Polaroid Grooves To A New Tune With The Release Of Its First Portable Speakers

Image via Polaroid


Polaroid is drumming up a new beat as it marches into the audio world with a lineup of colorful portable speakers you can groove to when you’re taking pictures. 


P1, P2, P3, and P4 are the names of the four Polaroid Players, in ascending order of size and power. 


Image via Polaroid

The smallest of the bunch, P1, is a cube-shaped device that measures just 4.1-inches so that you can fit it into your pocket or hang it from your belt hoop or bag with a carabiner. 

The P2 is slightly larger, at 8.7 by 3.5 inches, and sports dual passive radiators to provide more power to your sound. While bulkier than the former, it can still hang on your backpack for easy portability. 


Image via Polaroid


P3 and P4 resemble old-school boomboxes, equipped with handles to hold onto and physical dials to control your music. You can also buy an accessory stand for the P4 to give it centerstage at your next get-together. 


Polaroid’s primary color range is available on P1, P2, and P3, while P4 only comes in yellow and black. In addition, Polaroid has also introduced its signature red button on each variation as a throwback to its cameras.


Image via Polaroid


Out of the four, only P1 can withstand the elements with an IPX5 rating. However, all versions can pair up with each other to provide stereo sound. 


Looking for tunes to play? Five ad-free radio stations are available on the new Polaroid Music App, which comes with the speakers. In addition, the stations will host playlists curated by different artists. 


Image via Polaroid

But don’t worry if you’re devoted to your Apple Music playlists. The speakers back up the service as well. Additionally, Spotify will eventually work on the players. 


The P1 sells for US$59.99, the P2 at US$129.99, the P3 at US$1,89.99, and the P4 retails for US$289.99. 
[via Pocket-lint and PC Mag, images via Polaroid]  


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