Thousands Of Vibrators Are Now Free To Help The Self-Isolated Kill Loneliness

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While doing whatever you want at home is typically a luxury reserved for weekends, being stuck indoors for days can suck out all the joy from it. The uncertainty arising from the global coronavirus outbreak isn’t helping things, either.

Thankfully, the adult entertainment and recreation industry is stepping in to cheer you up during this stressful period. After Pornhub began giving away free premium memberships to Italians on quarantine, two adult toy makers are lending a hand to self-isolated women to help them buzz away the boredom.

BBoutique, which retails vibrators by adult content site Bellesa, has partnered German NSFW toy company Womanizer to give away thousands of vibrators from both labels.

“We want y’all home, safe and happy,” BBoutique shared on Instagram. “Social distancing, but make it orgasm-filled.”

All you have to do, before possibly being selected to do yourself with a free vibrator, is to enter your email address via the giveaway page. “The more people who sign up, the more vibrators we’re giving away!” BBoutique added.

The toys will only be handed out to North American customers, sadly. For everyone else, how about Netflix and chill—without the physical contact—through this plugin for real-time Netflix watch parties?

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we’ve partnered with @womanizerglobal to give away THOUSANDS of Womanizer and Bellesa vibrators during this quarantine period. we want y’all home, safe & happy. social distancing, but make it orgasm-filled. head to to enter to win a vibrator! . ***the more people that enter, the more vibrators we’re sending out!*** . north america only! apologies to all our international bbs, we’ll make this up to you when we’re shipping worldwide again xx

A post shared by Bellesa (@bellesaco) on Mar 13, 2020 at 11:34am PDT

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