Brands’ Coronavirus-Themed Emails Are Seriously Getting On People’s Nerves

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The novel coronavirus has impacted the lives of people around the world, and companies have been propelled to close down amid the uncertain time. However, there are also brands that have been trying to keep in touch with their customers via email, inadvertently resulting in a surge of COVID-19-related messages in consumers’ inboxes.

Internet users are sharing these coronavirus-centered emails on social media for a number of reasons. One of it is to question how these companies got a hold of their personal email addresses in the first place.

“If I get one more ‘COVID-19 Update’ email from brands I subscribed to when I was 12, I’m gonna snap,” a user declared, on the verge of a digital breakdown.

Another user directed the attention to “all the communications people out there,” as they are the ones working on these crafted messages to consumers as an attempt to manage panic and uncertainty while trying to help “CEOs/leaders sound good.”

My health and safety is the top priority of so many brands I never even knew had my personal email address.

— Christopher Doyle (@chrisdoyle) March 14, 2020

*opens freezer*
*note falls out*

“We here at Totino’s Pizza Rolls know you’ve been wondering about our response to COVID-19”

— social distance warrior (@IAmSpilly) March 17, 2020

> Delete email accounts
> Sell house, live in woods
> Find bottle in river
> Has note inside

“Our brand’s COVID-19 response and pledge to our customers…”

— Joshua Self-QuaRayntine (@joshuaray) March 13, 2020

As I get email 29,283 with a business/brand’s #COVID19 update, I want to take a moment to give a shout out to all the communications people out there, writing and rewriting notices, managing panic/uncertainty, as well as helping CEOs/leaders sound good.
Keep on keeping on 👊🏻

— Lauren Herschel (@LaurenHerschel) March 20, 2020

All these weird COVID-19 update emails from brands have been a great tool for unsubscribing to email lists I didn’t even know I signed up for

— Bennett Richardson (@bennettrich) March 19, 2020

If I get one more “COVID19 Update” email from brands I subscribed to when I was 12 im gonna snap

— abbas ammar (@abbasammar10) March 17, 2020

COVID-19 brand emails forcing me to really grapple with my past self

— Madison Malone Kircher (@4evrmalone) March 16, 2020

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