Two New Leaning Towers Rise In Europe, Add New Strokes To The Parisian Skyline

Image via Ateliers Jean Nouvel


Step aside, Pisa. Europe now has not one but two more leaning towers.


Calling the Parisian skyline home, the new skyscrapers loom over the city in a dazzling display of craftsmanship and architecture. 

Created by the Ateliers Jean Nouvel, these two buildings—the ‘Tours Duo’—rise into the clouds at an angle. The twin skyscrapers are 590 and 410 feet high, and within them lie 97,000 square meters of office space in one tower and 139 hotel rooms in the next. Its interiors are designed by Philippe Starck, who brought light and life to its gardens and social areas. 


Image via Ateliers Jean Nouvel

Tours Duo currently stands along the Périphérique ring road on the Left Bank, and it was built at an angle so that if you were walking by other famous landmarks in Paris, such as the Seine, you would be able to see them. The façade of the structure is covered in steel and glass that artfully reflects its surroundings as it twists up into the sky. 
In an interview with Dezeen, Nouvel noted that Eastern Paris had been void of its landmarks and sought to change that.


Image via Ateliers Jean Nouvel

The tallest tower, at 39 stories, is just shy of Paris’ tallest monument, Tour Montparnasse. On its roof is a meeting space for people to converge and take in the sights of the city below. A tilted canopy was placed on the top of the second building, with a rooftop restaurant and bar.
[via Dezeen and ArtNet News, images via Ateliers Jean Nouvel]

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