Tesla Announces ‘Budget,’ More Lightweight Electric Hatchback Debuting In 2023

Image via tarheel1776 / Shutterstock.com

Tesla recently revealed that it was working on an electric hatchback that could debut in 2023. As reported by Autocar, the new vehicle will be smaller and cheaper than the automaker’s existing models, but will consist of the same futuristic features Tesla is known for.

At Tesla’s Battery Day Event, founder Elon Musk said that the new car will retail for less than US$25,000. This is a huge price drop for Tesla, as its previous models cost at least US$10,000 more, and could even place the vehicle among the cheapest EVs in the US.

The new hatchback will be paired with Tesla’s new battery design. The new battery uses a tabless design, making it 35% smaller than typical electric vehicle batteries, and is touted to be safer and more powerful, too.

Tesla said the new battery will offer five times more energy and six times more power than its predecessor, totaling in 16% more range per kilowatt-hour of charge.

According to Tom’s Guide, as for the car’s design, the new vehicle is expected to be lighter, in part due to the smaller battery. It is touted to weigh 10% less than most electric vehicles, which will in turn help boost the car’s range by an additional 14%.

While Musk said Tesla’s new release will be fully autonomous, it’s still unclear if it means the car won’t require a human driver or if it will use Tesla’s Autopilot software, which does require a human driver in the seat throughout the ride.

A new Tesla hatchback that boasts more power and range at a steep discount? This new vehicle might just be a bestseller in the automaker’s lineup.

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