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Top Danish Jeweller Jesper Nielson

Charm Jewellery for Women

In the Charm Jewellery Shop By Jesper Nielson there is a large selection of Jewellery for Women including Charm Bracelets, Charm Necklaces and Pendant Necklaces, as well as earrings, rings, watches and anklets etc.

You can purchase this Jewellery online now via the Charm Jewellery Online Shop.

Women’s Jewellery

Charm Jewellery for Men

In the Charm Jewellery Shop By Jesper Nielson there is a large selection of Jewellery for Men including Bracelets, Cuff Links, & Watches etc.

You can purchase this Jewellery online now via the Charm Jewellery Online Shop.

Men’s Jewellery

If you are interested in Buying Jewellery online then you need to visit the Jesper Nielson Online Jewellery Shop?

Since 2003, Jesper and the Nielsen family have been developing several very successful jewelry brands worldwide, opening shops in over 40 countries, generating billions in sales and leaving a significant impression on the industry.

2003 Founding of the KasiGroup: It purchases the distribution rights for Germany to the Italian jewelry brand Vero Firenze.

2004: The KasiGroup receives the rights for the exclusive distribution of Pandora Jewelry in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with unimaginable sales growth in the following years. Italy and the Netherlands are added as markets in the same year.

2010: The Pandora CWE is founded jointly by the Nielsen family and Pandora.

2011: The Nielsen family sells its shares in Pandora CWE.

2013: Endless Jewelry is launched by the Nielsens. EJ becomes the fastest growing jewellery brand in the world and after only 6 months it is offered in over 1,000 points of sale!

The team includes selected top managers from the organizations of Endless Jewelry and Pandora CWE.

In June 2016 the first store of Amazing by Jesper Nielsen opens in Copenhagen, Denmark.

In April 2019, more than 60 additional stores opens in the most important markets in Europe, the USA, the Middle East, North Africa and Asia.

More than 700 points of sale in the US and Canada completed the dealer network, Endless was nominated for the “Jewelry Brand of the year award”. By the end of 2014, Endless Jewelry was sold in over 3,500 shops.
In the same year, Jesper Nielsen appears among the top 50 influencers in the industry in the JCK

Magazine published “2015 Power List”:

2015: The Nielsen family sells Endless Jewelry to a number of international investors.

Jesper Nielsen is a direct to the consumer Brand, with Fantastic High Quality fine Jewelry at Amazing prices. With the opportunity for all to become involved, by becoming an ambassador or leader. We give you the opportunity to sell directly through your own etailing web shop or ladies night retailing events.

I am Jesper Nielsen and this is how I have evolved and learned through my Journey, with Pandora Endless and Amazing, to create Jesper Nielsen Jewelry. At Jesper Nielsen we want to give the the consumer high quality fine Jewellery, but at affordable prices by using our Ambassador network to sell directly to the consumer.

We would like to give our partners the opportunity to be part of this journey – a journey that gives every ambassador the freedom and opportunity to start their own business and thus realise their own dreams.

Become a Jesper Nielson Anbassador – “We are offering YOU a chance of a lifetime!”

Join our unique community made by JESPER NIELSEN, former co-founder of Pandora Central Western Europe, a part of the Pandora group.

  • Family-friendly & flexible working hours.
  • An attractive additional income.
  • Selling genuine jewellery at you own JN webshop – start selling today!
  • Free training sessions & onboarding program.

Become A Jesper Nielson Jewellery Ambassador here!

Become a Jesper Nielson Ambassador!

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