NYC’s All-Glass Elevator Lets You Enjoy Clear Views Of Manhattan 1,210 Feet Up

Image via SUMMIT One Vanderbilt

Not for the faint of heart, a new skyscraper gracing New York City’s skylines will be offering two exhilarating experiences this fall.

The SUMMIT One Vanderbilt will open to the public on October 21, and will allow visitors to experience ‘Ascent’, an all-glass elevator ride up the facade to 1,210 feet.

There’ll also be a ‘Levitation’ area where you can peer out at Madison Avenue from transparent glass boxes hanging at 1,063 feet high.

According to Time Out, along with the incredible views of the city, there’ll also be an immersive art installation by Kenzo Digital, which specializes in mind-bending, emotionally powerful art stories using physical space as a canvas.

After you’ve got your fair share of thrilling sights from above, head down to wine and dine at Après, a dining square by Danny Meyer’s Union Square Events, that will offer global flavors with an NYC twist.

There’s also an open-air terrace for you to catch your breath, overlooking Manhattan at nearly 1,100 feet. Or take a stroll through an elevated alpine meadow, where you can relax and take a pause from the hustle and bustle of life.

Register on the site here to be among the first to experience the Summit One Vanderbilt this October.

Image via SUMMIT One Vanderbilt

Image via SUMMIT One Vanderbilt

Image via SUMMIT One Vanderbilt

Image via SUMMIT One Vanderbilt

[via Time Out, images via SUMMIT One Vanderbilt]

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