Samsung’s Rumored Avatar ‘Sam’ Gets A 3D Face Reveal, And Fans Are Crushing Hard

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Images via Sam Virtual Instructor

Forget fresh human faces; the internet is gushing over a 3D avatar said to be the new virtual assistant of Samsung. Suitably named Sam or Samantha, the selfie-loving character with Pixar-like facial features could give the nondescript Bixby a run for its money.

According to Android Headlines, Sam has existed as an official character in 2D form, but she has recently undergone a makeover to bring more realism and depth to her looks. Closeup visuals picture her with a smooth, straight bob; spirited eyes in the hues of Bixby; and freckles on her cheeks.

Visual arts production house Lightfarm Studios had presented a whole array of imagery depicting the 3D virtual assistant, but the project was taken down shortly after social media users started fawning over Sam. The studio was apparently enlisted by Samsung Group’s marketing agency Cheil to give Sam a glow-up.

Lightfarm detailed that Sam was brought to life with software like Adobe Photoshop and After Effects, SideFX Houdini, Marvelous Designer, and Blender 3D.

A search by DesignTAXI uncovered a Sam Virtual Instructor YouTube channel which claims to be an “official training channel” by Samsung in Portuguese. In its videos, the 2D avatar had been in use up until about a month ago, when the 3D version first made her appearance.

Whether or not the 3D virtual assistant will join the Samsung family remains to be known, but fans are already here for it. Knowing the internet, the visuals have inspired some very lewd fanart.

Will Sam be the hook to change Apple fans’ allegiances?

Samsung just made a hot virtual assistant named "Sam", and in one fell swoop, they captured every weeb and r34 artist

— Noble (@Lost_Pause_) June 1, 2021

Oh god Sam the virtual assistant from Samsung is hotter than I thought

— Pepe (CEO of Retweets) el Pez (@Pepe_elpez) May 30, 2021

Art and model of Sam, the virtual assistant from Samsung.
Original source

— Reference Emporium (@MalteserRefs) May 31, 2021


— Lou (。•̀ᴗ-)✧ (@louxtenyaiida) May 31, 2021

Samsung made a virtual assistant avatar and within 5 picoseconds I've seen porn of her.

Some people are down bad galactically lmao.

— Mutahar (@OrdinaryGamers) June 1, 2021

I am now officially a simp 😳#SamsungSam #Samsung #ibelieveinsamsupremacy #ireallyneedtostop

— 🌸Noriellee🌸 (@Noriel_lee02) June 1, 2021

opes my hand slipped and drew samsung's new virtual assistant #sam

— Eclipsing (@eclipsingart) June 1, 2021



— KingDDDream (@KingDDDumb) June 1, 2021

[via Android Headlines and Polygon, images via various sources]

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