Southwest Airlines Flight To Hawaii Turns Into Ukulele Lesson

Image via Guitar Center / PR Newswire


When travelers boarded a flight from Long Beach, California, bound for the island of Hawaii, they were probably expecting to have a light snack, catch some Z’s, or just watch the clouds as they journeyed to the island. Instead, what waited for them was a ukulele on each seat and a music instructor to teach them a new skill.


Southwest Airlines partnered with Guitar Center to bring the happiness project to life, and the ukulele—perhaps the one instrument that has been the soundtrack to the island—was chosen to be its in-flight entertainment this time around.


Each passenger was gifted with a Mitchell MU40 Soprano Ukulele and a carrying case with a classic Hawaiian print on it.


Image via Guitar Center / PR Newswire


Guitar Center’s instructors, Alexandra Windsor, Ryan Miyashiro, and Ryan Imata, took to the aisle of the plane to teach the passengers how to play Hello, Aloha. How Are You? from start to finish within the duration of the flight.


Windsor noted that the ukulele was the perfect instrument for beginners to start on their musical journey and could also demonstrate how fun it is to pick up something new.


The goal behind the music lesson was to promote the spirit of Aloha and to spread positivity and fun to Southwest’s passengers. And after the last few years of the pandemic, a cheery flight filled with music may just be what the pilot ordered.




[via Today and Good News Network, images via Guitar Center / PR Newswire]

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