Porsche May Bring Its Engines To Formula 1 With Potential Red Bull Merger

Image ID 205976814 © via Emirhan Karamuk | Dreamstime.com


This week, the Formula 1 paddocks have been swirling with rumors about the entry of a major automaker to the world’s foremost motorsport competition, as it seems growingly likely that Porsche could acquire half of Red Bull’s operations. 

Based on a document published by Morocco’s Conseil de la Concurrence, as cited by The Race, the alleged merger is expected to extend to most of the team’s activities, and while not officially confirmed, the 10-year partnership appears to have been a long time coming. 

While pundits had expected the deal to be announced during the Austrian Grand Prix, it seems the go-ahead was postponed due to delays in approvals of the new engine regulations that will apply to F1 teams in 2026. 

The site noted that the FIA World Motor Sport Council is slated to cast its vote on the matter soon, and could spur on Porsche’s formal entry to the competition in the near future, though the merger will still have to be approved by international authorities to ensure it complies with anti-competition laws. 

Naturally, it’s expected that Red Bull’s sister out, AlphaTauri, will also adopt Porsche’s powertrain should the deal go through, with the supercar maker planning to use the teams’ recently-established Powertrains facilities to develop the engine. 

Will the entry of more famed automakers help make the sport more competitive? Or will it give the leading teams an even bigger head-start? Fans will no doubt hope it’s the former.




[via The Race and Motorsport.com, cover image via Emirhan Karamuk | Dreamstime.com]


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