UNIQLO Is Giving Away Free 3-Packs Of Breathable AIRism Masks For A Limited Time

Image via UNIQLO

UNIQLO’s AIRism masks seem to have fixed a handful of annoyances people have when wearing face covers, which is why they’re currently so sought-after. It turns out that the brand’s proprietary AIRism fabrics—used across undergarments, shirts, bottoms, and loungewear—make the perfect material for cloth face masks, allowing them to be highly breathable, lightweight, moisture-wicking, and quick-drying after washes.

At US$14.90 for a three-pack of reusable face masks, they’re friendly on the pocket too. But there’s even more good news—the Japanese everyday wear company is handing out free three-packs of AIRism masks in the US so you can discover why the face masks, along with UNIQLO’s extended AIRism line, are so raved-after.

To redeem your free pack, you’ll first have to install the UNIQLO app in your phone and register an account. After which, check the coupons tab. If the deal is available in your area and app, you’ll see a coupon for free AIRism masks to be redeemed at your nearest store.

The offer will run through 17 October, or until stocks run out. Only 20,000 packs will be up for grabs, so act fast.

The AIRism masks available now are actually a redesigned version of face covers UNIQLO produced in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis. Customers had complained that the old design got too heavy and humid after long periods of wear.

The second-gen mask features a “more comfortable bit,” as well updated inner and outer materials for better breathability.

It is constructed with three layers; the first is made up of moisture-wicking AIRism fabric, the second is a washable built-in filter, and the topmost layer sports UV ray-blocking AIRism mesh. Three sizes have been created for the masks, with the smallest being designed for children.

UNIQLO had been reluctant to make face masks at first, but eventually considered the idea after receiving multiple requests from Japanese customers.

Free Uniqlo Airism Face Mask (3-Pack) via app coupon from


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