Skeletons Come Out Of The Closet Long Before Halloween, All Dressed For Pride

Images via Tverdokhlib / via Shutterstock

With few uses for the 12-foot-tall skeletons that they had purchased for Halloween last year, people are now rattling things up by dressing them in rainbow-themed gear.

Skeletons have come out of the closet and into backyards, all dressed for the occasion to celebrate Pride Month. They’re wearing their love for the LGBTQ+ cause on their sleeves with rainbow pinwheels, flags, and skirts—and the whole situation is just fabulous.

When Home Depot unleashed an army of tall skeletons last year, the figures quickly went viral and were even resold online for as much as US$1,000. For that kind of price, you’d want to showcase yours all year round.

Naturally, a handful of neighbors might have some bones to pick about queer skeletons, and to those haters, these skeletons come bearing a message: love is love, and it certainly isn’t dead.

The neighborhood giant skeleton is dressed for Pride.

— Morgan Lockhart (@missdoomcookie) June 7, 2021

More adventures with Leslie, our yard skeleton: dressed up for #pride!! I wasn’t sure if a kids small shirt would fit him but it fits perfect so now we know what size to buy him in the future LOL

— Hanna @ Last Dance out now!! 💛🩰 (@elefluff) June 7, 2021

When it’s June and you’re fully vaccinated

— Jay Willis (@jaywillis) June 1, 2021

Our neighborhood skeleton is all decked out for #pride month. #morningwalk

— Frank Jacks Jr (@frankjacksjr) June 2, 2021

[via Apartment Therapy, images via various sources]

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