Wolverine Meme Is Now A Collectible Figure To Accompany Your Mopey Self

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Get your claws ready, as a new meme is here to eat into your savings. A popular, exploitable visual of Wolverine peering longingly at a picture frame has been transformed into 3D, specifically in collectible figure form, thanks to a partnership between pop-culture merchandise brand Mondo and Marvel Comics.

The ⅙-scale limited-edition set is modeled after the ‘Wolverine Crush’ meme, which sees the superhero lying in bed and gazing at a picture, originally of Jean Grey and Cyclops but has since served as a canvas for humorous imagery. The scene comes from an episode of X-Men: The Animated Series.

These details have all been memorialized, including comic book-like outlines and a swappable photo of Cyclops and Jean Grey. The collectible also comes with four interchangeable facial expressions—‘Angry Masked Head’, ‘Neutral Masked Head’, ‘Sad Masked Head’, and ‘ Logan unmasked Head’—extended and retracted claws, and a Thanksgiving turkey leg. Wolverine can be sullen, but he doesn’t always have to stay that way.

At the very least, the character knows his worth. The figure is priced at US$200 and will open for pre-orders from July 23 on the Mondo store.

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⚡️Wolverine, the first-ever ⅙ figure from X-Men: The Animated Series, will be available for pre-order in this #SDCC Special Edition on Friday, July 23rd at 12PM CT, for #ComicConAtHome2021https://t.co/eV6402sPhq pic.twitter.com/AVqHHZEaLS

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