Tile’s Upcoming Update With Amazon Could Go To Places AirTags Haven’t Gone

Image via Tile

Tile, the smart tracker that’s the main competitor to Apple’s AirTags, has now joined Amazon’s Sidewalk program. This tieup will extend the range of a Tile tracker, allowing users to locate their misplaced possessions more easily.

Sidewalk is a networking program designed to improve the range and connectivity of Amazon’s smart home devices such as the Echo smart speakers and Ring home security cameras.

As per TechRadar, Sidewalk uses the 900MHz band to deliver low bandwidth connectivity over long distances, ranging from between 500 meters (1640 feet) to a mile.

Simply put, all Sidewalk-enabled devices within the radius will be part of a network, and the more devices featuring Sidewalk that are within the same area, the stronger the network is. This has its benefits, such as allowing smart home gadgets to function even if the Wi-Fi is weak.

Tile’s partnership with Amazon will begin on June 14, and will greatly simplify how the Tile tracker is used. Just by saying “Alexa, find my keys,” your Tile tracker will begin to ring even if it’s not within the Bluetooth range of your smartphone.

Plus, Alexa will be able to tell you which Echo device in your home is closest to the tracker, as well as the date and time the tracker was last seen.

Currently, Amazon has yet to confirm if all Sidewalk-enabled devices will be able to locate a Tile tracker, or only those within a user’s home. This could make it a stronger competitor to Apple’s new AirTags, although the Amazon partnership is only available to Tile customers in the US.

[via TechRadar, cover image via Tile] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/413991/Tile-s-Upcoming-Update-With-Amazon-Could-Go-To-Places-AirTags-Haven-t-Gone/

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