Jet2’s hand luggage size & baggage allowance!

What’s Jet2’s hand luggage size and checked baggage allowance?

BRITISH airline Jet2 offers low-cost airfares from the UK, with cheap deals from regional airports across the country.

We’ve explained their hand luggage and checked baggage rules to avoid being caught out next time you fly.

Thankfully, passengers are allowed to take two pieces of hand luggage into the cabin with them.

Here is everything you need to know when flying with Jet2.

Jet2 hand luggage rules

All Jet2 passengers can take a suitcase into the cabin for free as long as it measures 56cm x 45cm x 25cm or less, and weighs less than 10kg.

You can also take a small personal bag on board alongside this, which is often a handbag or laptop bag.

This also includes a Duty-Free bag, so shoppers will need to make sure this fits into their bags.

Jet2 cabin baggage rules

To check a suitcase into the hold, you will need to pay a fee depending on how big the bag is.

All travellers are allowed up to three checked bags weighing 22kg each, although there are no restrictions on the size.

Prices range between £8 and £45 depending on the route, as well as when it is booked, such as while booking flights or at the airport.

Be careful not to go over the weight limit, as it will cost you another £12 per kg, with the maximum weight allowed up to 32kg altogether.

Additional items such as bikes, musical instruments or ski equipment cost £30 each way.

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