employees, customers, and communities come together to make a difference. 


The anthem film features a patchwork of employee and passenger-sourced images and clips as it tells the story about the airliner’s mission to do good, not only on its planes but around the world.

It will be backed up with out-of-home and digital advertisements that each showcase a piece of the story, from major milestones to small yet impactful moments with passengers to “authentically document” these inspirational moments.

Beginning this week, the advertisements will be appear onboard United aircraft, in airport terminals, and across all media channels nationwide.

“As the industry emerges from the pandemic, we are entering a historic new era of commercial travel, which makes it the right time to unveil our ambitious ‘Good Leads The Way’ campaign,” summed up Josh Earnest, United’s Chief Communications Officer.







[via Travel Pulse and United Airlines / PR Newswire, cover image via United Airlines / PR Newswire]

Instagram Did Tweak Its Icon, Your Eyes Aren’t Playing Tricks On You

Images via Google Play Store, Apple App Store, Pigguu |

Remember when Instagram’s icon used to be a graphic of a brown instant camera? Users had to squint their eyes when it suddenly introduced a flat version with colorful gradients in 2016. Well, be prepared to crank down your screen’s brightness, because the social network has once again saturated those hues.

No, you’re not imagining things—the icon is more saturated and vibrant now. It’s so bright that one has to wonder if the logo generates its own solar power.

Jane Manchun Wong, who reverse-engineers app codes to uncover hidden features, anticipates that the tweak is part of a brand refresh that Instagram intends to roll out.


looks like a part of the greater rollout of IG’s brand refresh

— Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane) May 16, 2022


Meta has been envisioning great things for Instagram lately, with massive features like NFT support incoming. We’re seeing this as an attempt by Instagram to remain relevant in the eyes of younger users, who in no doubt have been flocking to the hipper and trendier TikTok. 


TikTok’s future is bright, but the Instagram glyph is brighter.


Instagram’s new app icon side by side and split.

— Steve Moser (@SteveMoser) May 16, 2022


sheeeeesh they cranked up the saturation on the Instagram app icon

— Parker Ortolani (@ParkerOrtolani) May 16, 2022


I don’t have the new Instagram icon yet. Thankfully. 😵‍💫

— Noah Evans 🇺🇦 (@ThisIsNoahEvans) May 16, 2022


To think that in 2016 we used to see the Instagram logo as the brightest possible logo for an app. Now the old looks desaturated 😂

— Danimonech (@danimonech) May 16, 2022



[via Jane Manchun Wong and Creative Bloq, images via various sources]

Pixar Teases ‘Elemental’, Feature Film That Celebrates A Melting Pot Of Cultures

Image via Disney UK

Disney and Pixar have been correcting their less inclusive past with a string of films that acknowledge underrepresented communities, such as Moana, Bao, Coco, Raya and the Last Dragon, Out, Encanto, and Turning Red. With the entertainment giant promising to repeal Florida’s contentious ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill, audiences can expect to see even more backgrounds being depicted in the future.

This time around, Pixar will pivot its celebration of cultures from a focus on single communities to one of diversity. Come June 16, 2023, it will premiere Elemental, an animated feature film that explores how the four earthly elements can get along with each other. The movie will be directed by Peter Sohn (The Good Dinosaur) and produced by Denise Ream (Cars 2).


Set in a world of anthropomorphic fire, water, land, and air elements, Elemental will star Ember—a “fiery young woman”—and Wade—a “go-with-the-flow guy”—who present as polar opposites on paper but grow to learn that they have a lot in common.

Sohn, who’s Korean-American, describes the abstract film as being inspired by his childhood growing up in New York City, a melting pot of cultures.

“My parents emigrated from Korea in the early 1970s and built a bustling grocery store in the Bronx,” says the director. “We were among many families who ventured to a new land with hopes and dreams—all of us mixing into one big salad bowl of cultures, languages, and beautiful little neighborhoods. That’s what led me to Elemental.”

Sohn adds: “Our story is based on the classic elements—fire, water, land and air. Some elements mix with each other, and some don’t. What if these elements were alive?”

Along with its announcement, Pixar has shared the first conceptual artwork for Elemental. For the first time, have a glimpse at Ember and Wade:


Image via Disney UK



[via Polygon, Deadline, Disney UK, images via Disney UK]

‘Kindergarten On Wheels’ Delivers School To Children In Out-Of-Reach Areas

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Image courtesy of DBLA /  Ministry of Preschool Education of Uzbekistan


A child’s crucial years are sometimes restricted only by where they live. In 2017, only a quarter of children in Uzbekistan had access to preschool education due to distance issues, and nine out of 10 kids in remote areas had no way of reaching it at all, according to an initiative run by the government. That means most eligible children had been locked out from getting preschool education.

The Ministry of Preschool Education in Uzbekistan has remediated this by building more kindergartens near rural regions. Unfortunately, there were still places, including mountainous terrain, in which construction was just not feasible. That’s why the government is now transporting schools directly to young children who live in hard-to-reach areas with ‘Kindergarten on Wheels’.

Image courtesy of DBLA /  Ministry of Preschool Education of Uzbekistan


Yellow school buses with googly eyes now serve as mobile classrooms in villages and other inaccessible parts of the country. They take teachers to those regions to conduct lessons for kids under the age of six, who are also given essential materials for learning.


Image courtesy of DBLA /  Ministry of Preschool Education of Uzbekistan


“The Kindergarten on Wheels idea came about when we saw children playing along the roads instead of being in a kindergarten,” says Shaknoza Mirziyoeva, Advisor to the Uzbekistan Ministry of Preschool Education on Equality and Inclusion in Education. “Due to work commitments, parents didn’t have the time to look after [their children], nevermind teach the kids themselves.”

“These kids still need an education and care so this project was created to bring the education to them,” adds Mirziyoeva.

Image courtesy of DBLA /  Ministry of Preschool Education of Uzbekistan

The Kindergarten on Wheels idea has reached UNESCO, which lauds the program as an exemplary case for other parts of the world where literacy rates are lower.

“Giving all children access to pre-school education that is inclusive, caring and creative is the key to nurturing their full potential,” describes Stefania Giannini, Assistant Director-General for Education at UNESCO. “Uzbekistan’s Kindergarten On Wheels project offers a model that can inspire countries around the world to reach this goal.”


Image courtesy of DBLA /  Ministry of Preschool Education of Uzbekistan

In the last five years, Uzbekistan has raised preschool enrollments from 27% to 67%, shares Shaknoza. The literal school buses will no doubt increase this number. By 2026, the country hopes to give 80% of preschoolers and 98% of six-year-olds free and compulsory education in preparation for elementary school.



[via DBLA, images featured with permission]

Twitter Transforms T&Cs Into Simple 8-Bit Game So You Can Bust Privacy Invaders

Screenshot via Twitter Data Dash


It’s often drilled into people’s heads that reading the fine print  is important, but it’s incredibly cumbersome to get through. Making users read pages of “legalese” clearly isn’t the best way to convey a website’s policy; Big Tech has known this but has done little to establish a mutual understanding between the brand and the consumer.

In an ideal world for Twitter, its privacy policy could be squeezed into 280 characters. However, seeing that this is impossible, the social network has packed its updated terms and conditions into the next best format: a video game called Data Dash.

In Twitter Data Dash, you help an adorable dog named Data navigate ‘PrivaCity’ by dodging cat advertisements, wading through a sea of spammy direct messages, and fighting ugly Twitter trolls. 


Also, your privacy isn’t a game.

But we DID make one to help you understand the more complex parts of our privacy policy and how you can take control of your experience on Twitter.

Play & learn:

— Twitter Safety (@TwitterSafety) May 11, 2022

There are bones you can collect to level up, and as you pass each stage, you’ll learn something new about Twitter’s privacy policy.

The aim of the game, designed by pixel artist and game developer Momo Pixel, is to knock down barriers with jargon so users can more easily understand how Twitter handles their data and how they can manage the way information is shared.


The platform emphasizes that people’s privacy “isn’t a game.” However, “we DID make one to help you understand the more complex parts of our privacy policy and how you can take control of your experience on Twitter.”


Twitter Data Dash isn’t a one-off stunt. It accompanies Twitter’s redesigned privacy policy site where users can conveniently leaf through its updated terms into three streamlined categories—data collection, data use, and data sharing—in nine languages.



[via TechCrunch and CNET, video and cover image via Twitter Data Dash]

Dine & Party Underwater With 100+ Others In This Giant Entertainment Submarine

Image via U-Boat Worx


‘Sea food’ might soon mean a deeper bite when you’re actually sinking your teeth into your meals, by the sharks, inside this 1,615-sqft submarine. 

Aptly named the “Under Water Entertainment Platform,” or UWEP in short, this party submarine can accommodate up to 120 guests in a fully air-conditioned, decked out space while cruising at a depth of 200 meters (650 feet) under the water. 


Image via U-Boat Worx


U-Boat Worx, the company behind this idea, says the one-of-a-kind entertainment area can be turned into limitless options, including a Michelin-star restaurant, casino, conference spot, wedding venue, or anything else you can dream up. 

And if you’re one to party long into the night, you’ll be glad to know the UWEP can stay submerged for up to 18 hours at full capacity, and allows you make an unlimited number of dives per day—so you can dock and invite more guests onboard as the party heats up. 


Image via U-Boat Worx


While under water, guests can enjoy 14.8-feet-wide acrylic windows with high-intensity lighting for  some of the best views marine life has to offer.

After coming up to the surface, you can then make your way out to a sundeck complete with safety railings, so you and your guests can take in the breathtaking views of the ocean and sunset after you’re done exploring the underwater depths. 

At the moment, it’s not yet been revealed when the submarine will be ready, but we’re betting you’ll have to fork out a pretty penny to take a dive on this one. 


Image via U-Boat Worx




[via New Atlas and U-Boat Worx, images via U-Boat Worx]

McLaren Unveils ‘Elizabeth II’ Supercar & New Platinum Paint To Honor The Queen

Image via McLaren


Countless brands have jumped on the bandwagon of releasing special edition items in commemoration of Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee this year (a royal Barbie, anyone?) and, now, British automaker McLaren is hoping to cut through the crowd with speed—by creating a one-off Artura supercar in celebration of Her Majesty’s 70-year-long reign. 

Interestingly, the Queen was the one to open the McLaren Technology Centre headquarters 18 years ago, and now, the same facility is honoring her not only with a limited edition supercar, but also a ‘Platinum Jubilee’ paint color to match a special ‘Elizabeth II’ platinum badge crafted by McLaren Special Operations, the brand’s in-house bespoke division, both of which are displayed on the car. 


Image via McLaren


According to the automaker, it tapped on coating partner AkzoNobel to analyze different lighting conditions the vehicle would appear in to come up with the most suitable metallic pigment for the vehicle, resulting in a shiny platinum shade that took eight days to complete. 


Fans of the brand-new color will be able to select it on future purchases, so you can say you’ve got a matching paint work as the Queen of England.

“It has been an honor for MSO to create a new platinum paint in celebration of Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee this year,” said Ansar Ali, Managing Director of McLaren Special Operations. 

“This special paint, which will be available for customers to select for years to come, will be a fitting tribute to mark this historic milestone,” he added.




[via Robb Report and McLaren, images via McLaren]

Hawaiian Airlines Backs 100-Seat Electric Seaglider For Greener Regional Travel

Image via REGENT


Hawaiian Airlines has teamed up with aerospace and maritime firm REGENT to work on an all-electric seaglider, an innovative sustainable regional transportation alternative for those situated near coastlines or on archipelagos. 

Dubbed the Monarch, the 100-seater seaglider is scheduled to be ready for launch by 2028, and will provide zero-emission trips for customers island hopping all over the region, at a fraction of the cost of existing methods including small planes and ferries. 

According to REGENT, the hybrid mode of transport operates within a wingspan of the water’s surface, combining the speed of an aircraft with the low operating costs of a boat. Not only is it built to the same safety standards as commercial airliners, but can travel up to 180 miles just using batteries. 

In fact, the company is currently working on next-generation batteries that will allow the Monarch to traverse routes up to 500 miles long. 

“Seagliders will be a game-changer for sustainable regional transportation in communities such as Hawaii,” said Billy Thalheimer, REGENT CEO.


“Through close partnerships with design partners and strategic investors such as Hawaiian Airlines, we can fully understand our operators and unlock their ability to provide zero-emission transportation solutions to their customers.” 




[via Interesting Engineering and REGENT, cover image via REGENT]

A’ Design Award 2021–22 Winners Prove Creativity Makes The Future Extraordinary


The A’ Design Award and Competition is one of the world’s leading and most influential design accolades. Acknowledging that brilliant ideas can come from anywhere, the award celebrates exceptional design in all forms and disciplines—offering a stage for talented, budding creators and veterans alike to be heard globally.


Each year, concepts, products, services, and other design projects are judged by an international panel of prolific designers, esteemed academics, and members of the press to evaluate excellent design practices that are of service to society.

Aside from international recognition, credibility, and publicity, Laureates will be presented with accolades they can leverage to further their careers. Winners will receive a prestigious A’ Design Award trophy, a framed design excellence certificate, participation and space allocation at the winners’ exhibition both online and in Italy, features from the press, a manual sharing how they can utilize their newfound prestige, inclusion in the World Design Rankings, and gala-night tickets for two to the award ceremony, among several other benefits.

DesignTAXI now has the winners for the 2021–22 edition of the A’ Design Award, and you can revel at some of the best designs from the past year after the scroll.


It’s also a good time to share that early registrations for the upcoming run are now open, and you can nominate your best works for the internationally renowned competition here.




Chengdu NBD Centre Architecture
by Wai Tang and Kelvin Chu (Platinum A’ Design Award Winners for Architecture, Building and Structure Design Category in 2021)

“Located close to Jiaozi Park, Guixi Ecological Park, and the Jinjiang River, the Chengdu NBD Centre is one of the first of many iconic projects in the Jiaozi Park business district and an important fulcrum of a world park-like business district in Chengdu,” explain Wai Tang and Kelvin Chu. “Our goal was to create a new Cultural Icon for Chengdu and a place of destination with a green, low-carbon public realm for the city.”


Three distinctive sections form this structure: the underground retail space, which also connects to public transportation networks; the sunken civic plaza, where retail and cultural highlights abound; and the main towers, which house cultural offices and exhibition spaces.


Chengdu NBD Centre Architecture by Wai Tang and Kelvin Chu


Chengdu NBD Centre Architecture by Wai Tang and Kelvin Chu


Chengdu NBD Centre Architecture by Wai Tang and Kelvin Chu


Chengdu NBD Centre Architecture by Wai Tang and Kelvin Chu




Kerloso Wine Packaging
by Langcer Lee (Gold A’ Design Award Winner for Packaging Design Category in 2021)

“Many amazing Moai stone statues stand on the distant Easter Island. These stone statues look strange and spread all over the island, and how they were built is still an unsolved mystery,” notes Langcer Lee.


The designer has envisioned “the scene that sailors saw when they boarded the land for the first time. They pulled away the grass and saw Moai, volcanoes, the blooming red lily of the valley, smart brown deer, and vultures. The seal is decorated with the contents of the ancient documents found on Easter Island, which records the mystery and beauty here.” Burn marks at the top add an enigmatic touch to the whole look.


Kerloso Wine Packaging by Langcer Lee


Kerloso Wine Packaging by Langcer Lee


Kerloso Wine Packaging by Langcer Lee


Kerloso Wine Packaging by Langcer Lee




Better Bodies Hi Brand Identity
by Takahiro Eto (Platinum A’ Design Award Winner for Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Category in 2021)

“Better Bodies Hi is a workout studio. They needed to create an environment where users after work could gradually prepare their body and mind towards exercise. Therefore, they designed a typeface that transforms in three stages,” reveals Takahiro Eto. “As users move from the reception to the workout area, the typeface of the sign gradually changes to a thicker and larger. The typeface gradually guides and encourages the user to work out.”


“For a long time, I have been wondering if it is possible to create a typeface whose skeleton also changes when its weight changes. Also, in general signage projects, the typeface used is limited in order to give a sense of unity to the space, but I was wondering if it would be possible to change the typeface to match the function of the space. These two ideas became the inspiration for this design.”


Better Bodies Hi Brand Identity by Takahiro Eto


Better Bodies Hi Brand Identity by Takahiro Eto


Better Bodies Hi Brand Identity by Takahiro Eto


Better Bodies Hi Brand Identity by Takahiro Eto


Object Splash-Proof Partition
by Akira Nakagomi (Gold A’ Design Award Winner for Furniture Design Category in 2021)

“We decided to develop a product that focuses on both aesthetics and function, like an art piece, in order to turn the negative image of partitions for [COVID-19] into a product that adds color to our lives,” describes Akira Nakagomi. The goal was to make the partition less of an afterthought long past the pandemic.


Object Splash-Proof Partition by Akira Nakagomi


Object Splash-Proof Partition by Akira Nakagomi


Object Splash-Proof Partition by Akira Nakagomi



Chun Jiang Hua Yue Ye Wedding Banquet Restaurant
by Wei Zhang, Platinum A’ Design Award Winner for Event and Happening Design Category in 2021

“This is a wedding banquet hall with an oriental artistic conception of music and poetry drama,” Wei Zhang shares. “In the form of a 270-degree multimedia drama, the scene is divided into different chapters, and each chapter and scene is named [after] the three most famous Chinese poems. There is a full moon, a clean river, and a flatboat.”


Chun Jiang Hua Yue Ye Wedding Banquet Restaurant by Wei Zhang


Chun Jiang Hua Yue Ye Wedding Banquet Restaurant by Wei Zhang


Chun Jiang Hua Yue Ye Wedding Banquet Restaurant by Wei Zhang



The Ring Retail Development
by Lead8 (Platinum A’ Design Award Winner for Interior Space and Exhibition Design Category in 2021)

“The interior design [of this ecological retail destination] intertwines retail, nature, culture, and experience,” explains Lead8, “coming to life with a 42-meter-tall botanical garden, interactive sports and culture, and a creative tenant mix… The power of biophilia and nature is front and center, pushing the agenda forward for retail design.”


The Ring Retail Development by Lead8


The Ring Retail Development by Lead8


The Ring Retail Development by Lead8


The Ring Retail Development by Lead8



The Pompadour Packaging
by Ivie China (Gold A’ Design Award Winner for Packaging Design Category in 2021)

“From the late 18th- to mid-19th [centuries], the barbershop was not just a place for gentlemen to procure a haircut or a shave. It was a space where fraternities were formed,” quips Ivie China. “The Pompadour was envisioned to capture that unique experience of going to a classic English barbershop. The Pompadour is the gentleman’s pocket companion. It is a fragrance that reminds him of a time when men were afforded a luxurious den of sorts.”


The leather box is reminiscent of checkered floors and seating at barbershops, and the product sheet revives the memory of old newspapers. The bottle reenacts classic barber poles—and its stripes even rotate when the packaging is being opened.


The Pompadour Packaging by Ivie China


The Pompadour Packaging by Ivie China


The Pompadour Packaging by Ivie China


The Pompadour Packaging by Ivie China



DC 3 Stool
by Sergio Fahrer (Platinum A’ Design Award Winner for Furniture Design Category in 2021)

“With a sculptural design, the stool concept refers to the aerodynamic lines of the monoplane that inspired it, the DC 3,” which is “a low-wing twin-engine monoplane that was a game-changer for the aircraft market in the 1950s and 1960s,” describes Sergio Fahrer. “The DC 3 stool resembles the structural ribs of the monoplane’s wings.”


DC 3 Stool by Sergio Fahrer

DC 3 Stool by Sergio Fahrer


DC 3 Stool by Sergio Fahrer



Blockazo Chocolate Bar for Sharing
by Tridimage (Gold A’ Design Award Winner for Food, Beverage and Culinary Arts Design Category in 2021)

“Blockazo is a one-of-its-kind, one-kilogram chocolate bar specially designed for sharing and breaking up into big chunks,” notes Tridimage. “The inspiration came from the construction industry and concrete, since this huge chocolate bar is like a big building that needs to be demolished to be consumed.”


Blockazo Chocolate Bar for Sharing by Tridimage


Blockazo Chocolate Bar for Sharing by Tridimage


Blockazo Chocolate Bar for Sharing by Tridimage



Scratch Cave Cat Scratcher
by Gloguu (Gold A’ Design Award Winner for Pet Supplies and Products for Animals Design Category in 2021)

“Modular-designed pieces [are] composed for an imaginative cave space, allowing various ways for play,” notes Gloguu. “The arched surface is like [a] tree-trunk in texture and radian. The cat can lie on the top lazily… run out of the ‘cave’, or leap from a ‘hill’.”


The designer directs focus to the space-saving qualities of the cave, which make cleanup easier too.


Scratch Cave Cat Scratcher by Gloguu


Scratch Cave Cat Scratcher by Gloguu


Scratch Cave Cat Scratcher by Gloguu


Scratch Cave Cat Scratcher by Gloguu



Double Skin House
by Nobuhito Mori (Silver A’ Design Award Winner for Architecture, Building and Structure Design Category in 2021)

“There is a traditional Japanese partition, the shoji, which is a way of ensuring light and privacy. The shoji consists of a thin wooden frame covered with translucent paper, which softens the incoming light and blurs the interior,” says Nobuhito Mori. “Inspired by the shoji, the designer [has] created a modern light filter that is resistant to wind and rain and can also be used outside.”


This translucent screen “softens incoming light and blurs the visibility of both passersby and inhabitants,” Mori adds. “At night, the lighted façade [becomes] a large light to illuminate the streets.”


Double Skin House by Nobuhito Mori

Double Skin House by Nobuhito Mori


Double Skin House by Nobuhito Mori


Double Skin House by Nobuhito Mori




Magpie Table Lamp
by Sha Yang, Kaifeng Zheng and Yang Ma (Silver A’ Design Award Winners for Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design Category in 2021)

The magpie is a symbol of hope and happiness, and designers Sha Yang, Kaifeng Zheng, and Yang Ma aspire for this lamp to radiate the same kind of positive energy.


The lighting product arrives in three forms. The first, depicting a nesting magpie, exudes the softest glow and is the most space-saving, making for an ideal nightlight. The second imagines the bird studying its surroundings, and its greater illuminated surface area carries a wider radius of light. Finally, the third portrays the magpie preparing to take off.


Magpie Table Lamp by Sha Yang, Kaifeng Zheng and Yang Ma


Magpie Table Lamp by Sha Yang, Kaifeng Zheng and Yang Ma


Magpie Table Lamp by Sha Yang, Kaifeng Zheng and Yang Ma


Magpie Table Lamp by Sha Yang, Kaifeng Zheng and Yang Ma



Shape Grammars Book
by Jannis Maroscheck (Gold A’ Design Award Winner for Generative, Algorithmic and Parametric Design Category in 2021)

Shape Grammars is a study on generative shapes, asking: how can unique pieces be mass-produced? 12 production systems that can generate an unlimited number of individual graphic shapes were designed and programmed.”


“The result is a designer’s handbook which, in addition to 150,000 generated shapes, shows some potentials and limitations of generative design,” remarks Jannis Maroscheck.


Shape Grammars Book by Jannis Maroscheck


Shape Grammars Book by Jannis Maroscheck


Shape Grammars Book by Jannis Maroscheck


Shape Grammars Book by Jannis Maroscheck


Shape Grammars Book by Jannis Maroscheck



Bavvic Creative Building Blocks
by Maciej Sokolnicki (Gold A’ Design Award Winner for Toy, Games and Hobby Products Design Category in 2021)


A casual get-together between two friends evolved into the generation of an idea, recounts Maciej Sokolnicki. “The basic [principle] was to do something with the wooden leftovers from furniture and window production.”



Bavvic Creative Building Blocks by Maciej Sokolnicki


Bavvic Creative Building Blocks by Maciej Sokolnicki


Bavvic Creative Building Blocks by Maciej Sokolnicki


Bavvic Creative Building Blocks by Maciej Sokolnicki



The Peacock Wine Cellar
by Kyle MertensMeyer (Platinum A’ Design Award Winner for Interior Space and Exhibition Design Category in 2021)

“The Peacock Cellar’s use of ancient craftsmanship combined with contemporary fabrication technologies creates a beautiful and intentional joining of past and present. The blue tone of the cellar comes from one thousand individually handcrafted blue glazed clay tiles, glistening like the peacock’s feathers. The symbolism of the peacock showcases both elegance and strength,” says Kyle MertensMeyer.


The Peacock Wine Cellar by Kyle MertensMeyer

The Peacock Wine Cellar by Kyle MertensMeyer


The Peacock Wine Cellar by Kyle MertensMeyer


The Peacock Wine Cellar by Kyle MertensMeyer



Kaisa Clouds by the River Real Estate Sales Center
by YHDQ Design (Silver A’ Design Award Winner for Interior Space and Exhibition Design Category in 2021)


“As a sales center with [a focus on] parent-child activities, the designer tries to present the sales space from the perspective of children,” details YHDQ Design. “Orange and white are the main colors of the space, which are [infused with] bright and cloudy scenery.”


Kaisa Clouds by the River Real Estate Sales Center by YHDQ Design


Kaisa Clouds by the River Real Estate Sales Center by YHDQ Design


Kaisa Clouds by the River Real Estate Sales Center by YHDQ Design








OCT Happy Hour Wayfinding Signs
by updesign (Silver A’ Design Award Winner for Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Category in 2021)

“The project is designed for the demonstration area of a large park-themed residence with Corbusier’s modernist architectural style,” shares updesign. “Corbusier architectural language is well extracted and expressed in the wayfinding-sign design in this project.”


“The whole rough, bold appearance is [accented] by exaggerated crude concrete components and exposed unfinished structures and facilities.” Further, “cool shadows of heavy metal materials produce artistic 3D visual effects, conveying a powerful sense of minimalism.”


OCT Happy Hour Wayfinding Signs by updesign


OCT Happy Hour Wayfinding Signs by updesign


OCT Happy Hour Wayfinding Signs by updesign


OCT Happy Hour Wayfinding Signs by updesign



Kujdane Holiday House
by Yaser Rashid Shomali and Yasin Rashid Shomali (Silver A’ Design Award Winners for Architecture, Building and Structure Design Category in 2021)

This cabin “is expressed with a centralized glass core which runs vertically through the heart of the building. This distinctive element serves to create a vertical connection between the sky and the ground plane, allowing residents to feel the passage of snow and rain through the interior of the house,” describe Yaser Rashid Shomali and Yasin Rashid Shomali.


“Wood is, of course, the element of choice to evoke that warm, cozy, cabin vibe and is complimented with cool-toned interior details for balance,” they continue.


Kujdane Holiday House by Yaser Rashid Shomali and Yasin Rashid Shomali


Kujdane Holiday House by Yaser Rashid Shomali and Yasin Rashid Shomali


Kujdane Holiday House by Yaser Rashid Shomali and Yasin Rashid Shomali


Kujdane Holiday House by Yaser Rashid Shomali and Yasin Rashid Shomali



The Sun House Sustainable Social Building
by Po Wen Cheng (Gold A’ Design Award Winner for Sustainable Products, Projects and Green Design Category in 2021)

“Organic architecture that combines technology, design and [is] human-centered,” Po Wen Cheng describes of this sustainable social building which has a solar-panel roof and exterior, and interiors fitted out with recycled cypress timber.


“In keeping with the concept of recycling, up to 90% of the interior materials were made from recycled cypress timber, which the owner spent four years collecting. The design team recreated different sizes of discarded timber into ceilings, flooring, furniture, partitions and wall decorations, giving each recycled piece a new value in this space.”


The Sun House Sustainable Social Building by Po Wen Cheng


The Sun House Sustainable Social Building by Po Wen Cheng


The Sun House Sustainable Social Building by Po Wen Cheng


The Sun House Sustainable Social Building by Po Wen Cheng


Nave Air Conditioning System
by Yael Issacharov (Bronze A’ Design Award Winner for Building Materials and Construction Components Design Category in 2021)

“NAVE is a terracotta tile system combined with water flow, used to cool indoor spaces in desertic environments,” explains Yael Issacharov. “The cooling method is based on a local traditional cooling solution, and answers a local need… The system operates on minimal energy and water consumption and is used for green building.”


Nave Air Conditioning System by Yael Issacharov


Nave Air Conditioning System by Yael Issacharov


Nave Air Conditioning System by Yael Issacharov


Nave Air Conditioning System by Yael Issacharov




As seen above, prizewinners come from all walks of life and design disciplines, and you could be one of them. As early submissions are now welcome, you can register your projects for the A’ Design Award and Competition here.






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LEGO’s Great Pyramid Of Giza Set Lets You Uncover A Hidden Construction System

Image via LEGO


If you’ve been collecting LEGO Architecture’s Seven Wonders of the Ancient World releases, here’s a new one for your display: the Great Pyramid of Giza. 

According to Hypebeast, the toymaker will soon release the 1,476-piece set, featuring a 8-inch-tall, 13.5-inch-wide, and 12.5-inch-deep Great Pyramid you can construct out of building blocks. 


Image via LEGO


Interestingly, the pyramid will come with a removable outer shell, which reveals “the stone-moving system that may have been used during construction”, as well as the King’s and Queen’s Chambers.

Along with the main pyramid, brick fans will be able to build out some of the ancient Egyptian surroundings, such as a section of the Nile River with two feluccas (ancient boats), two mortuary temples, a Sphinx statue, a workers village, an obelisk, and two smaller pyramids. 


Image via LEGO


The set will be available for sale on the official website beginning August 1, 2022 for US$129.99.


Image via LEGO


Image via LEGO




[via HYPEBEAST and LEGO, images via LEGO]

Netflix & Live Streaming: Reportedly Happening Soon As It Fights For Viewers

Image via 183076335 © Raquelsfranca |


Last week, a report from the New York Times quoted insiders as saying that a lower-priced, advertisement-supported tier could come to Netflix as soon as the end of the year.

Now, according to Deadline, the streaming service could be looking to introduce a brand-new live streaming component as it fights to retain subscribers following a huge drop off. 

The site said Netflix had confirmed live streams were in “early stages of development,” and would potentially be used to boost its collection of unscripted reality shows and stand-up specials.

For example, the service could turn to live voting for competition or reality shows in real-time, following the success of titles such as The Circle and Love Is Blind, or encourage interaction during its live comedy event, Netflix Is A Joke.

As per Collider, it could also be used during reunion specials for popular variety shows, like Selling Sunset, rather than a pre-recorded episode that’s aired to the public at a later date. 

However, it was noted that the new feature would be unlikely to cross over into the app’s sports offerings, including the popular Drive To Survive F1 series, and as it’s still “early days” for the roll out, there’s the possibility of a change in direction in the future. 




[via Deadline and Collider, cover image via Raquelsfranca |]

Air France Adds Personal Sliding Door To Business Class Seats For ‘Full Privacy’

Image via Air France


If you often travel on long-haul flights, you’re often reminded of the desperate craving for a seat that folds flat, allowing you to have a good night’s sleep while up in the air instead of turning and twisting within the confines of, well, a chair. 

For those who can afford it, that wish can often be realized by shelling out big bucks for first-class tickets. 

Now, Air France is introducing a happy medium with its new business class seats, designed with the 3 ‘F’s in mind—‘Full Flat’ seats that transform into a real bed stretching 2 meters long (6.5 feet long), ‘Full Access’ for all passengers to directly enter the aisle, and ‘Full Privacy’ with a sliding door that allows you to block out the rest of the cabin and carve out your own personal space. 


Image via Air France


When traveling with a partner, seats in the center of the cabin will come with a central panel that can be lowered if you so wish, so you can still make the flight together while comfortably lying in separate spaces. 

As for in-flight entertainment, each business class seat features a wide 17.3-inch 4K High-Definition anti-glare screen, a noise reducing headset, a Bluetooth connection, and several electric sockets to charge your devices. 

To ensure guests remain comfortable even on the longest of trips, Air France chose to use full-grain French leather, wool, and brushed aluminum for its seats, along with a layer of padding that promises and soft and cozy ride. 

The new business class seats will be rolled out on the airliner’s Boeing 777-300s from September 2022, with 48 seats available on each flight. 


Image via Air France




[via Business Traveller and Air France, images via Air France]

Apple Might Venture Into Space To Power iPhone Networks: Report

Composite photo 140873108 © Razvan Nitoi |


Could Apple be heading to space for new iPhone technology?

Satellites that enable connectivity in out-of-reach zones are being fawned over in tech right now, thanks in part to the prominence of SpaceX’s Starlink internet service. So, who’s next? According to a report by Quartz, Apple’s name is being thrown around in predictions for contenders in the space (satellite) race.

The speculation comes after satellite communications company shared in its quarterly earnings report that it is working with “a large, global customer” to deploy its services “in the US and beyond.”

As Quartz quotes, this mysterious partner invested over US$300 million to purchase 13 satellites from the firm, with another US$430 million paid out for a mere “assessment” of “a potential service utilizing certain of [Globalstar’s] assets and capacity.” Someone has to have really deep pockets to come up with this kind of money.

Rumors of Apple introducing satellite communications have been swirling for nearly a year now. Last August, reliable Bloomberg tech leaker Mark Gurman disclosed that future iPhones would support satellite communications for emergencies. Then, the iPhone 13 arrived, but this feature never came.


However, Globalstar’s latest announcement could renew confidence about satellite-enabled iPhones being in the works.

With satellite connectivity, users would be able to communicate in less accessible areas or during emergencies.

All told, other potential names for who this “large, global customer” may be include Nokia and Qualcomm, who have worked with Globalstar before.




[via Quartz and Globalstar, cover photo 140873108 © Razvan Nitoi |]