Samsung Files Trademarks For What Could Be The Name Of Its First Rollable Phone

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Rolling off the likes of LG and Oppo, Samsung is believed to be building its own rollable or slidable phone, should new trademark applications carry any weight about its current plans.

LetsGoDigital discovered two trademarks that the South Korean tech giant has just filed with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) for its rumored first-gen rollable devices. There was an application for “Samsung Z Roll,” followed by a document for a “Samsung Z Slide.”

Both documents cite “smartphones,” “mobile telephones” and “tablet computers”—among several other objects—as products that the names could be applied to.

According to Notebookcheck, speculators pretty much called it with their predictions for a “Galaxy Z Slide” name, based on their observations of Samsung’s naming patterns.

The timing of the trademarks corroborates with a presentation that Samsung gave earlier this month that offered sneak peeks at its future flexible devices—including a slidable model that matches the new names.

A few months back, the company also registered a patent for a “dual-slide smartphone” that can be pulled out to form a tablet, thanks to the flexible OLED panels on both its front and back.

Rollable devices might serve as a potential upgrade to the foldable technology used in models like the Galaxy Fold, since they counter issues like creasing.

According to LetsGoDigital, the first of Samsung’s rollable smartphones could be ready by 2022.

[via Notebookcheck, LetsGoDigital and Tom’s Guide, cover image via N.Z.Photography /]

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