Norton Antivirus Adds A Viral, Unexpected Tool: Safe Cryptocurrency Mining

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NortonLifeLock, the parent company best known for Norton 360 Antivirus, has now launched a cryptocurrency mining setup for users of its antivirus platform.

Most of the time, when users mine for cryptocurrency, they have to disable security precautions in order to run coin-mining programs. This poses a risk to their computers, as “unvetted code” could skim their earnings or plant ransomware in their machines.

According to ZDNet, miners won’t have to forgo their safety precautions—including Norton 360 Antivirus—as Norton Crypto will allow users to “safely and easily mine cryptocurrency.”

Plus, the software will store mined coins in a cloud-based wallet for extra safekeeping, rather than directly on the miners’ hard drives.

It’s certainly a boon that cryptocurrency miners now have a safer way of mining their coins, without compromising the security of their setups.

The Norton Crypto platform will soon be rolled out to all users of the Norton 360 early adopter program in the coming weeks, with Ethereum (ETH) being the only compatible cryptocurrency first.

Image via NortonLifeLock / Businesswire

[via ZDNet, images via various sources]

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