Nike’s New Ad Pays Tribute To People Notorious For Fumbling & Tripping At Sports

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Video screenshot via Nike

The lockdown has pushed people at home to get their fitness levels up, and Nike is evidently taking notice. After countless campaigns of powerful, soaring sports heroes, it is now showcasing the clumsy side of sports—the part you never associate with Olympians.

Nike’s new Play New video expectedly features renowned athletes like World Champion sprinter Dina Asher-Smith, WNBA tennis superstar Sabrina Ionescu, and eight-time Paralympic medalist Blake Leeper, but not at their most glamorous moments. They are knocked out, miss a shot, or struggle to hold their balance, but as counterproductive as the visuals may seem, it lets viewers know that fumbling in the process is necessary.

“Sure, it might not be pretty,” Nike wrote in the video’s description. “But, trying something you’ve never done before is how you Play New. And that’s always a win.”

The campaign created by Wieden + Kennedy Portland inspires with a real and honest-to-goodness message: “Whatever it is you want to do, go for it.”

[via Creative Review, video and cover image via Nike]

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