Princess Diana’s Ford Escort, Designed For Her Safety, Takes To Auction

Image by John Mathew Smith & / Flickr via  Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 2.0)


The People’s Princess’ car is now truly one for the people.


Princess Diana’s iconic black Ford Escort RS, affectionally dubbed the ‘People’s Sports Car’, is going on sale via Silverstone Auctions


The family sedan was driven by the princess for three years from 1985 to 1988. Often, she was seen out shopping or shuttling her young sons around in her car, with little Prince William and Prince Harry strapped into the seats in the back. 


In order to allow Lady Diana to get around undercover, Ford installed special features on the car. It was fitted with a five-slat front grille, extra rearview mirrors, and a radio in the glovebox were added for the mandatory safety protection officer she had to drive with. 


Image via Silverstone Auctions


However, this wasn’t her first Escort. In fact, she owned three of them. While Ford usually made the cars in white, specially produced versions in black were created just for her and her security detail. 


Eventually, the royal protection service made her switch to different models of vehicles that offered better security and privacy for her to drive around in. 


Image via Silverstone Auctions


Still, Silverstone Auctions believes that despite her driving more luxurious models, it estimates that the Ford Escort will outsell any of her other cars. The current estimate for the car stands at US$100,000 but is projected to fetch way more than that. 


Along with the model, the new owner will receive a Lifetime Tracker, original documents for the car, and a spare key. 


Image via Silverstone Auctions


The vehicle has since been owned by two other people after the princess, but the auction house insists it is still in mint condition and has racked up only 25,000 miles. 


The sale will be held on August 27. 




[via New York Post and Car and Driver, images via various sources]

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