Scotland Becomes First Country To Officially Require Free Period Products

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Two years after Scotland passed a bill making all tampons and sanitary pads free of charge, the country has captured headlines once again by becoming the first country to require establishments to carry menstruation hygiene products by law. 

According to USA Today, the legislation, which was passed earlier this week as part of the Periods Products Act, will now ensure that all public places, including councils and educational centers, will provide free sanitary products to visitors.


As per the BBC, the law was unanimously backed by the Scottish Parliament when Labour MSP Monica Lennon first introduced it in Scottish Parliament, with the nation having spent £27 million (US$35.5 million) to increase access to period products since 2017.

Calling the progress “another big milestone for period dignity campaigners,” Lennon said the change goes to show the big difference “bold political choices” can make on a large scale.

“Proud of what we have achieved in Scotland. We are the first but won’t be the last,” she added on Twitter.


Proud of what we have achieved in Scotland. We are the first but won’t be the last. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🩸🙌#PeriodDignity #FreePeriodProducts #MenstrualJustice follow @Period_Poverty for updates.

— Monica Lennon MSP (@MonicaLennon7) August 15, 2022




[via USA Today and BBC, cover image via Murdock2013 |]

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