This Intelligent Robot Lamp Automatically Tracks Your Face To Adjust Light

Image via Werobot


For those of us who stay up at our desktops late into the night, a table lamp is essential. However, while they provide a brighter work area, they often only cast one type of light in a single direction. 


Each time you move things around the table, you’ll no doubt have to readjust the lamp’s position or forgo the perfect lighting setup altogether. 


As such, Hong Kong-based Werobot has developed a Pino Lamp integrated with an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm that allows the intelligent device to track faces and objects automatically, targeting its beams where needed. 


Image via Werobot


According to the Kickstarter campaign, the lamp not only recognizes and follows books, faces, and selected colors, it optimizes the temperature and amount of light required for the task at hand. 


Furthermore, for added customization, the lamp can be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth, letting you control its every movement and angle for the most precise lighting setup—be it filming a livestream or snapping pictures. 


Image via Werobot


Interestingly, the firm proposes another use for the intelligent lamp—an interactive emotional companion. As the Pino Lamp interacts with users by following their faces around the room, the company says it’s akin to having “a new great friend keeping you company.” 


Keen on having a bright friend that never looks away? Head here for more details. 






[via WeWEAT and Werobot, images via Werobot]

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