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Pinterest Tests Coming Live-Streaming Functionality with New Creator Event

Pinterest is moving into live-streaming, with a new event to showcase its own, on-platform streaming format.

Twitter Launches DM Username Search Tools to Android, Flags Coming Option to Search by Message Text

Twitter is looking to improve DM search with a coming option to search your message content.

YouTube Announces its First Ever #BeautyFest Creator Event

YouTube is holding a new #BeautyFest event to showcase beauty creators on the platform.

Twitter’s Close to Re-Opening Public Applications for Profile Verification

Twitter will reportedly be re-opening public applications for profile verification from next week.

LinkedIn Provides New Tips on Establishing an Effective Approach to Thought Leadership Content [Infographic]

LinkedIn has provides some new tips on an effective thought leadership content approach.

TikTok Launches New #FactCheckYourFeed Initiative to Promote Digital Literacy

TikTok has launched a new digital education initative to help users detect misinformation online.

Reddit Announces New Creative Strategy Agency to Help Brands Maximize their On-Platform Campaigns

Reddit has announced the launch of its own in-house creative strategy agency, called KarmaLab.

Snapchat Publishes New Report on Rising AR Adoption Trends, and What They’ll Mean for Marketers

Snapchat has published a new report which looks at rising AR adoption trends, and what they'll mean for marketers.

Facebook Announces New Tools and Resources for Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Facebook has announced a new set of events and business support initiatives for API Heritage Month.

Experience What It’s Like Inside An Auction With This Surreal 360° Video

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Video screenshot via Christie’s

Considering the number of high-banking sales that have taken place of late, it’s clear that art auctions are still very much alive during the pandemic.

Likely inspired by the era of virtual communication, auction house Christie’s has started hosting 360-degree live auctions on YouTube, allowing anyone with a computer or smartphone to experience them as if they were attending them.

You can take a look at the artwork by turning your device around or by swiping your touchpad or phone screen.

Christie’s most recent auction, the 21st Century Evening Sale in New York, saw a Jean-Michel Basquiat painting become the second-most expensive Basquiat piece to ever be auctioned off.

The view is admittedly surreal, and as one viewer succinctly puts it, “I feel like [I’m] in the center of the room, being sold.”

[via Christie’s]

ISS Amusingly Confirms That Astronauts Have Been Pooping A Lot In Space Toilet

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Image via NASA

The counter on one of the International Space Station’s three toilets has hit the 40,000 mark – and it took 20 years to get there.

Thomas Pesquet, a crew member currently aboard the ISS, tweeted about the milestone flush earlier this week. “40,000 times this space toilet has been used, a milestone!” he said.

Due to the lack of gravity aboard the ISS, going to the bathroom is an inherently different experience from what we experience here on Earth. And to be fair, the toilets in space are a lot smaller than what we’re used to.

According to Digital Trends, instead of the usual flush system, the ISS toilets use a suction mechanism to capture liquid waste before it can float away. Urine is later filtered and processed into drinking water for the crew, too.

In the case of solid waste, it is deposited into a plastic bag that’s sealed and placed into a container at the base of the toilet. The container is emptied after approximately 30 deposits, and will burn up in the Earth’s atmosphere when dispelled as part of the ISS’ trash.

To see exactly how astronauts go to the bathroom aboard the ISS, watch the video demonstration below.

40 000 times this space toilet has been used, a milestone! We need to maintain it as clean sanitation and sewage treatment is a human right and a @UN Sustainable Development Goal. #MissionAlpha #SDG6

— Thomas Pesquet (@Thom_astro) May 12, 2021

[via Digital Trends, cover image via NASA]

‘Tintin’ Heirs Lose Lawsuit Against Artist Over Mashups In ‘Erotic’ Scenarios

Image via Jose_Matheus /

The heirs of Tintin creator Hergé have lost a lawsuit against French artist Xavier Marabout.

Earlier this year, they sued Marabout for his Edward Hopper and Hergé mash-up paintings that placed the famed cartoon character in romantic situations.

According to The Guardian, Moulinsart, which oversees the Tintin business, said that Marabout was “taking advantage of the reputation of a character to immerse him in an erotic universe [that] has nothing to do with humor.” However, Marabout and his lawyer argued his electic artwork were merely parodies.

It seems the court has agreed with Marabout, seeing the artist’s representation of Tintin in Edward Hopper’s famous landscape paintings as light-hearted humor.

“The court recognized the parody exception and the humorous intention expressed by my client,” Marabout’s lawyer, Bertrand Ermeneux, said.

Apart from winning the lawsuit, the court also awarded Marabout with €10,000 (US$12,000) in damages and €20,000 (US$24,000) in legal fees.

It felt the artist had suffered losses, as Moulinsart had contacted galleries displaying the work to allege it was infringing.

The artist told The Guardian he was “satisfied” with the ruling.

“I am fully validated in my artistic approach, which is, with the intention of humor, to merge universes of my own culture,” Marabout explained. “In French law, it is fully linked to freedom of expression and the limits of copyright.”

Nuit américaine

Huile et crayon sur toile – 81×100

Belle Saint-Valentin à tous les amoureux d'Amérique et d'ailleurs

#valentinesday #hopper #tintin #americansnight #cadillac

Posted by Marabout on Sunday, February 14, 2021

"Voltige Rouge"

Dimension : 60 x 80 cm

Technique : Acrylique sur toile

Posted by Marabout on Sunday, January 13, 2019

Il faut sauver Tintin!

"Vague à l'âme"

Huile sur toile 100X140 cm

Posted by Marabout on Friday, June 14, 2019

[via The Guardian, cover image via Jose_Matheus /]

Twitter Bids Adieu To Using ‘Someone Else’s’ Fonts With Its Own ‘Chirp’ Typeface

Image via Derrit DeRouen, Twitter’s Creative Director of Global Brand at Twitter

Twitter has publicly debuted a new, in-house typeface, aptly named ‘Chirp’.

The social media site is rolling it out to accounts, starting with those that were selected to be part of its beta testing programs. While the change is big news for the brand’s identity, it may be rather subtle to users, so keep your eyes peeled.

According to the tech firm, the new typeface is supposed to look like blocks hand-cut from wood, and is custom to Twitter, further cementing the brand’s quirky personality. Derrit DeRouen, Creative Director of Global Brand at Twitte, describes the typeface as a combination of American Gothic and European Grotesque styles.

In the past, the app had relied on minimalist typefaces such as SF Pro, Helvetica Neue or Roboto, but now with Chirp, it’s planning on coming across as more personable to users. “In the history of the company we’ve either relied on someone else’s typeface,” wrote DeRouen. He added, “So, that brings us to ‘Chirp’, our first-ever proprietary typeface.”

Earlier this year, he said the company’s key objective was “to improve how we convey emotion and imperfection.”

It seems Twitter wants to move away from a soul-less, corporate image that plagues tech firms and reinstate warmth and human-ness with Chirp.

I want to give a bit more depth to Chirp, our new typeface.

Type, in 280 character doses, is the foundation of Twitter. In the history of the company we’ve either relied on someone else’s typeface, from SF Pro and Roboto, to Helvetica Neue in our brand.

— Derrit DeRouen (@DerritDeRouen) January 27, 2021

So, that brings us to “Chirp”, our first ever proprietary typeface.

— Derrit DeRouen (@DerritDeRouen) January 27, 2021

[via GQ, cover image via Derrit DeRouen]

Chadwick Boseman NFT Gets Wholly Redesigned Due To Backlash

Image via Tinseltown /

Nominees from this year’s Academy Awards were handed copies of a digital artwork featuring Chadwick Boseman’s head, in honor of the late actor. This sparked an outcry, and audiences argued that it was an attempt to “capitalize on a tragedy” amid the NFT craze. Boseman also ended up losing out to Anthony Hopkins in the Best Actor category, which made the homage even more unfavorable.

Now, Andre Oshea, the Black 3D artist behind the NFT, has given the tribute a complete makeover, as reported by HYPEBEAST. The new work, A Young Boy’s Dream, envisions the back view of a Black child exploring a dreamlike world filled with Black Panther references.

As the boy keeps walking, he passes by altars revering some of Boseman’s accomplishments, like his graduation and wedding, as well as on-screen roles.

The revamp additionally quells gripes that Oshea had used a 3D model of Boseman’s head as the centerpiece of the original NFT, even though it was a royalty-free asset and that buyers were allowed to incorporate it in their artwork.

Similar to the goal set for the previous version, 50 percent of the amount generated from this NFT will go to the Colon Cancer Foundation to advance research for colon cancer as well as finance 10,000 colorectal cancer screenings for underserved communities.

The introduction of a faceless child is a wise decision, as Oshea had realized after the backlash that putting Boseman’s face front and center could be deemed a “triggering reminder of his death rather than his life.”

This time around, he has shifted the focus to the fantasy world seen in the animation. “I wanted to create a world that is filled with wonder, legacy and soul—just like Chadwick was,” Oshea explained. “It was massively important to me that the piece empower and educate on what we can do when we believe in our creative abilities. Chadwick has set an example for Black creatives of all generations and we should carry his torch with us.”

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Black 3D Artist (@andreoshea__)

Learn more about “A Young Boy’s Dream” 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾

This piece will be auctioned from Friday 14th to Sunday 16th on @makersplaceco & proceeds will be donated in support of The Colon Cancer Foundation. Our goal is to help 10,000 people in underserved communities.

— ●●● (@andreoshea) May 10, 2021

[via HYPEBEAST, cover image via Tinseltown /]

Ford’s New Patent For In-Car Billboards Brings Us Closer To A Dystopian World

Image via D K Grove /

Car maker Ford is dancing with the idea of a new “billboard interfaces for vehicle displays” system, a trademark document in the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) suggests.

According to the patent’s abstract, the new system could generate a “billboard interface” in vehicles by using a camera to capture an image of a billboard followed by a processor producing a segment of the image.

What does this all mean? To put it simply, Ford is exploring creating an in-car advertising system that scans billboards as you drive past, which will then reflect the brands, products, and latest deals onto your car’s infotainment screen. Instead of the radio channel or your favorite playlist, you could be seeing advertisements in your own car.

Apart from ruining the sanctity of the car as an escape from the hustle and bustle of life, it could potentially be a safety hazard. If you aren’t allowed to text and drive, maybe you shouldn’t have advertisements flashing at you either.

However, you should rest easy, as in-car advertisements might not arrive at least in the foreseeable future. When Motor1 reached out to Ford to enquire about the patent, the automaker responded that “patents on new inventions [are submitted] as a normal course of business, but they aren’t necessarily an indication of new business or product plans.”

Fingers crossed Ford doesn’t actually set this dystopian plan into motion.

Image via United States Patent and Trademark Office

[via TNW, images via various sources]

MIT Invents AI That Can Create 3D Holograms In Real-Time

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Image via Shutterstock

While virtual reality has been the way to realistically bring objects into the real world, prolonged use of VR headsets can result in nausea and eyestrain. The use of holograms, a concept that has been the fantasy of tech lovers for decades, would alleviate these problems, but they typically require an elaborate process and specialized equipment to generate.

The good news is that researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), along with Sony, have found a way to create 3D holograms in real-time—using a regular computer. The trick to it is to teach a neural network physics so that it can understand visual and depth information.

In a paper published in the Nature scientific journal, the team explained that the new deep-learning method, called tensor holography, is able to “run on a simple computer in the blink of an eye.” They developed an AI using trainable tensors that were taught to process visual and depth information in a similar way to humans.

As Entrepreneur reports, this sort of technology requires a large and comprehensive dataset, with every pixel’s color and depth data accounted for. This is necessary, as all points of an image vary in depth, and applying one operation across the board would not work.

The researchers found that tensor holography was able to generate 3D holograms from typical computer-generated images with depth data, calculated from a multi-camera configuration, in mere milliseconds.

This technology could be a game-changer for virtual reality, medical imaging, and even 3D printing, as printing with 3D holography would be quicker and more precise than layer-by-layer printing.

See how the AI works in the video below.

[via Big Think and Entrepreneur, cover image via Shutterstock]

Prada Is Protecting Pups From When It’s Raining Cats & Dogs With A Raincoat

Image via Prada

Following Fendi’s foray into the luxury pet market, Prada has now come up with a raincoat for your precious pooch, too.

Inspired by the designs from the fashion house’s men’s and women’s collections, your furry friend can now match with its very own Prada raincoat.

Made from nylon and decorated with the iconic metal triangle logo, the Nylon Dog Raincoat With Hood (US$525) comes with an elasticized trim and snap closure to keep your dog snug on rainy days.

However, it only comes in two sizes, meaning dogs larger than 45cm (18 inches) across the chest won’t be able to fit into one.

The raincoat is available in black or a semi-translucent white. As per Input, only the white version of the raincoat is currently available to purchase in the US.

Other offerings from Prada’s pet section include a Re-Nylon and Saffiano Leather Pet Bag, Nylon Puffer Dog Coat With Hood, and Nylon Pet Leash. Check out the full collection, which seems to only be available on Prada’s Hong Kong site for now.

Image via Prada

Image via Prada

Image via Prada

[via Input, images via Prada]

Adidas & Allbirds Team Up To Create World’s Lowest Carbon Footprint Sneakers

Image via Adidas/Allbirds

Adidas has paired up with fellow footwear brand Allbirds to unveil their first product from a collaboration: FUTURECRAFT.FOOTPRINT.

Initially launching this month with a raffle of 100 pairs for Adidas Creators Club members, both brands have come together to create the lowest carbon footprint performance sneaker yet.

The sneakers boast only 2.94kg (6.5lbs) CO2e, which is a personal best for both brands, and is on the way to their shared vision of creating a carbon-neutral shoe in the future.

“Our partnership with Allbirds is a beacon of what can happen when competing brands from the same industry see the possibilities in coming together to design,” said Brian Grevy, Executive Board Member Global Brands at Adidas.

Teams from Adidas and Allbirds collaborated on everything from development to delivery, working across multiple time zones with the teams on opposite sides of the world.

In under a year, the partnership managed to reimagine materials, manufacturing techniques, and even packaging methods to arrive at the lowest possible carbon footprint shoe.

For example, inspired by Adidas’ Lightstrike midsole’s performance, the FUTURECRAFT.FOOTPRINT midsole was reimagined using Allbirds’ sugarcane-based SweetFoam, which offered a low-carbon natural component to the sneakers.

The shoe’s upper is also made of a new material – a combination of 70% recycled polyester and 30% natural Tencel – resulting in a lightweight upper that performs just as well, but with reduced carbon impact.

“We believe that the challenge of solving climate change is the problem of our generation and solving it will not be done alone,” said Tim Brown, Co-Founder and Co-CEO at Allbirds.

An interesting tidbit, according to Forbes, is that the team worked right to end to get the carbon impact as low as possible, not knowing the final number till they actually got the shoe. That’s why the 2.94 indication on the side of the sneakers are handwritten and not printed.

After its limited initial launch, 10,000 pairs of the FUTURECRAFT.FOOTPRINT will be released in FW21, with a wider release slated for SS22.

Image via Adidas/Allbirds

Image via Adidas/Allbirds

Image via Adidas/Allbirds

Image via Adidas/Allbirds

[via Adidas and Forbes, images via Adidas/Allbirds]

Uncle Ben’s Rebranded Packaging & Name Hit Stores To Break Free From Stereotypes

Image via Sheila Fitzgerald /

The company formerly known as Uncle Ben’s is departing from negative racial connotations, one grain at a time. After promising to rebrand Uncle Ben’s products in the wake of George Floyd’s death and calls for equality, Mars Food has officially rolled out the new packaging and name in stores nationwide as of Wednesday.

The new Ben’s Original boxes are absent of the “Uncle” designation and face of the senior Black man who fronted them. Meanwhile, they still retain the same orange background and typeface.

Image via PRNewsfoto/Mars, Incorporated

Mars Food agreed to drop the “Uncle” name as it was derogatorily used on Black men by white Southerners to avoid addressing them by honorifics. The mascot was modeled after Frank Brown, a Chicago maitre d’ and chef.

A spokesperson told USA Today that some existing Uncle Ben’s products may still remain on shelves until they are sold.

Rafael Narvaez, global CMO and R&D officer at Mars Food, addressed in a statement, “Ben’s Original is not just a name and packaging change – we believe everyone deserves to feel welcome, heard and have access to nutritious food. That’s why we’ve committed to taking actions based on insights from thousands of consumers, as well as our own Associates, that are designed to enhance inclusion and equity in service of our new brand purpose to create meals, experiences and opportunities that offer everyone a seat at the table.”

Mars Food North America regional president Denis Yarotskiy noted that more work needs to be done to “bring our new brand purpose to life to offer everyone a seat at the table.” Nevertheless, “we remain committed to delivering this ambition,” Yarotskiy assured.

The Ben’s Original overhaul follows the major branding change made by Pearl Milling Company, previously known as Aunt Jemima, which similarly vowed to pave the way for racial equity in the consumer goods market following the death of George Floyd.

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A post shared by Ben's Original (@bensoriginalusa)

Image via Ben’s Original

[via USA Today, images via various sources]

Bose Unveils FDA-Approved Hearing Aids That Don’t Require A Prescription

Image via Bose

Bose’s latest launch is a little different from its usual offerings. The audio company has now unveiled the Bose SoundControl Hearing Aids (US$849.95), which have been FDA-approved to be sold directly to consumers without a prescription.

The hearing aids are self-fitting, with options to personalize them according to individual needs using the ‘Hear’ app, specially designed by Bose to be used with the device.

‘Hear’ is the first self-tuning mobile app that’s been clinically proven to provide audiologist-quality customization for users with mild to moderate hearing loss.

Users can choose specific sounds to amplify. For example, when the ‘World Volume’ is turned up, quieter sounds will be amplified more, making for a more comfortable listen. The treble/bass settings can also be adjusted so that voices sound more natural or crisp depending on your preference.

Even the direction you hear sound coming from is customizable. Using the app’s ‘Focus’ setting, the microphones in each hearing aid will adjust to fit the direction you choose.

The ‘Front’ feature helps to focus sounds in front of the user, making it ideal for conversations. The ‘Everywhere’ feature allows for 360-directional listening, which is great for general listening when out and about.

For more information on the Bose SoundControl Hearing Aids, head over to the site here, where you can also take a free hearing screening test.

Image via Bose

Image via Bose

Image via Bose

[via SlashGear and Bose, cover image via Bose]

Basquiat Painting Sells For $93.1 Million, Second-Highest Ever For The Artist

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Video screenshot via Christie’s

In This Case, a painting of a skull by the late Jean-Michel Basquiat, sold for US$93.1 million at Christie’s latest auction in New York. This makes it the second-most expensive Basquiat work to ever sell at auction.

The painting, created in 1983, greatly exceeded its estimated price of US$50 million. Bidding began at US$40 million, with six people vying for the piece.

The auction ended with a winning bid of US$81 million, with the other US$12 million accounting for auction house fees. The artwork was being sold by former Valentino chairman Giancarlo Giammetti, though the new owner isn’t known.

According to Bloomberg, prices for Basquiat’s work have skyrocketed in recent years, driven by demand from a small group of billionaires. The highest-ever price paid for a Basquiat at auction was in 2017, when another painting of a skull sold to Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa for US$110.5 million.

This week, another Basquiat painting is going under the hammer, but at auction house Sotheby’s. The estimated price is also at US$50 million, so it only remains to be seen if the other painting sells for nearly double its price too.

#AuctionUpdate Following competitive bidding, Jean-Michel Basquiat's climactic portrait 'In This Case' realizes $93,105,000 at auction

— Christie's (@ChristiesInc) May 12, 2021

[via Bloomberg, video screenshot via Christie’s]

London Tube’s Official Art Project By David Hockney Incites Jokes Online

Image via Mayor Of London

Commissioned for a tourism campaign by the city of London, the Piccadilly Circus Tube Station’s latest art project has left the community baffled.

The artwork by famed English painter David Hockney, whose 1972 portrait stands as the most expensive work by a living artist to be auctioned off, is currently on display. It features a yellow ‘O’-shape and “Piccadilly Circus” over it on a purple banner, with the last ’s’ of “Circus” dropping to the next line.

The project was tweeted about by London Mayor Sadiq Khan, which has since drawn over 10,000 replies and 8,000 retweets from the public.

Here’s what the British public had to say about the tube’s latest artwork—they certainly had a field day flexing their skills on Microsoft Paint.

Brilliant work from David Hockney in Piccadilly—the first of a series of major art projects we’ve commissioned as part of our brand new #LetsDoLondon campaign. Lots more to come very soon! #DavidHockney

— Mayor of London (@MayorofLondon) May 11, 2021


— Ross McGinnes (@rossmcginnes) May 11, 2021

You think that's good…wait till you get a load of Paddington!!

— Notorious N.A.T. (@Helio_Spherical) May 11, 2021

Is this a joke?

— ZUBY: (@ZubyMusic) May 11, 2021

— Richard Littler (@richard_littler) May 11, 2021

London: “David, you said you’d have something to us by today?”

*crashing noise*

London: “David? Are you there?”

*panicked scribbling sounds*

David Hockney: “Yes, yes. Just sending it…”

— Luke Benson (@Mr_LukeBenson) May 11, 2021

— Rick Burin (@rickburin) May 11, 2021

[via Mashable, cover image via Mayor Of London]

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