Veet Breaks Taboo By Displaying Body Hair In Empowering Ad

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Image courtesy of BETC for Veet

Although it may seem rather ironic, hair removal companies usually don’t feature body hair in their advertisements.

Veet is breaking this taboo in an empowering campaign by advertising agency BETC. It is now celebrating the power of choice: to embrace body hair, a little, or keep it all off. Its brand new slogan says it all: “Your body hair. Your Choice.”

The 45-second film positions Veet as part of the Positive Body Hair Management movement, reminding women that their relationship to their body hair is a personal one, and that they’re free to care about it as they wish.

It showcases the different ways in which women deal with their body hair, featuring Veet’s range of products from creams to wax strips. The campaign will run in 15 countries worldwide, including France, UK, and Germany.

Take a look at the body-positive advertisement below.

Image courtesy of BETC for Veet

[via BETC]

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