World’s Largest Cruise Ship Might Be Reduced To Scrap Before Ever Setting Sail

Video screenshot via Dream Cruises

Global Dream II, the world’s largest cruise liner, is docked at a shipyard in Germany. It hasn’t been on a voyage before. Chances are, it might never.

Intended to be operated by Dream Cruises, the ship was envisioned to accommodate 9,000 passengers across its 1,122-foot vessel and 20 decks. Its sheer monstrosity gave it ample space to fit in a whole outdoor waterpark and a movie theater.


Video screenshot via Dream Cruises

Global Dream II
was on course to sink Royal Caribbean’s record for world’s biggest ship to traverse the waters, Wonder of the Seas, which stretches 1,187 feet and can carry up to 6,988 passengers.

Alas, Global Dream’s manufacturer, German-Hong Kong ship builder MV Werften, filed for bankruptcy early this year, the Daily Mail reports. By then, an eye-watering £1.2 billion (US$1.37 million) had been poured into bringing the global, groundbreaking dream to life.


Video screenshot via Dream Cruises


While Global Dream II’s structure is complete, yet to see completion are, reportedly, some of its equipment and passenger facilities, which would demand an additional £200 million (US$264 million).

Without an owner, Global Dream II sits in a shipyard in Wismar, awaiting a possible demise. It’s here with its twin, Global Dream, which currently isn’t destined to be scrapped yet. Both liners will soon be chased out, however; the shipyard will be used to build military vessels by the end of next year, so the cruise ships will have to go.

Global Dream II, as it turns out, is experiencing a nightmare, having never had the chance to go on its maiden voyage.

But it still has the opportunity to lucid-dream its way into keeping afloat, as industry expert TradeWinds says it might eventually land a buyer in China, where the cruise industry is going swimmingly.



[via Jalopnik and Greek Reporter, video screenshots via Dream Cruises]

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