TikTok Gets Dethroned As The Top App On Apple App Store

Image via Apple

For over a year, TikTok had been seated at the top of Apple’s iOS App Store, with another 59 million downloads just a month ago.

However, a new app has dethroned TikTok as the top free app, and it’s an unexpected contender.

According to Mashable, on May 30, a new app called Paste Keyboard took over the number-one spot on the App Store. And if you’ve not heard of it before, don’t worry, many others haven’t either.

Upon looking through data from analytics platform App Annie, Mashable found that the app had ranked #910 in the Utilities category on May 27, before climbing to #1 in Utilities and #5 overall in just a day.

Two days later, on May 30, it shot up to #1 overall, and has since remained in first place.

It seems that Paste Keyboard is a super-simple app that allows users to add it as a third-party keyboard, similar to keyboards of other languages. Now, you can type out a message beforehand, and paste it into your messaging apps when you need to use it.

This app could prove to be helpful for people who find themselves replying with the same sentences over and over, or want to proofread a long text before hitting send.

Though it’s unclear why Paste Keyboard’s popularity has soared so suddenly, it sure sounds like a nifty productivity tool everyone can add to their arsenal of apps.

These are interesting times, as Amazon has also been unseated as the most-installed shopping app across app stores.

Image via Paste Keyboard

Image via Paste Keyboard

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