These ‘Run For Good’ Shoes Are Designed By Patients At Children’s Hospitals

Image via Saucony

Sneaker brand Saucony is releasing four limited-edition sneaker collections, hoping to raise funds for children’s hospitals or a selected charity through the brand’s Run For Good Children’s Program. The footwear is inspired by designs from young patients in the hospitals.

“These collections authentically reflect the personalities and dreams of each patient-artist. By sharing their life stories and playful energy through their footwear and apparel designs, these kids are a source of hope and inspiration to not only other patients and their families, but for anyone who needs some goodness in their life right now,” said Anne Cavassa, President of Saucony.

The brand has partnered up with the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Boston’s Children’s Hospital, and The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto to create 17 different sneakers and six apparel designs.

More styles will be unveiled next year from patients at the Children’s Hospital of New Orleans. Each style is personal to its patient-artist, taking inspiration from their favorite colors, animals, and even foods to incorporate into the design.

According to Input, 20% of the proceeds of each sale will be donated to the children’s hospitals or their designated charity, with Saucony pledging a minimum donation of US$200,000. The first collection, from the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, will launch on the site August 6. Each sneaker will retail between US$90 and US$200. To view the full collection, click here.

Image via Saucony

[via Input, images via Saucony]

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