Tokyo Olympics Staff Will Wear In-Ear Devices To Prevent Heatstrokes

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Summers in Tokyo, as with most the Asia-Pacific region, are both hot and humid, and are the unfortunate cause of many heat-related illnesses.

According to a report by The Guardian, there have been growing concerns that this could lead to more heatstroke cases during the Tokyo Olympics, especially with staff who could spend entire days standing in direct sunlight.

To help protect the Olympics’ staff, Alibaba has designed a cloud-based in-ear device to help measure their body temperature and heart rate, alerting for any signs of heatstroke. Staff members who are at risk of suffering from a heatstroke will receive real-time alerts on their smartphones, along with precautionary advice.

As per Engadget, Tokyo reported nearly 200 cases of heat-related deaths last year, which could only get worse as athletes and staff members brace for what could be the hottest Summer Olympics to date.

Hopefully, with Alibaba’s anti-heatstroke device, those exposed to the outdoor heat will be dutifully monitored and updated so as to keep them safe from any heat-related illnesses.

[via Engadget, cover image via lazyllama /]

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