Shutterstock’s Free Preflight Checklist Will Help You Avoid Print Design Fails

Image via Shutterstock

Last-minute printing errors can be a nightmare, especially when you’ve got a deadline looming. To ensure perfect results each time your work goes to press, you might want to have this nifty checklist on hand.

Shutterstock has released a free customizable template you can use to prepare your own preflight checklist. From keeping work inside the edges to ensuring your fonts are visible enough, the list reminds you what you can do to stop the bleeding and other print catastrophes.

The word “preflight” is borrowed from the aviation procedure of examining aircraft for mechanical problems right before takeoff. Needless to say, it’s a necessary quality control step for both print designers and aviation personnel.

To download the template, head here.

Image via Shutterstock

[via Shutterstock]

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