Nike & USPS Finally Make Peace After Saga: Here’s When The Sneakers Will Arrive

Image via Nike

If you aren’t caught up on the entire Nike and United States Postal Service (USPS) saga, here’s the synopsis:

The Postal Service first brought a lawsuit against Nike after pictures of a USPS-themed Air Force 1 Experimental sneaker surfaced. USPS asserted that it had not agreed to the sportswear brand using its likeness for inspiration.

However, talks between both parties settled the dispute and allowed Nike to launch an official version of the USPS-themed sneakers after all. Though, the saga hit another snag, when the shoes were pushed back from its original release date in May.

Now, Nike has set a new release date for the officially licensed sneaker, which is due to launch on July 30 via the brand’s SNKRS app. And with all the attention this shoe has garnered during the back-and-forth between both sides, it’s sure to sell out fast.

While most of us will just be relieved to see this story come to its conclusion, let’s hope scalpers and resellers don’t get their hands on this coveted collaboration. Check out the sneakers here.

Image via Nike

Image via Nike

Image via Nike

[via Input, images via Nike]

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